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|  +-Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Expander
|  +-Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Form
|  +-Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::HBox
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|  +-Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Table
|  +-Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::VBox
|  +-Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Window



$Id: Changes,v 1.30 2011-08-11 10:38:17 joern Exp $

Revision history and release notes for Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory:

0.67 Thu Aug 11, 2011, joern
    - Added parse_tags option to TextView. This way you
      can easily create tagged text by using a simple
      HTML based markup syntax: <tag name="...">Tagged text</tag>.
    - Added HPaned widget

0.66 Sun Nov 11, 2009, joern
    - image attribute for Button and ToggleButton; set a
      filename here to put an arbitrary image on a button
    - Applied patches from Jeff Hallock fixing a bunch of
      "Use of uninitialized value" warnings. As well Jeff
      fixed a bug which renders empty "getter" prefixes
    - build() Method now prevents building a Factory twice
      by itself.
    - Container->add_child_widget() missed registering
      children to the Form Factory.
    - Widget activity tracking called active check callback
      without an object reference if no object was currently
      set instead of rendering the widget inactive in that case.

0.65 Sun Jul 2, 2006, joern
    - Don't use for() loops with global $_ iterator, which interacts
      badly with application method calls which modify $_ as well

0.64 Sat Jun 17, 2006, joern
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory
      - Added options 'yes_label' and 'no_label' to open_confirm_window().
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Button
      - Added 'with_repeat' option, which triggers the callback
        continuously as long button is pressed.

    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Label:
      - Set initial text only if the widget object has no associated
        object attribute.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::ToggleButton:
      - Set button label only if no stock icon is given.

0.63 Sun Apr 23, 2006, joern
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Notebook:
      - fixed an exception which occured if no object is
        associated with the Notebook
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Layout
      - fixed wrong set_gtk_widget/set_gtk_parent_widget for
        Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::GtkWidget objects

0.62 Sun Apr 9, 2006, joern
    - Associate tab label widgets with the page content widget,
      so if the page gets inactive the label greys out as well.
    - Notebook:  show page before switching to it, otherwise
      page-switching is ignored. This was workarounded until now
      by a delayed page-switching, which didn't work with recent
      gtk2 versions anymore, so the true fix for this issue was
      overdue ;) Thanks to Alex Petkov <alexandphyllis AT>
      for the detailed bug report and debugging info.

0.61 Sun Apr 2, 2006, joern
    - You can check whether an application object was changed
      with the GUI using the new Proxy's 'object_changed'
      attribute. Additionally you can control which attributes
      shouldn't affect the object's changed state with a
      regex passed as 'changes_attr_filter' when adding the
      object to the Context.
    - You can add icons to Notebook tab titles by prefixing the
      title with the stock item named in square brackets.

    - Prevent double object update triggering when switching
      Notebook tabs and Radiobuttons.

0.60 Mon Mar 27, 2006, joern
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Menu
      - Add 'active_cond' and 'active_depends' keys to the
        menu item definition to control widget activity not
        just on a per object basis.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Widget:
      - active_cond may return not just a boolean but one of
        the strings 'insensitive', 'invisible', 'sensitive',
        'visible' to get the corresponding state.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::ExecFlow:
      - New widget for displaying Event::ExecFlow job plans
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::VPaned:
      - New container widget for Gtk2::VPaned
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::ToggleButton:
      - Stock image support added
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Context
      - Some internal cleanup to reduce memory footprint

    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Menu
      - On cleanup deregistering of objects the menu
        depends on was not complete.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Context
      - Widgets with active_depends => "object.attr" (not just
        an object) weren't updated if the object changed.

0.59 Wed Dec 28, 2005, joern
    - Default layout implementaion for width/height now uses
      set_size_request() only for non-window widgets and
      set_default_size() for windows, which is better in

    - Small layout issue of buttons with stock image and
      a defined but empty label fixed.

