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This is the change log of the latest dvd::rip releases:

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   0.98.11 - [stable branch] - Sat Mar 6 2010, joern
    - Event::ExecFlow version 0.64 is required for this version.
      This fixes a bug where no error messages were shown after
      ripping short. It was reported via Ubunutu Launchpad:
      (You find it in the perl-modules/ directory, which was updated
       to the most recent versions btw)
    - Updated Danish and Catalan translation. Thanks to Ysangkok,
      Kenneth Nielson and Joan Farrerons.
    - Turn "ripping short" error message into a warning, so the
      ripping process continues and it's up to the user to decide
      whether this is critical or not.

    - Fixed h264 2pass cluster mode bug, generating a malformed
      transcode command. Reported by semkath <semkath AT>
      and Christiaan Putter <ceputter AT>.

0.98.10 - [stable branch] - Sun Feb 22 2009, joern
    - transcode 1.1 compatibility improved, warning about
      experimental dvd::rip support removed; there are still issues
      with some filters in the filter preview dialog; your mileage
      may vary.
    - Workaround for transcode h264 two-pass problem, so dvd::rip
      now supports h264 two-pass encoding.
    - Applied patch from Jussi Judin <jjudin+dvdrip AT> to
      detect GraphicMagicks as an ImageMagick replacement.
    - No files will be placed in /tmp anymore, instead all temporary
      files will go to PROJECT_DIR/tmp. Thanks for the hint to
      Michael Renner <michael.renner AT>.
    - dvdrip-master doesn't throw warnings on unneeded missing
      binaries anymore, if installed alone without the full
      (anyway on the master unneeded) packages. Suggested by
      Nicolas Chauvet <kwizart AT>.
    - Added .ogv extension for OGG files as another option.
      Suggested by Nicolas Chauvet.

    - Fixed cluster mode audio processing with transcode 1.1.x.
      Thanks for the report to Samuele Giovanni Tonon <samu AT>.
    - Fixed race condition which could result in a missing audio
      merge in cluster mode when title has one track. Based on a
      patch from Matt Lawrence <m3lawren AT>.
    - Fixed wrong progress information (not taking chunks into
      account) in cluster mode.
    - Added a patch from Nicolas Chauvet to fix a problem with
      Fedora's Perl (setlocale).

0.98.9 - [stable branch] - Sun Oct 5 2008, joern
    - Full support for anamorph transcoding by setting the
      pixel aspect ratio in the transcoded files if no
      resizing is applied.
    - New "Autoadjust, Clipping only" preset by Marc Sherman
      <msherman AT>., which makes use of the
      new anamorph transcoding feature.
    - New preference option for the default Clip & Zoom preset.
    - Updated Catalan translation.
    - New Danish translation by Ysangkok.

    - Fixed a race condition in cluster node version detection.
      Thanks for the report to Sean Gallagher <stgallag AT>.
    - Fixed a division by zero condition when video is not resized.
    - Fixed cluster mode problem with avi merging. Thanks for
      help debugging this to Helge Mühlmeier <H_Muehlmeier AT>.

0.98.8 - [stable branch] - Thu Aug 95 2007, joern
    - Tooltips were missing in the Preferences dialog.
    - Added a small screen layout mode. The default layout
      doesn't fit well on wide screens with a small veritical
      resolution. On initial startup the "small" mode is activated,
      when the screen resolution has less than 1024 lines, but you
      can change it in the preferences at any time.
      Requested by Olivier Choquet <olivier.choquet AT>,
      Guelden Cevik <Guelden_Cevik AT> and many 
      I can't remember anymore ;)
    - dvd::rip now remembers the main window size between

0.98.7 - [stable branch] - Sun Aug 05 2007, joern
    - tools/gensplash was missing what made "make install"
      in ./l10n fail. Thanks for the reports to
      Flavio <qazav3.0 AT> and Joan Farrerons.
    - Cluster mode node check was disabled until a GUI
      connected to the master.
    - Small fixes regarding missing project name and utf8
      problems in the logfile. Thanks to tropikhajma
      <tropikhajma AT>.
    - Fixed grabbing previews from the wrong title with
      on-the-fly processing. Thanks for the patch to
      Wolfram Kresse <wk AT>
    - Fixed problems with fping not installed in /usr/sbin.
      Now dvdrip-master supports /usr/sbin and /usr/bin as well.
      Reported by Neill Mitchell <mitchell_neill AT>.
    - Determine svn versions of ffmpeg properly.
    - Fixed close button in "About" dialog.

