Revision history and release notes for Event::RPC:

1.10 Wed Jun 27, 2018, joern
    - Test suite failed on newer Perl versions which
      do not have . in @INC anymore.

1.09 Mon Jun 25, 2018, joern
    - Event::RPC::Server->prepare() to support having
      control over the Event loop yourself.

    - SSL tests failed due to expired CA certificate.
      Just created new certificates with 30 year
      expiration and put a gen.sh script inside to
      easily generate new certificates after that
      period ;)
    - Removed unused code. Thanks for the hint to
      ppisar AT redhat.com.

1.08 Sun Sep 26, 2015, joern
    - Just a stable release without changes.

1.08_01 Sat Sep 26, 2015, joern
    - Support for multiple serialisers: Sereal, CBOR::XS,
      JSON::XS and Storable. That's because Storable is
      known to be insecure, so this module should not
      rely on it.

      Great care has been taken to make these changes
      up- and downwards compatible, so old clients still
      can connect to new servers and vice versa.

      Check documentation chapters MESSAGE FORMAT OPTIONS
      in Event::RPC, Event::RPC::Server and Event::RPC::Client
      manpages for details.

      Thanks to mala <mala AT ma.la> for his hint about the
      security issues of Storable. You find more details in
      this article:


    - Proper handling of exceptions which occur at the
      server before a remote method is really executed,
      e.g. when lookup of the class failed due to
      incorrect @INC path.
    - Fixed encoding of source files and corrected
      the year of all Copyright notices.

1.07 Mon Sep 21, 2015, joern
    - New method return type '_singleton'. Objects
      created this way are never destroyed on the

1.06 Sun Sep 20, 2015, joern
    - New 'ssl_opts' attribute for Server and Client to
      give more control over the SSL connection.

    - Some tests failed due to stronger hostname verifcation
      in IO::Socket:SSL >= 2.017. Fixed that by adding
      proper certificates with cn 'localhost' and a test
      which verifies the failing connection with wrong
      hostname. Thanks to ppisar AT redhat.com. This
      fixes rt #106874.

1.05 Tue Feb 28, 2014, joern
    - New Method set_max_packet_size (Client and Server)
      to change the default value of 2 GB up to 4 GB
      (or less).

    - Increased default maximum packet size from 4 MB
      to 2 GB.
    - Fixed test suite for parallel execution by using
      different port numbers for the test server.
      Thanks for the report to Andreas König.
    - Applied a patch from Salvatore Bonaccorso which
      fixes missing encoding declarations in POD. Thanks!
    - Fixed some POD typos. Thanks for the report to
      Xavier Guimard.

1.04 Fri Feb 24, 2014, joern
    - Under certain infrequently conditions it could
      happen that the server process blocked when
      sending a response packet to a client.
    - Event::RPC::Client failed loading when no
      IO::Socket::SSL is installed.

1.03 Sat Feb  2, 2013, joern
    - Added options 'ssl_ca_file and 'ssl_ca_path' options
      to Event::RPC::Client, which enable SSL peer verifcation
      on the client. Thanks for the report about a security
      warning of IO::Socket::SSL to Moritz Bunkus.

1.02 Tue Mar  8, 2011, joern
    - Added AnyEvent mainloop implementation.

1.01 Sat Oct 25, 2008, joern
    - Even objects returned by methods not declared as
      an "object returner" where turned into Event::RPC
      object handles instead of copying the complete
      data structure to the client. Thanks for the report
      to Alex <alex AT lokku.com>.

1.00 Sat Jun 21, 2008, joern
    - Time for version 1.00 ;)

    - load_modules option added to Event::RPC::Server.
    - timeout option added to Event::RPC::Client. Patch
      by Strzelecki Lukasz <strzelec AT rswsystems.pl>.

0.90 Sun Apr 23, 2006, joern
    - Just a change to the license, switched from LGPL
      to Perl Artistic + GPL. Thanks for the hint about
      the bad wording in the old license text to
      Gregor Herrmann.

0.89 Mon Mar 27, 2006, joern
    - New class_map attribute for Event::RPC::Client to be
      able to use classes locally which are imported from the
      server as well, by giving the server classes a different
      name on the client.
    - Turn execptions of unregistered object access into
      warnings, which makes client / server communication
      more robust and debugging easier.

