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This is the change log entry of dvd::rip 0.47 including all patch-releases:

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   0.47.12 - Wed 13 Nov 2002, joern
    - Changing mp2 bitrate threw an exception. Thanks for the report
      to Andreas Lemke <andreas.lemke AT epost.de>
    - Transcoding failed, if no subtitles were detected. Also
      reported by Andreas Lemke.
    - Message about wrong transcode version on the subtitle tab
      was too big, the project window needed to grow for it.

0.47.11 - Tue 12 Nov 2002, joern
    - Actual transcode pre-0.6.2 snapshots have a bug in cluster
      mode, which destroys A/V sync, while transcode 0.6.1 works
      fine. The next transcode snapshot should fix that issue.
      Until that happens I suggest using 0.6.1 for cluster

    - Reorganized the video options widgets on the transcode tab
      a bit. Makes more sense now, in my opinion.
    - Menu entry "Operate/Create dvdrip-info file" (dvdrip-info
      file is by default created when you start transcoding).
    - Information about subtitles added to the dvdrip-info file.

    - The subtitle grabbing frame/timecode entry rejected
      timecode values.
    - Autoadjust presets failed, when the movie had unusual
      frame sizes (mostly this happened, if the preview frame
      was a bad choice, e.g. it's mostly black. Then letterbox
      detection didn't work properly and dvd::rip's autoadjust
      mechanism bailed out).
    - Subtitle sort order in selection popup was alphanumeric.
    - Subtitle preview grabbing still didn't work if the
      selection popup wasn't touched after ripping.
    - Pressing the "Scan volume" button did nothing if the
      title wasn't ripped, instead of telling the user, *that*
      the title isn't ripped ;) Thanks for the report to
      Chris Jensen <chris AT drspirograph.com>.
    - Cluster mode:
      - Nodes stopped by hand, didn't get online anymore
after starting them again.
      - Nodes' "stopped" state wasn't restored properly in
case of a dvdrip-master restart.

0.47.10 - Wed 06 Nov 2002, joern
    - DVD mounting only for copying the IFO files, not for TOC
      reading and ripping. Because the mount may make problems
      (if your system isn't configured properly), this reduces
      the harm a bit, because only the IFO files will be missing.
      This affects vobsub subtitle generation only, everything
      else will work as usual.

    - IFO file copying didn't work, if the DVD wasn't mounted
    - Fractional volume rescale values were rejected. Thanks for
      the report to Laurent Grawet.

0.47.9 - Fri 01 Nov 2002, joern
    - Spaces in the frame range entries produced illegal transcode
      options. Reported by Andrea Carpani <ancarpan AT tiscalinet.it>.
    - All entry fields are now syntax checked (e.g. non-digits
      are rejected when a number is expected).
    - When ripping multiple titles or chapters, dvd::rip calculated
      6 GB x (number of titles/chapters) as the assumed disk space,
      instead of assuming 6 GB once. Reported by Michel Alexandre
    - Cancelling a rip after a disk usage warning didn't set
      the ripping GUI sensitive again.
    - Cluster mode: switch node state from offline to online after
      a 20 second delay (a booting machine answeres ping requests
      some time before the ssh daemon is up - this way the system
      has 20 seconds to start the ssh daemon after starting the
      network; this should suffice). Requested by Matthias Kukuk
      <m.kukuk AT gmx.de>
    - AC3 audio tab was always active, even if the selected audio
      channel was no AC3.
    - Ripping didn't work, when the DVD wasn't mounted by the user

0.47.8 - Wed 30 Oct 2002, joern
    - Fixed a typo which breaks subtitle transcoding. Thanks to
      Paul Gohn <pgohn AT nexgo.de> for the report and
      William Hawkins <whawkins AT vt.edu> for the fix.

0.47.7 - Tue 29 Oct 2002, joern
    - Added another RPM spec file RedHat-Rawhide-Video-DVDRip.spec.
      Sorry for my ignorance, but I don't understand anything of
      RPM spec files and don't why or whether they are really distro
      specific or not. I just add them, if I get them. This one
      was sent by Ragnar Kjørstad <dvdrip AT ragnark.vestdata.no>.

