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The todo list beyond is my "notebook" for good ideas and
suggestions, which would be senseful or fun to implement
somedays. You see: this list is rather long. Some features
may be implemented soon, some eventually never... ;)

- Currently none. Please report if you find one, but read this first: Thanks.

- add DVD authoring facility
- add DVD 9->5 functionality
- add VDR and TS input facility (TS demuxing)
- add arbitrary file input facility
- add .srt subtitle generation (OCR & stuff)
  (refer to HOWTO from bnj.r AT / 20.07.2005 09:08)
- add forced subtitle stuff
  (check subtitleripper patch from Jim Sager / 26.07.2006 16:44)

- Add filename expansion to the "execute after transcoding" command.
  Suggested by "Ivan F. Villanueva B." <dvdrip AT>.
- Add a FOURCC option to customize FOURCC of the generated .avi files.

- On startup show a list of recently used projects together
  with a snapshot image as a teaser. Suggested by
  Sebastian Boell <s.boell AT>
- Cluster: make network device for dvdrip-master/GUI communication
  configurable, for security reasons, e.g. to bind to localhost only.
  Suggested by Edmund Urbani <emu AT>
- pre-define user defaults for all clip & zoom and transcode parameters
  in a special project .rip file located in the user's home directory.
  The file can be loaded, all parameters changed, and saved. Future
  projects will take their default parameters from this file.
- chapter mode: option to merge files afterwards, suggested by
  Kevin Pulo <kev AT>
- integration of HTML base help into dvd::rip, suggested by
  Jacques Ferré <ferre-jacques AT>
- generic target aspect ratio mechanism: user can provide an arbitrary
  target aspect ratio (e.g. 1:1, 12:11, 16:11, 10:11 and 40:33)
  All autoadjusting presets take that into account (currently they
  always produce 1:1 ratio). Suggested by Christoph Lampert
  <chl AT>
- support multiple subtitles in the same vobsub file
- detect interlaced material (-J 32detect). Suggested by Rafael
  Kolless <rafael AT>
- global nice preference, which apply to all started processes.
  It's not necessary to adjust this per project. Suggested by
  Spencer Ogden.
- video bitrate calculation: use runtime instead of frames/framerate
  for full encodings, because the frames/framerate formular doesn't
  work for NTSC movies with mixed frame rates. Reported by
  John Washington <jawashin AT>.
- transcode all selected titles on the rip tab in a row,
  suggested by James Dowlearn <alwjdd AT>
- chapter mode: check if preview frame # is available in 1st
  chapter and print better error message, suggested by
  Ole Tange <tange AT>

- add comments to generated OGG files, suggested by Triffid Hunter.
- recognize DVD's titles with non continuously enumerated audio tracks
  and don't offer non-existent tracks for transcoding. Suggested
  by Cato Minor <cato_minor AT>
- cluster PSU processing: user can switch off PSU's. Print PSU and size with
  checkboxes, deactivate PSU's with less than 500 frames (or so) by default.
  Suggested by Stephen P Lecheler <spl011100 AT>.
- change aspect ratio output (dvdrip-users posting Tue 22.11.2005 16:12)
- make fping path configurable
- subtitle preview: interactive subtitle positioning feature, suggested
  by Benjamin Van Laere <B.VanLaere AT>
- allow mono audio
- make transcode's -H option configurable to solve A/V sync
  problems with some material. Suggested by Wayne Hogue
  <mythtv AT>
- open a HOWTO section in the documentation, starting with
  Gunnar's <gunix AT> HOWTO for a quick rip including
- support transcode's --export_par option, requested by Jim Darby
  <jim AT>
- make cluster webinterface fully interactive, requested by
  Stuecker, Sebastian <Stuecker AT>
- add support for new pixel aspect ratio transcode feature (ffmpeg
  and xvid). Suggested by Christoph Lampert.
- add support for MPEG2 requantization (needs transcode 0.6.11
  or better) and basic DVD authoring.
- extra logfile for dvdrip-master, suggested by
  Martin Lohmeier <blackm AT>
- a preference for default transcode options, suggested by Mark Rose.
- .dvdrip-info file should list filters. Suggested by Götz Waschk.
- add support for mpeg2enc -q option to the GUI (requested by
  Simone Lehmann, 18.07.2003)
- add a preference option whether dvd::rip project data files
  should be saved in the project directory by default,
  suggested by Davide Ferrari
- overall video bitrate calculation for a collection of
  selected titles. Requested by Felix Knecht <felixknecht AT>
- lock project file to prevent multiple instances of the
  same project at the same time, suggested by Sven Hartge