    - A Catalan translation provided by Joan Farrerons
      <jfarrerons AT>.
    - Spanish and Italian translation updates.
    - Added dvdrip.desktop file. Thanks to Christian Marillat.

0.98.6 - [stable branch] - Fri Apr 14 2007, joern
    - Swedish and Serbian translation updates.
    - Crash on first dvd::rip startup (initial configuration)
      fixed. Thanks for the report to Christian Marillat.

0.98.5 - [stable branch] - Fri Apr 13 2007, joern
    - This version requires Event::ExecFlow 0.63. Grab it
      from the perl-modules/ directory of this dvd::rip

    - Fixed a typo which made the the subtitle preview
      window crash. Thanks for the report to Dario Castellarin.
    - Fixed ffmpeg preview grabbing with newer ffmpeg builds.
      Thanks for the report to Christian Marillat.
    - Fixed a buffering issue in the cluster control GUI
      when processing progress update events from the master.
      Thanks for the report to Joe Plunkett <ragnarok_it AT>.
    - Stopping a cluster node didn't work when it was actually
      executing a job.
    - Cluster node test now checks for ogmtools as well.
      Thanks for this suggestion to Bart Nagel <bart AT>.
    - Programs in cluster node check now are executed in
      C locale to prevent any problems due to different
      default locales on cluster nodes.
    - Restarting a cluster project which finished with errors
      didn't work under specific circumstances (bug in
    - Prevent putting non-audio titles with ogg container
      on a cluster, since ogmcat doesn't support ogg files
      without audio. Thanks for the report to Carlos-Manuel
      Major <cmajor AT>.

0.98.4 - [stable branch] - Sat Mar 24 2007, joern
    - Added a new dependency to the ffmpeg command line
      program. It's optional for now, but recommended,
      in particular if you're suffering from the
      preview hanging bug (see below).

    - Experimental support for transcode 1.1.x branch. You
      get a warning if this transcode version is detected.
      Basic operation seems to work with 1.1.x, but it's not
      deeply tested yet. Please report bugs, if you find them.
      Preview stuff (subtitle, filters) is currently known
      not to be working with transcode 1.1.x.

    - Fixed occasional hanging bug on preview grabbing by
      using ffmpeg instead of transcode to decode the preview
    - Fixed crash with Italian locale when opening cluster
      control menu. Patch by Davide Capodaglio <davidecapod
    - Really fixed crash on DVD titles without audio. Fix
      was announced in 0.98.3 but went lost somehow.
    - Missed adding Daniel Nylander to the translators
      list of the About dialog (Swedish translation).

0.98.3 - [stable branch] - Sat Mar 10 2007, joern
    - Project's tmp/ directory is now created with 0775
      permissions, which enables cluster mode running
      with different users belonging to the same group.
      Patch by Tom <mailbin AT>.
    - Added swedish translation from Daniel Nylander
      <po AT>

    - Added another patch from Tom fixing cluster processes
      not running with the correct nice value.
    - "Exit dvd::rip after transcoding" didn't work.
    - Fixed off by one bug in dvd::rip command line option
      to select a specific title.
    - Try to workaround transcode hanging on preview frame
      grabbing by providing a different import filter. Based
      on comments from Francesco Romani and Jesse Heitler
      <jheitler AT>.
    - Fixed crash on DVD image paths with whitespaces. Thanks
      for their reports to Franz Brauße <mike-nought AT>
      and Thomas Wendt <thoemy AT>.
    - Fixed crash on DVD titles without audio. Thanks for
      the report to Edward Doolittle.
    - Fixed mplayer version detection.