    - The "dvd mount point" check in the preferences dialog didn't
      work reliably with all distributions, so I dropped it (resp.
      the existence of the mount point is checked only). Thanks
      to Douglas Bollinger for the report.
    - dvd::rip now checks the mount state of the DVD reliably
      and really mounts the DVD only, if it isn't mounted yet
      (considering automounters, which were problematic). Thanks
      to Davide Ferrari for the bug report.

0.47.6 - Mon 28 Oct 2002, joern
    - From now on dvd::rip needs to know the mount point of your
      DVD device. So open the preferences dialog and enter your
      mount point there. Also the DVD must be mountable by the
      user who executes dvd::rip.
    - To get vobsub support you must re-read the TOC from your DVD.
      (which nukes your settings of the project - sorry, but it's
       a beta release).

    - Subtitles: dvd::rip now creates vobsub files, which can be
      played with mplayer, using Arne Driescher's subtitle2vobsub.
      Splitting is considered, you get one vobsub per splitted file.
      You can create the vobsub by pressing the appropriate button
      on the Subtitle tab, or by checking "Create later after
      transcoding". Chapter mode isn't supported. Cluster mode support
      will follow (you can start vobsub creation from dvd::rip's
      Operate menu after transcoding with the cluster). A .rar file is
      created, if rar is present on your system. You need a recent
      mplayer (I use 0.90pre9) to play rar-vobsub files. Attention:
      your rar binary *must not* be newer than 2.x (3.x isn't
      supported by mplayer; I use rar 2.71 with success here).
      It's hard to find such an old version, so you can grab it
      from here: http://www.exit1.org/dvdrip/contrib/rarlnx271.sfx.bin
      Thanks to Arne for the hint about rar-vobsub and again for
      his great subtitleripper package. You can play a vobsub with
      these mplayer options:

      mplayer -vobsub movie-001-sid02 movie-001.avi

      (In this example the vosub file(s) are "movie-001-sid02.rar"
       resp. "movie-001-sid02.{ifo,sub,idx}")

    - IFO files: dvd::rip copies the .ifo files into the project's
      tmp/ifo directory when reading the TOC.
    - Disc size popup became a combo box, so you can enter arbitrary
      disc sizes (for customized splitting, e.g. if you want to
      leave space for other stuff, you want to put on the CD's).
    - dvd::rip prints a warning message if you use RH 8.0 without
      the PERLIO=stdio environment variable set. Requested by
      Michael Mason <mgm AT eskimoman.net>. NEEDS TESTING, please
      report to dvdrip-user, whether this works!

    - transcode supports rendering subtitles only with -x vob, that
      means I had to switch off rendering support for on-the-fly
      and dvd-image-ripping. Creating vobsub's work for all modes.
    - Subtitle grabbing didn't work for titles which have only one
      subtitle, or if you never explicetely selected a subtitle from
      the popup. You must re-read the TOC for the fix to take effect.
      Thanks to Michèl Alexandre Salim for the extensive bug report.
    - When ripping on-thy-fly or from an DVD image, the "Rip" button
      is disabled instead of alter it to a "Volume scan" button.
      Volume scanning can be done on the Transcode tab, so this function
      is rather confusing on the Rip tab.
    - When zoom width/height were empty, dvd::rip produced illegal
      fast resizing transcode options.
    - CD burning: list of files was refreshed when entering the
      transcode tab instead of the burn tab.
    - dvd::rip crashed on first startup, when no ~/.dvdriprc file
      was present. Thanks to Davide Ferarri for the detailed report.

0.47.5 - Wed 16 Oct 2002, joern
    - Extensive support for rendering subtitles on the movie
      (creating vobsub files is prepared, not yet implemented
      but coming soon). Subtitle stuff is on its own tab, documentation
      will follow. You need at least transcode for this
      to work. For existent projects you must re-read the DVD TOC,
      because subtitle-detection is done here. Also you need a recent
      CVS version of subtitle2pgm from Arne Driescher's subtitleripper
      package. You can find it on his project homepage:


      If you're unfamilar with CVS: I put a snapshot together of the
      version I'm currently using. You can find it here:


      Thanks a lot to Arne, who added some features on my request
      to make it work seamlessly with dvd::rip.
      dvd::rip's subtitle support isn't finished yet, a few things
      could be improved, e.g. the suggestion functions should be
      capable of addding black bars in the clip1 stage or addding black
      bars in clip2 for 4:3 movies etc. Stay tuned.
    - When transcoding a .dvdrip-info file is generated, which
      contains some interesting technical information about the
      created movie file. Thanks to Moritz Bunkus for this
    - Use a notebook for the different audio codecs supported by
      dvd::rip, instead of struggling around with making widgets
      sensitive when possible. This makes things much clearer and
      is more flexible, because audio options can differ much more,
      depending on the selected codec. Also pages of codecs, which
      aren't supported with the current settings, are hided instead
      of making them unsensitive.
    - DVD audio popup now shows "=> skip" for audio tracks, which
      are not selected for transcoding. I had some reports of users
      regarding wrong transcoded audio channels, but in fact they
      missed activating the desired audio track correctly. I hope
      such misunderstandings don't happen anymore now.
    - Status bar shows free disk space, when idle.
    - Free disk space is checked before starting a job which
      needs some. dvd::rip currently doesn't know in advance
      how much space a ripped title will need. As a thumb rule
      dvd::rip warns if less than 6GB are available. Space
      checking applies to standard mode only, not cluster mode.
    - After an intensive mailing list discussion about the correct
      file extension for OGG files containing video tracks
      (.ogg vs .ogm), I yielded to Roland Seuhs arguments and
      decided that .ogm is now the default file extension for OGG
      files. You can change this in the preference dialog, if you
      prefer .ogg (or an arbitrary different file extension...)
    - CD burning / cdrdao command: if the configured cdrdao command
      contains the 'write' option already, dvd::rip doesn't add
      it again. This way you can provide specific cdrdao options.
      (cdrdao expects 'write' as the first parameter). Thanks
      to Christian Herrmann <paras.rasmatazz AT t-online.de> for
      the hint 
    - Added a rpmspecs/ folder in the distribution, which currently
      contains RPM spec files for SuSE 8.0 and RedHat 8.0. I doesn't
      maintain all of these files personally, e.g. version numbers
      may be outdated or something like that. But I hope they are
      useful anyway. Thanks to Michèl Alexandre Salim <salimma1
      AT yahoo.co.uk>, who provided the RedHat and to Rainer Lay
      Lay for the SuSE file.

    - Clip&Zoom video preview command did not appear in the
      logfile. Thanks to Michael Bushey for the report.
    - Not enough: Clip&Zoom video preview didn't even work from
      ripped VOB's. Same report by Michael Bushey.
    - Add. transcode options weren't passed through when
      transcoding audio for multiple audio tracks (e.g. -D to
      correct A/V sync mismatch). Thanks to Clint Silvester
      <clint AT focuscompanies.com> for his report.
    - Clipping didn't work if clip entries were empty (which
      should be interpreted as 0 instead). Reported by Michael
    - Audio size calculation on transcode tab wasn't correct
      (calculated base 1024 instead 1000), but the correct value
      was used for video bitrate calculation.
    - When changing from mp3 to vorbis dvd::rip automatically
      choose vorbis for additional tracks on the GUI, but this
      wasn't stored internally, so generated transcode commands
      still had mp3 options. Reported by edaniel <edaniel AT
    - Titles with no target audio track threw an exception in
      cluster mode. As long as the cluster doesn't support this,
      dvd::rip prevents adding such a title to a cluster. Reported
      by Rainer Lay.

0.47.4 - Sun 6 Oct 2002, joern
    - On the fly CD burning didn't work (fortunately without
      destroying the CD...).
    - Updated RPM spec file which now considers pstree for
      standard mode.

0.47.3 - Sun 6 Oct 2002, joern
    - dvd::rip now generally depends on 'pstree' not only in
      cluster mode
    - Red Hat 8.0's Perl distribution has a bug regarding
      pipes using non-blocking I/O. dvd::rip doesn *not* work
      with RH 8.0 due to this. Refer to the news entry 2002/10/06
      on http://www.exit1.org/dvdrip/ for details.

