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This is the change log entry of dvd::rip 0.50.15:

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   0.50.15 - [stable branch] - Sun Aug 24 2003, joern
    - Expanded the subtitle selection popup to the maximum of
      32 entries, not only the probed entries. With some DVD's the
      subtitle probing fails. This way you can select even
      "impossible" subtitles, if they weren't detected correctly.
      Thanks for the suggestion to Stefan Raspl <stefan.raspl AT>.
    - Blank CD-RW (uses the configured cdrecord command and device),
      supporting 'fast' and 'all' methods (choose in the preferences).
      Not really tested yet due to lack of CD-RW media. Suggested
      by <dvdrip AT>.
    - New preference "Preferred language". Default audio track
      and subtitle are selected accordingly after reading TOC,
      resp. the first audio track / subtitle matching the
      preferred language will be selected. Note that you still
      should review this setting, because the first matching item
      found must not be the one you really want. Suggested by
      John Washington <washingtonj AT>. Credits for the
      list of available language codes go to Chris Phillips 
      <acid_kewpie AT>, the author of lsdvd,
      from which I extracted the list.
    - Video codec list takes the new XviD variants of transcode 0.6.9
      into account (xvid, xvid2, xvid3 and xvid4). For earlier
      transcode versions still xvid and xvidcvs are listed here.
    - Support for xvid4conf, a tool to tweak all options of the
      new dev-api-4 XviD codec. You need at least transcode 0.6.9
      and xvid4conf 1.6 for this to work.
      Note: the xvid4 settings will be used for all titles of your
      project. Also they don't take effect in cluster mode. This will
      change for future dvd::rip/transcode releases.

    New/Changed X?S?VCD|CVD stuff:
    - Renamed '(S)VCD' container format to 'MPEG', which is in fact
      what it is.
    - Added new MPEG "Codecs": XSVCD, XVCD and CVD
      - SVCD and VCD create standard conform streams. You
can't change parameters to non-standard values.
      - XSVCD and XVCD allow you to choose arbitrary video and
audio bitrates / samplerates.
      - CVD allows you everything (like X(S)VCD), but additionally
dvd::rip checks for correct frame sizes.
    - Added new Clip & Zoom presets: CVD anamorph and XSVCD
      anamorph for PAL and NTSC.
    - Added new Preference: "Default Container Format", fixing also
      a mismatch, if you choosed 'SVCD' or 'VCD' as a default codec,
      but dvd::rip still set to 'avi' container format by default.
    - Audio bitrate 224 was missing in the popup list.
    - Renamed 'Target format' to 'Select container' and the 'Video
      codec' label got renamed to 'MPEG variant' for the MPEG

    Thanks to James L. Paul who urged me to implement the CVD
    stuff, which hopefully introduced not too many bugs ;)

    - mplayer DVD player command didn't work for LPCM tracks.
      Thanks to Fabio Russo for the patch. You must re-select
      the mplayer command from the Preferences page for this to
      take effect.
    - Free diskspace warning wasn't exact. Thanks for the patch
      to Moritz Muehlenhoff <jmm AT>.
    - Fixed a typo in the --avilimit option (for AVI files >2GB).
      Thanks for the report to Jarkko Seppa <Jarkko.Seppa AT>.
    - Default target size was set to 1406, instead of 1400 (2x700).