$Id: Changes,v 1.3 2009-12-13 12:31:38 joern Exp $

Revision history and release notes for what-i-did:

1.0.10 Thu Jan 27, 2011,joern
    - Change default separator of date/time to a more
      copy'n paste across different character encoding
      settings friendly | character. Previous delimiter
      is still recognized but not used anymore for new

1.0.9 Sat Nov 27, 2010, joern
    - Activities consisting of a plain number didn't
      show up in the sum up dialog. Thanks for the report
      to Radim Tobolka <rtobolka AT koukaam.se>.
    - Screensaver tracking didn't work for newer GNOME
      version due to internal dbus API changes

1.0.8 Sun Dec 13, 2009, joern
    First public release on exit1.org

1.0.7 Mon Jul 13, 2009, joern
    - Workarounded a crash in Gtk2::SimpleList on
      reloading the sum up table.

    - Now fully internationalized. Current languages:
      English and German. Requires libintl-perl.
    - No "write-duration-to-file" option anymore.
      Senseless and problematic with i18n due to
      date parsing issues.
    - In sum-up dialog text of all selected entries
      is copied to the text entry (not just the first one).
    - Option to remove a colon delimited prefix from
      the items in the sum-up dialog. This way you can
      easily group items for the same project by giving
      them the same prefix, without having the prefix
      repeated in the text entry.
    - Option to hide all entries of a completely summed
      up day by modifying the log file and replacing the
      dashes in the day delimiter to equal signs. All
      text lines before a line starting with an equal
      sign are hidden when opening the sum-up dialog.
    - New --add parameter for adding an activity
      to the log from the command line.
    - Moved ~/.what-i-did directory to common

1.0.6 Sun Jun 29, 2008, joern
    - Some standard activity shortcut buttons
    - Text completion in activity entry with list of
      current activites in the log file
    - Preferences sub menu
    - Configure whether activity durations should be
      added to the log or not
    - Monitor screensaver for automatic day-start and
      day-end recognition
    - Determine and log program exit even when killed
      by signal 9.
    - Added more tooltips
    - Sum-up window
      - Show icons for standard entries
      - Automatic selection of similar or identic entries
        (preferences option) in the sum up window
      - Provide text of selected item in an entry
        ready for copy'n paste

1.0.5 Thu Mar 13, 2008, joern
    - Fixed missing delimiter line when refreshing sum up list.

1.0.3 Sun Feb 24, 2008, joern
    - Added sum up dialog
    - Added --once option

1.0.2 Sun Feb 17, 2008, joern
    First internal release in our company:
    - Simple tray icon interface: enter activity text which
      is written to a log file with the current time stamp
    - Not interlationalized, German user interface.