    - Simple CD burning facility. Supports ISO, VCD2 and SVCD
      types. Needs mkisofs, cdrecord for ISO operation and
      vcdimager, cdrdao for (S)VCD operation.
      All commands can and must be configured in the global
      preferences. cdrecord and cdrdao must be able to operate
      as a normal user resp. the user who executes dvd::rip.
      cdrecord must either be set-uid-root or executed through
      xcdrwrap from an existent xcdroast installation. cdrdao
      must be set-uid-root or the CD burner device file must
      be writable by the user who executes dvd::rip.
      Warning: currently *no* special checking beside existence
      of the needed tools is done, so use this on your own risk.
      Try burning in "test mode" first. I tested this with
      * cdrecord 1.11a31
      * cdrdao 1.1.5
      * mkisofs 1.15a29
      * vcdimager 0.7.12
      and don't know if other versions work, too.
    - Debugging window shows CD burning commands for the selected
      file entries.
    - Global preferences now splitted into several pages of
      a notebook widget. Added a simple checking of the specified
      values, e.g. if the DVD device and default project directory
      are writable, or if specified tools exist.
    - New preference: ogg file extension. Suggested by Moritz Bunkus.
      dvd::rip defauls to '.ogg', but you can switch to '.ogm' or
      arbitrary extensions, if this makes using the files more
      comfortable for you.
    - Added a rpm spec file Video-DVDRip.spec, so you can simply
      build a .rpm archive from the .tar.gz using 
      > rpm -ta Video-DVDRip-0.XX.tar.gz
      Thanks to Rainer Ley for the spec file template.
    - Button "Nuke log file" on logging tab, which resets the
      log file.
    - dvd::rip now opens the preferences dialog, if no ~/.dvdriprc
      is found resp. on first startup.

    - PSU core setting was ignored when adding add. audio-tracks,
      reported by Lethal Weapon <lethalwp AT tiscali.be>
    - Window title was not cleared, if a project was closed,
      reported by Fabio Russo

0.47.2 - Mon 30 Sep 2002, joern
    - File format changed slightly, but is backward compatible.
      dvd::rip prints a short message when converting an older
      file to the new format.

    - Experimental OGG/Vorbis audio support. If you choose
      Vorbis as an audio codec, the result will be a .ogm
      file with DivX/Xvid/whatever video and Vorbis audio
      (so this implicetely switches the resulting file container
      format from AVI to OGG - which will become an explicite
      option, once OGG support is more complete).

      Splitting is supported. Cluster mode support available only
      for movies with one PSU. Movies with more than one PSU will be
      supported when ogmtools provide a program for concatenating
      OGG streams. Multiple audio tracks are supported, but you
      currently can't mix mp3/ac3/vorbis codecs for the same title.
      (mp3/ac3 is supported by ogmtools, but without A/V sync).
      You need ogmtools 0.950 and transcode 0.6.1 for the whole
      thing to work. You can get ogmtools here:


      Thanks to Moritz Bunkus for writing ogmtools and answering
      my questions.

    - when opening a project file, dvd::rip now selects
      automatically the tab which was selected when the file
      was saved.
    - new dvdrip command line options "-f {transcode|transcode_split}"
      and "-t title-nr" to select a title of a given project file
      on startup and transcode (and optionally split) it.
      dvd::rip exits after finishing, so this can be used for
      simple batch transcoding a bunch of projects/titles, if
      cluster mode is no option for you (e.g. in case of NTSC movies).
      Thanks to Rainer Lay for his suggestion.

      Example: dvdrip -t 1 -f transcode_split movie.rip

    - Cluster mode: if a frame range was set, dvdrip-master
      crashed with a fatal error (transcoding a frame range
      is still not supported with cluster mode, but really no
      need for dvdrip-master to crash here... ;)

0.47.1 - Sun 29 Sep 2002, joern
    - Progress information was messed up when transcoding
      chapters from a DVD image or when doing direct DVD
      transcoding. Because dvd::rip can't know the chapter
      length in advance in this case, now no progress information
      is printed (no percent/eta), only fps and elapsed time.
      Thanks to David Rosky <d_rosky AT nccn.net> for his
      detailed bug report.
    - Chapter mode: ripping progress is related to the length
      of the title, what is confusing if not all chapters are
      selected. For single chapter ripping now no percent/eta
      progress is printed anymore. Reported by David Rosky.
    - Cluster mode: node test didn't work (stalled). Thanks for
      the report to Fabio Russo <f.russo AT anthesia.it>.


$Id: changes.cipp 981 2002-11-17 17:15:44Z joern $

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