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If you encounter problems, which are not covered by the documentation, in particular the FAQ, you may contact me bymail.

Eric S. Raymond wrote an excellent article about "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way ". You probably want to take a look at it before posting ;)

Reporting bugs and suggestions (*please* read this!)

If you want to send a bug report, patch or feature request, please make sure, that you're using the most recent version of dvd::rip (at least the latest stable release). Also first check the documentation, in particular the FAQ, the ChangeLog to see, if the bug is reported and probably fixed already in the development release.

It's really important that you add the following information to your bug reports, otherwise you'll likely don't get any helpful answers (probably no answer at all, because for most people it's boring to ask for this again and again...):

  • a description of how the bug can be reproduced.
  • information about your Linux installation, in particular which distribution/version you are using
  • exact versions of all affected packages. That's always dvd::rip and transcode, but often a bunch of other packages are important, e.g. ogmtools (if it's about ogg/vorbis) or mjpegtools (if it's about (S)VCD processing) and so on. You can get a list of most of these version numbers by pressing Ctrl+D in the dvd::rip main window.
  • information about usage of binary packages or self compiled packages. In case of binary packages: from where did you get them.
  • if dvd::rip crashes or it looks like an internal dvd::rip bug and not like a bug of external command execution, add the output of "perl -V".
  • if a specific command executed by dvd::rip fails, grab the corresponding command line from the log and execute it by hand. It is important that you add the complete command line and the complete command output to your report.

transcode related issues

If dvd::rip mainly works for you but you encounter problems ripping specific DVDs, this is probably a transcode problem. Maybe you want to report this directly to the transcode developers.

Encrypted DVD's

Please note: copying encrypted DVD's is illegal in many countries. Also it's illegal to provide information about how this could be accomplished. So don't send any questions regarding encrypted DVD's or DVD cracking to the author of dvd::rip . Corresponding mails will be silently ignored.

Contribute with patches

Patches are welcome, preferably unified context diffs created this way (if you're familiar with CVS, you should use the CVS repository and create patches with CVS):

  cd Video-DVDRip-0.48.2.patched
  make realclean
  cd ..
  diff -urN Video-DVDRip-0.48.2 Video-DVDRip-0.48.2.patched > patchfile.txt

where Video-DVDRip-0.48.2 is the root directory of the original distribution and Video-DVDRip-0.48.2.patched your modified version. Without the make realclean all files created during make are added to the patch, what's not what we want.

If it simply works

If dvd::rip works for you without any problems and you like it, don't hesitate to drop a mail. Next to all those problem and bug reports some positive postings delight every coders heart ;)

Contact the author

You can contact me by mail. The address is: Jörn Reder <joern AT>. Please place the word "dvd::rip" somewhere in the subject, in addition to your real topic, because this helps me classifying your email correctly. Thanks.

GnuPG Key

You can send PGP encrytped mails to the author. Please use the following key:

Key ID285CF473
Fingerprint   0B9C 37B5 070B 8D87 8851 A703 DA13 62D0 285C F473
Get itFetch from

From 0.50.14 on all dvd::rip releases are signed with this key.