0.98.2 - [stable branch] - Sat Nov 25 2006, joern
    - Updated Serbian translation, now in latin variation as
      well, thanks to Filip Miletic <filmil AT>.
    - Added Italian splash screen, thanks to Fabio Russo.
    - Dependency check: accept SVN versions of mplayer as

0.98.1 - [stable branch] - Fri Aug 25 2006, joern
    - Updated spanish translation. Thanks to Sergio Cambra.
    - Fixed exception when TOC reading failed for some reason.
      Thanks for the report to Jimmi <jimmi AT>.
    - Spaces in the VOB file path were not refused but gave
      wrong error messages on TOC reading later. Made special
      character checking on project name and paths more strict.
      Reported by Google Roxxort <larspb AT>.
    - Preferences window: places buttons at the bottom of
      the window. Thanks for the hint to Gert Brinkmann
      <g111 AT>.
    - Preferences window: when changing the DVD drive from
      the popup, result checking output wasn't updated.
    - Added "Add node" button to the cluster control window
      (was lost somehow... ;)

    - Updated COPYRIGHT file.

0.98.0 - [stable branch] - Sun Aug 20 2006, joern
    - Improved TOC reading: when lsdvd fails (version 0.16
      sometimes does), fallback to tcprobe.
    - Select longest title after TOC reading.
    - Select nice value 19 by default.
    - Improved installation procedure: most required Perl
      modules are shipped with the dvd::rip tarball and installed
      together with dvd::rip if missing on the system. Refer
      to the installation docs for details.

    - Fixed wrong "Ripping stopped short" warning on NTSC
      movies whith wrongly detected framerate on TOC reading.
      Thanks to Ben <ben AT> for his hints
      on this topic.
    - transcode options addition didn't work since Event::ExecFlow
      is in use, reported by Kyle Husmann <kyle.husmann AT>
    - When default container preference was changed after reading
      TOC, audio widgets weren't setup up properly (e.g. vorbis
      missing for OGG containers) right after ripping.
    - Grabbed subtitle preview images didn't show up immediately
      after ripping, only after reselection of the subtitle.
    - Fixed some missing widget deactivation when no title
      was selected.
    - Preferences: missed updating the checking result text
      after creating a data directory.
    - Frame rate popdown listed wrong format depending on the
      selected system locale (e.g. 23,976 instead of 23.976)
    - Framerate / count corrections didn't show up in the TOC
      right after ripping, only after reopening the project file.
    - Changed transcode version suggestion to 1.0.2.
    - Don't reset all transcode settings to defaults after
      ripping, just these which may be affected due to
      attribute changes (e.g. correctly detected frame rate).
    - No "Save file" request appeared after ripping, even if
      ripping changed attributes and settings.
    - Cluster mode: when creating the first node, dvd::rip
      complained about creating the master node first.

0.97.13 - [unstable branch] - Sat Aug 5 2006, joern
    - Updated French translation from Christophe Combelles.
    - Updated German translation.
    - Initial preferences setup:
      - Show additional message with some notes on intial setup
      - Select first DVD device by default (if HAL is present)
      - Default language setting is derived from user's locale
      - Default dvd::rip data directores is set to $HOME/dvdrip-data
      - Added a "Create directory" button besides the corresponding entries
      - Rearanged pages, so most important settings are on the first page.

    - dvd::rip missed creating the tmp/ file. Thanks
      for the report to Ben Lancaster <lists AT>
    - Chapter transcoding didn't work. Thanks for reporting this one
      to Daniel <komet AT> and Robert Tell
      <robert.tell AT>
    - Fix thumbnail generation with older ImageMagick. Thanks for
      the patch to Kevin Pulo <kev AT>.
    - Grey out subtitle language selection box on the "Rip" page
      for titles without subtitles.
    - Test results in the Preferences dialog was not colored
      correctly in non-englisch environments.

