$Id: Changes,v 1.4 2008/03/29 16:28:47 joern Exp $

Revision history for Perl extension X11::Aosd.

0.03 Sat Mar 29 2008 joern
    - fixed Makefile.PL which crashed on missing ExtUtils::Depends
      and/or ExtUtils::PkgConfig instead of reporting that these
      modules are required
    - cleaned up test planning in t/X11-Aosd.t
    - minor documentation fixes
    - removed unneeded aosd_destroy() binding

0.02 Sun Mar 16 2008 joern
    - first public CPAN release
    - binds all functions from aosd.h
    - fully documented
    - thanks to Thorsten Schönfeld for supporting me
      with the details of Cairo/Glib/Perl binding stuff.

0.01 Sat Mar 15 2008 joern
    - first internal skeleton release for discussion
      on further implementation
    - binds minimal stuff, in particular the
      Cairo & Pango glue is missing for now