    - Fixed crashing when a method declared as an object
      returner returned undef, which should be absolutely
    - Fixed client side exceptions if server connection is
      unexpectedly interrupted during a remote method call.
    - Exceptions are now stringified before send to the
      client, otherwise Storable may complain on exception
      objects which can't be freezed e.g. due to embedded
      code refs.

0.88 Sat Dec 24, 2005, joern
    - Use Storable::nfreeze() to pack network messages, so
      Event::RPC works with mixed endian architectures
      as well. Patch by Rolf Grossmann <rg AT PROGTECH.net>.

0.87 Sun Dec 18, 2005, joern
    - Delegation of authentication resp. user/password check
      to an external module via Event::RPC::Server attribute
      "auth_module". Old passwd hash based model is implemented
      in Event::RPC::AuthPasswdHash.
    - Fixed a typo in Event::RPC::Looger manpage. Thanks to
      Sean <soso AT kol.co.nz> for the report.
    - Cleaned up examples/: server.pl and client.pl now both
      accept -h option for binding/connecting to a specific
      host, not just localhost.
    - Makefile.PL tuning: add detected optional modules to
      PREREQ_PM to get their version numbers added to CPAN
      Testers reports.

    - ChangeLog entry 0.86 was wrong regarding the SSL stuff.

0.86 Sat Dec 17, 2005, joern
    - added Event::RPC::Server->get_active_connection
    - documented Event::RPC::Connection->get_client_oids
    - added Event::RPC::Connection->get_client_object

    - Added missing documentation for Event::RPC::Client's
      error_cb attribute, which was just mentioned in
      the SYNPOSIS.
    - Fixed an incompatability with IO::Socket::SSL 0.97,
      which doesn't return different sysread() states for
      error and eof anymore which confused Event::RPC.

0.85 Sun Aug 28, 2005, joern
    - Make server more bullet proof: handle log connections
      even if no logger is set, but a log listener was started.
    - Event::RPC::Server->new didn't recognize the
      'connection_hook' parameter.
    - Try making the testsuite more stable with Win32.

0.84 Mon Jul 25, 2005, joern
    - Buffering for big incoming RPC requests (> 64KB) didn't
      work properly

0.83 Fri Apr 15, 2005, joern
    - Made more parts of the API public by documenting them.
    - New server option "connection_hook" for accessing
      Event::RPC::Connection objects during connecting and
    - New server option "auto_reload_modules" to control the
      server's auto reloading facility, which was activated
      by default up to now.
    - New server option "host" to bind the listener to a
      specific address. Default is to bind to all addresses.
    - Increased connect performance by reducing the number
      of messages exchanged between client and server.
    - Client may request a subset of exported server classes.
      Default is still to import all classes exported by the
    - Client checks Event::RPC version and used protocol version
      on connect and warns different software versions but dies
      on incompatible protocol versions. Naturally it's
      recommended to use the same Event::RPC version on server
      and client.
    - Methods for getting client and server (after connecting)
      software and protocol version numbers.

    - Missed ReuseAddr on listener sockets.
    - Made testsuite more robust
    - Network logging clients could block the server by
      sending data to it.
    - Renamed client option 'server' to 'host', which is more
      adequate. 'server' is still allowed but deprecated and
      using it triggers a warning.

0.82 Sun Apr 10, 2005, joern
    - First public release. API is fairly stable.

    - User/password based authentication added.
    - Full documentation added.
    - Test suite added which covers all connection
      types and the most important features.

0.81 Sun Mar 13, 2005, joern
    - Still an internal release, incomplete documentation, no
      test suite.

    - Support for SSL encryption added using IO::Socket::SSL.
    - Event loop abstraction. Event::RPC now works with Event
      and Glib and can be easily extended for other event loop
      frameworks. Thanks to Rocco Caputo for the suggestion.

0.80 Sun Mar 13, 2005, joern
    - A non public release. Only announced on the perl-loop mailing
      list for the namespace request and to get comments. Module
      is fully working but API isn't documented yet very well.
      Security stuff (SSL encryption, some password authentication)
      is missing also a complete test suite.