DOWNLOAD packages of what-i-did

This is the primary download site for what-i-did. Most of the files located here are also available via CPAN:

This is the list of files you can get locally from this server:

Latest release:

Filename: what-i-did-1.0.11.tar.gz Size: 40 KB Release Date: Tue Jun 28 09:18:09 2011

Older releases:

Filename: what-i-did-1.0.10.tar.gz Size: 39 KB Release Date: Thu Jan 27 13:17:37 2011
Filename: what-i-did-1.0.9.tar.gz Size: 39 KB Release Date: Sat Nov 27 11:00:09 2010
Filename: what-i-did-1.0.8.tar.gz Size: 39 KB Release Date: Sun Dec 13 14:12:19 2009