0.97.12 - [unstable branch] - Sat Jul 2 2006, joern
    - New (optional) dependency: dvd::rip now uses HAL for DVD
      device scanning.
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory 0.65 is required, which fixes a
      serious 0.64 bug.

    - Dropped 'DVD image' ripping mode, but added a more generic
      approach of DVD input selection as a replacement. This
      way you can 'rip' from a DVD image e.g. to fulfill cluster
      mode requirements without hacking the DVD device preference
      anymore. Suggested by Stefan Ollermann <Stefan.Ollermann AT>.
    - Added DVD device scanning using HAL. This is optional, you
      can always select the DVD device file directly.
    - French splash screen and generally updated splash screen
      design by Christophe Combelles.
    - Updated italian translation by Fabio Russo.
    - Message finetuning, added more tooltips, updated German

    - Removed all preference settings and dependencies for
      CD burning, since this module doesn't exist anymore.
    - Fixed minor free diskspace calculation bugs.

0.97.11 - [unstable branch] - Sat Jun 17 2006, joern
    Dependency notes:
    - libintl-perl resp. Locale::TextDomain 1.16 is required
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory 0.64 is required
    - Event::ExecFlow 0.62 is required

    - Filters & Preview finally ported to 0.97.x Gtk2 branch.
      Please note that transcode 1.0.2 has a bug which breaks
      most filters in the preview window :(
      This tar.gz ships a patch which fixes this issue:
    - Removed utf-8 l10n workaround which isn't necessary with
      libintl-perl 1.16 anymore.
    - Added new preference setting for default subtitle grabbing
      mode. Feature request by Christian Marillat.
    - Added a hint to the subtitle grabbing radio boxes tooltips
      that subtitle grabbing may slowdown ripping process.
    - Added support for transcode 1.1.x development branch, but
      this is highly experimental.
    - Updated German translation and optimized some messages
      for GUI space. Now the German GUI isn't much wider than
      the English.

    - Job execution: some errors could left the GUI in an
      unusable state.
    - Applied a patch from Eric Festinger <eric.festinger AT> which makes changing color index B work again.
    - NPTL workaround option is disabled, if workaround is not
      possible for the running architecture (e.g. amd64).
    - Filter color mode check now ignores pure audio filters.
    - Message dialogs are not attached to the main GUI window
      anymore, which was confusing for dialogs opened from
      child windows.
    - Added a workaround for a strange Data::Dumper bug on
      some platforms (fixes 29,576 <-> 29.576 frame rate issue).

0.97.10 - [unstable branch] - Mon Apr 24 2006, joern
    - Updated spanish translation (and a spanish splash screen ;).
      Thanks to Sergio Cambra.

    - Preview grabbing didn't work due to a broken (and untested,
      my bad) fix in 0.97.9.

0.97.9 - [unstable branch] - Sun Apr 23 2006, joern
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory 0.63 is required for this release.
      It fixes a bug with with dvd::rip's Preference dialog.
      Thanks for the report to Niki Kovacs <contact AT>.

    - Volume scanning didn't work anymore, thanks for the report
      to Alexander Skwar.
    - dvdrip-master didn't start, still used a factored out
      module. Thanks for report & fix to Andreas Vinsander
      <andreas AT>
    - Under some circumstances preview grabbing didn't work due
      to missing default values for width/height settings.
      Thanks for the report to Christian Marillat.

0.97.8 - [unstable branch] - Mon Apr 10 2006, joern
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory 0.62 is required for this release.
      It fixes a nasty bug with recent libgtk2 versions.
      Thanks for debugging assistance to Alex Petkov
      <alexandphyllis AT>.
    - Support AC3 passthrough for on-the-fly and dvd image
      encoding as well, by doing an extra audio bitrate probe
      once AC3 codec is selected on the Transcode tab.
    - Fixed a divison-by-zero condition in bitrate calculation
      module, thanks for the pointer to Dhek Bhun Kho <bhun.kho
    - Subtitle preview didn't work in 0.97.7 due to a missing
      module. Thanks for the report to Rafael Kolless <rafael AT>.