0.58 Sun Oct 9, 2005, joern
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Container:
      - new methods add_child_widget() and remove_child_widget()
	to add/remove Widgets at runtime. E.g. you can extend
	a notebook at runtime. Thanks to Kaare Rasmussen for
	the suggestions.
    - Buffered context objects: EXPERIMENTAL!
      - if you specify 'buffered => 1' on Context->add_object
	a buffering Proxy will be used for this object. That
	means all attribute updates are buffered in the proxy
	object instead of passing them through to the underlying
	application object immediately. This way you can use
	a synchronized FormFactory (with all the advantages
	of automatically widget updating/activating stuff)
	but the possibility to cancel all changes easily.
	DialogButtons take care of this, so a "Cancel" button
	is displayed in a FormFactory automatically if all
	widgets in this factory are connected to a buffered
	context object. Tested with simpler forms and works
	for me, but this may not work in very complex forms
	with a lot of internal dependencies, in particular if
	your callbacks for activation checking and stuff don't
	use the Context but access the original object directly,
	which doesn't see any changes until the FormFactory
	is applied!
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::List: prevent unnecessary selection
      updates not only for lists with the attr_select_column
      property set
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Widget: active_cond callback now
      gets the current application object passed.

    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Context: active_depends property
      didn't work with an array ref of attributes as stated
      in the docs.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Label: don't try to update from
      an object atribute without any set.

0.57 Mon Aug 1, 2005, joern
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Window:
      - on window close FormFactory->close is called automatically
	if the Window is the 1st child of the FormFactory,
	unless a closed_hook is set. Thanks to Kaare Rasmussen
	for the hint.
      - added 'quit_on_close' option, which quits the Gtk2
	main loop as well in that case. 
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::List:
      - scroll to selected row only on first show, to prevent
	unneccessary scrolling.
      - trigger selection dependency updates only when the
	selection really changed (but only for Lists with
	attr_select and attr_select_column set, because
	otherwise a selection change can't be detected
    - Documentation updates & fixes

    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Layout: setting 'scrollbars'
      for non-scrollable widgets didn't work
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Notebook: restore selected page
      only if an object attribute is associated with the
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory: POD typo fixed, thanks for the
      report to Christian Marillat.

0.56 Wed Jul 20, 2005, joern
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Rules:
      - added 'zero', 'non-zero', 'positive-zero-integer',
	'negative-zero-integer', 'positive-zero-float',
	'negative-zero-float' rules.
      - added special 'or-empty' rule, refer to the man page
	for details.
      - added 'executable-command' rule.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Context:
      - added get_object_attr() helper method to retrieve
	a specific application object attribute
      - added 'accessor' option to the ->add_object() method
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Widget:
      - added 'label_for' attribute, so auto-generated labels
	can be bound to specific widgets as well.
      - added 'avtive_cond' and 'active_depends' attributes
	for direct activity control of the widget.
      - added 'changed_hook_after'
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Popup:
      - added 'items' attribute for static popup content
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Popup:
      - default 'scale' to 1 of no other scaling options
	are given, images would be invisible without this.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory:
      - added 'with_cancel' option to the ->open_confirm_window()
	helper method
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::CheckButtonGroup:
      - dimensions can be configured through application
	object attributes. Row and/or column labels may
	be added.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Label:
      - added bold option.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Layout:
      - center button icons/labels.

    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Combo: rule checking didn't work.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Widget: rule checking in synchronized
      FormFactories didn't work if no object attribute was
      associated with the widget
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Table: due to missing outer whitespace
      truncation parsing of some table layouts was messed up.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::List: dropped "selects_object"
      feature introduced in 0.55 because this can be easily done
      by defining attribute dependencies.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Layout: setting a label group
      didn't work for Label widgets, only for implicite labels
      set through the Widget's label attribute.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Loader: VSeparator setup was missing.

