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Hi, my name is Jörn Reder and this site is dedicated to Open Source Software I'm writing or envolved in. Homepages of my favorite projects are hosted here, including more or less exhaustive documentation pages, mailing lists and stuff.

schedic - restic on steroids

schedic makes it easy to backup multiple hosts in your network using the fantastic restic tool.

Everything is put into one YAML configuration file on your backup server. There is no schedic configuration on the hosts you like to backup. They require just an installation of restic. The backup server executes restic remotely using SSH and passes all required information in a secure fashion.

restic is an ultra fast backup tool which performs super efficient deduplication and encryption of your backup data. It stores data locally or uploads to multiple different storage backends.


dvd::rip is a full featured DVD copy program written in Perl. It provides an easy to use but feature-rich Gtk+ GUI to control almost all aspects of the ripping and transcoding process. It uses the widely known video processing swissknife transcode and many other Open Source tools. dvd::rip itself is licensed under GPL / Perl Artistic License.


The X11::Aosd Perl module binds libaosd, an Cairo powered on screen display library with support for true transparent OSD graphing on composite extended X displays.


This is an object oriented GUI application framework built on top of the Gtk2 Perl module. It allows you rapid development of complex GUI applications with a clean object oriented design and supports you in abstracting all layout issues from your application data and logic.


Mail::GPG handles all the details of encrypting and signing Mails using GnuPG according to RFC 3156 and RFC 2440, that is OpenPGP MIME and traditional armor signed/encrypted mails.


This Perl module supports you in developing Event based networking client/server applications with transparent object/method access from the client to the server. Network communication is optionally encrypted using IO::Socket::SSL. Several event loop managers are supported due to an extensible API.


Event::ExecFlow offers a high level API to declare jobs, which mainly execute external commands, parse their output to get progress or other status information, triggers actions when the command has been finished etc. Such jobs can be chained together in a recursive fashion to fulfill rather complex tasks which consist of many jobs.


This tool supports you in efficiently tracking what you did (if that matters for you). For example if you do work you are payed for by time what-i-did helps you keeping track of your work. Everything is done on text entry basis. No time consuming pre-configuration of your projects and/or tasks. If you're capable of using your keyboard and need some time tracking, what-i-did is for you.