0.97.7 - [unstable branch] - Sun Apr 2 2006, joern
    - dvd::rip now depends on a new Perl module: Event::ExecFlow
      version 0.61. You can get it from CPAN or better from the homepage:
    - Event::ExecFlow itself needs the AnyEvent module, which is
      available from CPAN:
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory needs to be at least version 0.61
    - Event::RPC needs to be at least version 0.89
    - Refactored out the internal command execution engine to
      Event::ExecFlow introducing some interesting new features.
    - New graphical progress window showing all
      jobs of the current task in a nice hierarchical
      treeview. Just hit on the magnifying glass symbol
      besides the progress bar
    - Pausing/resuming the running job by one click
    - Extensive rewrite of the cluster mode using the new
      execution engine and progress widget which visualizes
      the tree structure of cluster jobs much butter than the
      old cluster job display.
    - More cluster features are:
      - Allow cluster encoding without audio
      - You can specify a speed index for each cluster node.
      - Faster machines will be preferred.
      - vobsub file generation added
      - dvdrip-master now does a clean shutdown on signals.
      - Cluster window now has it's own menu bar with menu items
      - Connect/Disconnect the cluster master daemon from here.
    - Dropped "DVD mount dir" preference, because dvd::rip now
      determines the mount point of your DVD device automatically.
      Thanks for the suggestion to Dario Castellarin <dacstp AT>.
    - Generating preview images doesn't block the GUI anymore.
    - Improved Clip & Zoom clipping windows: added text entries
      for clipping values and meaningful warnings when values
      aren't even or not divisible by 16, which is required
      for transcodes internal processing and/or most video codecs.
    - Make "ffmpeg/af6 codec" field a combo box with presets
      for ffmpeg "mpeg4" and "h264" codecs.
    - A new nicer splash image including a Gnome compliant
      About dialog, with credits for the translators.
    - Updated Italian translation, thanks to Fabio Russo.
    - Updated German translation.
    - Added icons to the project's notebook tabs
    - Preview frame grabbing failed for multi-PSU titles when
      the frame number goes beyond the first PSU. This fix
      should make the "use slow grabbing" checkbox mostly
      useless. It's still there but will likely be dropped in
      future versions.
    - TOC reading with lsdvd and DVD-image mode still accessed
      the physical DVD device instead of the DVD-image directory.
      Thanks for their reports to Triffid hunter and
      <mykhal AT>.
    - Disable multipass transcoding for ffmpeg/h264, since
      transcode currently doesn't support this.
    - lsdvd was used even if it was too old. Thanks for the report
      to Garnet Ulrich <garnet.ulrich AT> and
      Sören Brunk <soerenbrunk AT>.
    - Preferences: base project dir need to be absolute, which is
      checked now in the dialog.
    - Preferences: changed default video codec from 'divx4'
      to 'xvid4' (this was overdue... ;)
    - Consistent button behaviour: all buttons triggering
      actions now grey out if a task is active.
    - Some smaller bugfixes in the cluster mode GUI, inconsistencies
      between GUI and the master's state.
    - Clip & Zoom image windows: recalculate images only if the
      user changed something.
    - Subtitles: "Create VOBSUB now" just works on the currently
      selected subtitle. No need to mark it for vobsub creation
    - Fixed wrong frame counting during ripping, which resulted in
      too big frame numbers and thus incorrect bitrate calculation.
      Thanks to Christian Marillat for reporting this one.
    - Audio channel numbers on the GUI now start at 1, not at 0,
      which is more convenient.
    - Fixed regression: don't ask for project file save on exit
      if just the selected notebook page changed.
    - And a lot of more smaller bugs not counted here...