0.55 Mon Jul 11, 2005, joern
    - Added a fully functional tutorial program (a simple music
      database) which makes use of a lot of simple and advanced
      Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory features. Not documented yet, but
      nevertheless a good example to learn how Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory
      works. More details in tutorial/README.
    - On demand loading of widget modules saves some memory
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Context
      - pass object aggregation information to define
	dependencies between objects. This way all dependent
	objects update automatically if their parent object
      - defining constant attribute accessors is now possible,
	e.g. for simple Combo presets not changing at runtime.
      - new method set_object_attr() sets an specific application
	object attribute and triggers corresponding GUI updates
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::List
       - new attribute "selects_object" for lists representing
	 an index of objects to select one of them. The
	 corresponding widgets are updated automatically
	 once the list selection changes.
       - new attribute "visible" to control visibility of columns
       - new attribute "no_header" to suppress list headers
       - new attribute "attr_select_column" to have specific
	 column values instead of selected indices in the
	 "attr_select" attribute
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Label: declare an arbitrary Label
      widget as the label of another widget, so this label is
      deactivated/activated together with the assigned widget
      automatically, even in complex layouts.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Popup: additional data model,
      two dimensional array to define ordered key/value pairs.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Window: title may be controlled
      by an application object.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Widget: moved get_widget() from
      Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory to here, so it's available for
      all widgets, not only in a FormFactory.

    - Removed ok_hook() from Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Intro
      documentation, which was never implemented that way.
    - Tooltips on combo entries didn't work.

0.54 Sun May 29, 2005, joern
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Table now handles arbitrary
      alignments of widgets in the cells.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory: new convenience method
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory::Layout: no frames around
      forms if placed on a notebook page

0.53 Sun Apr 10, 2005, joern
    - $ff->get_widget($name) added.
    - $context->remove_object($name) added.
    - DialogButtons: control the set of buttons displayed.

    - Timestamp: placeholders were mixed up, so the calculated
      timestamp was nonsense for some values.
    - Widget's changed_hook wasn't called at the appropriate
      time for some widgets.

0.52 Sun Feb 06, 2005, joern
    - Popup: didn't consider custom attribute activity conditions
      in all cases.
    - Container: apply_changes() didn't recurse correctly into
      all children

    - New widgets:
      - CheckButtonGroup: a table of check buttons representing
	a multiple selection of predefined values.
      - GtkWidget: support arbitrary Gtk widgets which aren't worth
	an own Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory module.
      - TextView: a Gtk2::TextView
      - Timestamp: Entries to enter correct timestamps down to minute
	level, while calculating internally with unix timestamps.
    - FormFactory: added parent_ff attribute
    - FormFactory: added hide parameter to open() and show() method
    - FormFactory: added open_confirm_window() method
    - FormFactory: added get_image_path() method
    - Button: added stock attribute
    - Combo: added presets attribute
    - DialogButtons: buttons may now be controlled with the object
      attribute's value
    - HBox/VBox: added no_frame attribute
    - List: added update_selection_only attribute
    - Proxy: get_attr/set_attr consider object.attr notation
      accordingly and switch to the proxy of the correspondent
      object for convenience.
    - Table: warn if table layout string contains tab characters
    - Widget: added gtk_properties_widget
    - Widget: added label_markup attribute
    - Widget: added 'type' option to show_error_message() and
      error windows are now modal.
      => WARNING: incompatible API change!
    - Window: added closed_hook attribute

0.51 Mon Dec 27, 2004, joern
    - Container: on cleanup the internal content list was
      set to undef instead to [].

    - Context: attr_depends_href extended, so it accepts a list
      reference of attributes an attribute depends on, not
      only a single attribute.
    - Image: with a constant scale of 1 all magic regarding scale
      calculation is switched off
    - Window: if a window has a FormFactory parent, FormFactory->close()
      is called automatically when the window is destroyed.
    - Container: Print a better error message if a child of a
      container isn't defined.

    - Added GPL LICENSE file to the distribution

0.50 Sat Nov 20, 2004, joern
    First public release. Refer to
    for comprehensive online documentation.

    WARNING: API is not stable yet and may change incompatibly.