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These are links to related projects and interesting stuff:

DVD ripping and transcoding with Linux
Moritz Bunkus maintins this page which gives an excellent overview about the tools and procedures for ripping and transcoding DVDs using our favorite operating system.

DVD Backup Script
This website details James D. Bearden's script that automates creating a DVD-R ISO image from any DVD.

Olaf Beck wrote a HOWTO for burning DVD-Video under Linux. The video isn't transcoded to DivX or something similar, but burned 1:1 on a DVD medium.

Bernhard Rosenkraenzer maintains dvdrtools, which is a fork of cdrtools, with the primary goal of supporting writable DVD drives

transcode DVD copying and ripping command line tools
If you like command line tools (but not that much, that you want to use plain transcode ;), take a look at Christian Vogelsang's transcode tools.

German article about dvd::rip and transcode
The April 2002 issue of the german LinuxUser magazine contains an article about transcode and dvd::rip I've written. It covers the complete software installation procedure and the usage of the standard dvd::rip mode. The May issue also had an extensive dvd::rip cluster mode report, which unfortunately isn't available online.

Video related Perl modules
Allen Day provides a collection of video related Perl modules. E.g. he is working on a libmpeg3 XS glue. Also he creates modules for gathering detailed information from video files in many formats.