0.97.6 - [unstable branch] - Tue Jan 3 2005, joern
    - Fixed off by one bugs in viewing angle and chapter
      selection. Thanks for the report to Chandler Carruth
      <chandlerc AT>.
    - Deactivate multipass GUI elements for MPEG encodings.
    - Fixed cluster mode 'dvdrip-exec' bug introduced in 0.97.5.
      Thanks for the report to Karl Kashofer <karl AT>.

0.97.5 - [unstable branch] - Wed Dec 28 2005, joern
    - This version requires Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory 0.59.

    - Set default lame/MP3 quality level to 2 instead of 0,
      which is very slow but without an appropriate quality
      gain. Thanks for the hint to Fridtjof Busse.

    - When ripping a title again the Clip & Zoom was reset
      to 'auto_medium_fast' even if it was changed in the
    - When ripping multiple titles preview images were generated
      only for the first selected title. Thanks for the report
      to Fridtjof Busse.
    - MANIFEST lacked files for dvdrip-tet. Thanks for the
      report to Jacob Joseph <jmjoseph AT>.
    - dvdrip-tet: fixed a typo in "exit afterwards" function.
      Thanks for the report to Fridtjof Busse (again ;)
    - Store LD_ASSUME_KERNEL in tool_version_cache file and
      discard cache if LD_ASSUME_KERNEL changed in the meantime;
      fixes nptl_workaround deadlock problem on Gentoo. Thanks
      to Triffid Hunter for the detailed report.
    - Workaround Locale::TextDomain utf-8 bug, which destroyed
      8 bit characters in the GUI if an utf-8 locale was in effect.
    - Since 0.97.4 all subprocesses were executed with nice
      level 19, the GUI setting was ignored. Thanks for the report
      to Alex <gaaf AT>,

0.97.4 - [unstable branch] - Sun Oct 30 2005, joern
    - Various critical cluster mode fixes (in particular some
      endless loop conditions)
    - Subtitle preview didn't work due to conflicts with
      latest internal API changes.
    - dvd::rip rejected negative vertical subtitle offsets,
      which are absolutely valid. Thanks for the report to
      elerran <elerran AT>.
    - Fixed bug with wrong audio track assignment with
      old tcprobe based TOC reading (new lsdvd mode was not
      affected). Thanks for the report to Markus Frisch
      <markus AT>
    - Volume scanning progress bar didn't work; scanned value
      didn't appear in GUI. Thanks for the report to
      Triffid Hunter.
    - dvdrip-tet crashed if a confirmation request should
      pop up. For know dvdrip-tet just assumes "Yes" to
      the question and continues.

0.97.3 - [unstable branch] - Sun Oct 9 2005, joern
    - This version requires Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory 0.58.
    - New optional dependency: with lsdvd dvd::rip reads
      DVD TOC much faster.
    - Source directory layout changed slightly. All scripts
      and binaries moved into the bin/ subdirectory. All
      additional program files now have a "dvdrip-" prefix,
      the old "dr_" prefix for some binaries was dropped.

    - Subtitle preview images may be grabbed while ripping
      which makes finding the correct subtitles much easier
      since no long-winded preview grabbing has to be done
      later. You can chosse to rip no subs, all of them or
      by language. Aware: your CPU will glow a bit more while
      ripping if you use this feature ;)
    - dvd::rip now has a command line frontend for pure
      transcoding without any GUI: dvdrip-tet (task execution
      terminal). Just execute "dvdrip-tet" to get some help
      about the the command line options.
    - With dvdrip-replex an experimental command line
      application is shipped which does DVD shrinking based
      on a ripped DVD and the corresponding dvd::rip project
      file. Just a prove-of-concept. The functionality will
      be added to the GUI sometimes...
    - Added a simple 'configure' script to fulfill GNU Source
      Installer requirements. Thanks for the suggestion to
      Claudio Fontana <sick_soul AT>.
    - Ported "force slow frame grabbing" feature from 0.52 to
      0.97 branch.
    - Preferences dialog now has a "Cancel" button.
    - Added an "dvd::rip" entry to the dependency table which
      checks whether all dvd::rip command files are found
      in the PATH.

