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This is the change log entry of dvd::rip 0.52 including all patch-releases:

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   0.52.7 - [stable branch] - Sat Mar 18 2006, joern
    - Added a workaround for strange transcode bug with VOB
      directory input
    - Backported NPTL-Workaround-Tool-Version-Caching bugfix
      into stable branch.
    - NPTL Workaround now disabled by default, because it's
      in general not necessary anymore with newer transcode
      releases and makes problems on some platforms.
    - VCD bitrate calculation wasn't accurate, multiplex
      reserve wasn't considered.
    - Adjusted transcode frame count regex to cover new output
      format of transcode 1.1.x as well.
    - Applied a patch from Ulrich Spoerlein <q AT galgenberg.net>
      removing the -ping option from the ImageMagick "identify"
      calls, since recent ImageMagick versions don't have this
      option anymore.
    - Applied minor patches from Ulrich Spoerlein to improve
      FreeBSD compatability.

0.52.6 - [stable branch] - Sat Jul 23 2005, joern
    - Using transcode newer than version 0.6.14 is *not*
      recommended. At least subtitling is broken for
      these versions, and it seems there are still
      several NPTL related issues making problems.

    - Added LD_ASSUME_KERNEL version number entry to the
      Preferences dialog extending the NPTL workaround
      feature introduced in 0.52.4. Initially set to
      version 2.4.30, since this number seems to be more
      appropriate, while the prior 2.2.5 made problems
      at least on Gentoo. Thanks for figuring that out to
      <robert AT firehead.org>.
    - Added a "Force slow grabbing" checkbox to the Clip&Zoom
      page to workaround fast nav seeking problems with
      some DVD's. Suggested by Ivan Villanueva.
    - Updated italian translation by Fabio Russo.

    - Cluster mode: client/server communication didn't work
      if the corresponding machines had different endianess
      (e.g. i686 vs. amd64). Thanks for the report to
      Benjamin Van Laere <B.VanLaere AT unpeu.com>.
    - Cluster mode: ogg/vorbis projects didn't work since
      0.52.5. Thanks for the reports to Sören Brunk
      <soerenbrunk AT gmx.de>, Alexander Skwar <listen AT
      alexander.skwar.name> and Knic Knic <oneeyedelf1 AT
    - Deferred vobsub creation didn't work if dvd::rip was
      configured to exit after transcoding. Thanks to
      Ivan Villanueva <dvdrip AT artificialidea.com> for
      the report.

0.52.5 - [stable branch] - Mon May 16 2005, joern
    - Updated italian translation from Fabio Russo, which was
      *one* minute too late for the 0.52.4 release ;)

    - Cluster mode: merging PSU chunks for a OGG/Vorbis title
      failed due to a dumb typo.

0.52.4 - [stable branch] - Mon May 16 2005, joern
    - Full featured support for BPP (bits per pixel) resp.
      quality based video bitrate calculation (based on a
      request by Daniel Faber <mail AT daniel-faber.de>):
      - Permanent display of the bpp value on the transcode
tab in a combo box
      - BPP value may be edited, video bitrate is recalculated
accordingly, a list of reasonable preset values is
available for convenience. BPP and bitrate follow
changes of the frame size immediately.
      - A new preset "Default BPP" (in the misc section) is used
by default for newly ripped titles once set.
    - Bitrate calculation sheet now shows different calculations
      depending on whether a manual bitrate was set or not.
      Suggested by Daniel Faber.
    - Subtitle preview improved; old tedious test transcoding
      dropped, instead you can open a realtime transcode preview
      window straight from the Subtitle tab without opening
      the transcode Filter dialog first. Movie starts with a
      leadtime of 15 seconds before the first subtitle timestamp.
    - Keyframe interval can be edited on the transcode page.
      transcode defaults internally to 250, now you can change
      this (dvd::rip defaults to 50).
    - Added a patch from Larry Siden <lsiden AT gmail.com>
      which makes dvd::rip compatible with dvdrecord. Just
      select "dvdrecord" as the CD burning command (a
      correspondent preset was added) and dvd::rip will
      generate a proper command line for dvdrecord.
    - Added DVD device placeholder %d to the DVD player command
      template and extended the xine and mplayer default commands
      accordingly. This is necessary if DVD devices located at a
      different path as the /dev/dvd default.
    - dvd::rip now workarounds transcode NPTL bugs by setting
      LD_ASSUME_KERNEL. If you encounter problems with this
      you can switch this off in the Preferences / Misc section.
    - Cluster mode
      - Execute jobs with umask 0002. This helps solving
permission problems, if commands are executed by
different users on the nodes. With this umask the
correponding users merely need to be in the same group.
Based on a request from Triffid Hunter <triffid_hunter
AT funkmunch.net>.
      - Don't log fping command. It's useless and too noisy.
      - Set LD_ASSUME_KERNEL on the nodes as well if set on
the master.

    - mplayer CVS versions are now recognized properly. A
      CVS version always satisfies the dependency module,
      assuming people using CVS versions know what they're
      doing ;) Thanks for reports and hints to Philippe Monroux
      <monroux-listes AT wanadoo.fr>, Christian Marillat and
      Fabio Russo.
    - xvid4conf didn't read the defauls properly from
      ~/.transcode/xvid4.cfg, looks like ~ isn't substituted,
      although this is xvid4conf's own default. Now dvd::rip
      passes the full path.
    - Filters didn't work since 0.52.3. Thanks for the report
      to Christian Marillat.
    - Combo box tooltips didn't appear in the Preferences
    - OGG overhead wasn't calculated correctly if a frame
      range was set. Thanks for the report to Daniel Faber.
    - Filter preview window: fixed a race condition when
      starting transcode; now wait max. 10 seconds on transcode
      startup using a Glib timer. Thanks for the bug report
      to Mathias Anselmann <M.Anselmann AT web.de>.
    - Cluster mode: when merging video chunks of a PSU in an
      OGG/Vorbis project the progress information was missing.

0.52.3 - [stable branch] - Sun Mar 13 2005, joern
    - Updated french translation from Christophe Combelles
      <ccomb AT free.fr>
    - Skip 1st pass (if "reuse log" is checked) even if
      Ogg/Vorbis vbr audio is enabled.

    - PCM passthrough didn't work.
    - Newer transcode release seem not to need -d for
      PCM audio tracks anymore, so it's used only with
      versions < 0.6.13.
    - Mistaken switch to RGB color space if audio only
      filters are added to the filter chain. Reported
      by Dag Rune Sneeggen <contactus AT dudcore.net>.
    - Applied a patch from Fabio Russo fixing a potential
      problem with mplayer playback of DVD titles with
      an audio codec reported by transcode as 'mpeg1',
      although neither Fabio nor I ever had such a DVD
      in the hand ;)
    - Removed POSIX::setlocale(), since it's not necessary
      and probably the reason for a crash on Mandrake.

0.52.2 - [stable branch] - Sun Jan 9 2005, joern
    - Missed adding Italian and Serbin translation files to
      the distribution tarball.

0.52.1 - [stable branch] - Sun Jan 9 2005, joern
    - Italian translation added by Fabio Russo and Costantino.

0.52.0 - [stable branch] - Tue Jan 4 2005, joern
    - This is just a stable release of 0.51.4. Only change
      is that the suggested transcode minimum version is 0.6.14.
    - For changes since the last stable release 0.50.18 please
      refer to the change log entries of the 0.51 branch.


$Id: changes.cipp 981 2002-11-17 17:15:44Z joern $

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