    - Cluster control web service was broken.
    - Applied a patch from Ulrich Spoerlein <q AT>
      removing the -ping option from the ImageMagick "identify"
      calls, since recent ImageMagick versions don't have this
      option anymore.
    - Applied minor patches from Ulrich Spoerlein to improve
      FreeBSD compatability.
    - Parsing output of the ImageMagick identify command was
      broken with specific filenames. Thanks for the report
      to Colin Wheat <cwheat AT>.
    - Dropped "identify -ping" option, since not any longer
      supported with newer versions. Thanks for the report
      to Avinash Chopde <avinash AT>.
    - X(S)VCD processing with manual bitrate setting didn't
      work. Thanks for the report to Ed Doolittle <ed.doolittle
    - dvd::rip dependency check was broken if tools didn't run
      due to NPTL issues. Switching NPTL workaround on/off
      didn't help anymore because the results were cached even
      on that case. Thanks for figuring that out to
      Joe Zbiciak <intvnut AT>.
    - Sightly cluster mode node editor GUI improvements

0.97.2 - [unstable branch] - Mon Aug 1 2005, joern
    - You need at least Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory 0.57. Download from
      here because it may not reached all CPAN sites yet:

    - Ported cluster mode GUI to Gtk2, including a slightly internal
      code redesign of dvdrip-master, which introduces another Perl
      module dependency: Event::RPC 0.84. Download the module from
      CPAN or from the project's homepage:

      I think I fixed a bunch of smaller bugs in the cluster
      mode during the code review and redesign as well... ;)

    - New button "Create project" on Storage page. So we have
      a definitive point when the project was created, after
      that the name may not change again and the data directory
      structure, logfile etc. is created.

    - Preferences: changing DVD mount point and setting a directory
      as the DVD device didn't work. Thanks for the report to
      Christian Marillat.
    - When creating a new project: changing the project name
      was impossible once the name matched an existing project
      name in the dvd::rip data directory.
    - Delete volume rescale when a audio filter is set.
    - Fixed wrong viewing angle mplayer DVD command preset.
      Thanks for the report to Brian J. Murrell <brian AT>
    - Missed log file creation for new projects.
    - Subtitle preview window was broken
    - Bitrate calculation stuff wasn't initialized correctly
      if a default BBP was set in the Preferences

0.97.1 - [unstable branch] - Sat Jul 23 2005, joern
    - Extensive GUI redesign. dvd::rip now uses Gtk2 and
      Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory, so we have new dependencies

      The Perl Gtk2 binding should be part of every modern
      Linux distribution, e.g. Debian has a libgtk2-perl package.
      Otherwise grab it from CPAN (see URL below). I personally
      use version 1.082, but lower versions may work as well.

      Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory is rather new and not yet packaged
      for any Linux distro, at least I'm not aware of. Installation
      is straight forward (perl Makefile.PL && make test && make install).
      Version 0.56 is required.

      You can grab both Gtk2 and Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory from here:

    - A bunch of smaller features / changes, in particular making
      the GUI more comfortable. Too many to list them all, just
      poke around to find them ;)

    - This is an ALPHA release, so please use with care, but *please*
      use it and report any bugs to the dvdrip-users list.
    - The project file format didn't change significantly. Files
      from older dvd::rip versions will just work. Even opening
      files created with 0.97.1 should work in older versions.
      As usual you should make backups nevertheless.
    - The redesign is not yet fully completed. The cluster,
      transcode filter & preview and burning stuff is currently missing.
      Cluster stuff will be added soon, filter stuff a bit later
      and burning stuff probably never: depends on user feedback ;)
    - Only the German translation is complete, other languages
      will follow.
    - The online web documentation still covers the old Gtk1
      based version. This will change with the 0.98 stable release
      based on this 0.97 branch. Since the main functionality didn't
      change much this should be no problem at all.