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This is the change log entry of dvd::rip 0.48 including all patch-releases:

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   0.48.8 - [stable branch] - Mon 06 Jan 2003, joern
    - Clip & Zoom: width and height of zoom/clip2 stages didn't
      update correctly if no zoom was set. Thanks for the report
      to Joakim Verona <joakim AT verona.se>.

0.48.7 - [stable branch] - Mon 06 Jan 2003, joern
    - CD size wasn't set in (S)VCD transcode command. Reported
      by Markus Dewerny <dewerny AT web.de> and Dirk Aust
      <dirk_aust AT gmx.de>.

0.48.6 - [stable branch] - Fri 13 Dec 2002, joern
    - Fixed a typo in the vcdimager command (which didn't affect
      proper operation on my system, but it was anyway a typo ;)
      Thanks for report and fix to Tom Vijlbrief <tom.vijlbrief
      AT ision.nl>
    - Using "Create vobsub now" threw an exception due to a missing
      avi directory. Thanks to Eckehardt Luhm <bselu AT web.de>.

0.48.5 - [stable branch] - Sat 7 Dec 2002, joern
    - 0.48.3 introduced a bug which prevents multiple audio
      tracks with OGG/Vorbis. Thanks to Lethal Weapon for
      the report.

0.48.4 - [stable branch] - Wed 4 Dec 2002, joern
    - Fixed a dumb bug, where dvd::rip complained about a missing
      avi directory when transcoding a title the first time.
      Thanks for the report to Florin Andrei (I'm wondering why
      nobody found this bug earlier - it should exist since version
      0.47.5 - anyway, now it's fixed ;)

0.48.3 - [stable branch] - Tue 3 Dec 2002, joern
    - dvd::rip now checks on startup if you're using Perl 5.8
      without having PERLIO=stdio set. If yes, dvd::rip sets
      the variable for you and restarts. (This bug is already
      reported to the Perl developers and hopefully fixed
      soon, so dvd::rip can drop this workaround somedays).

    - Adding additional audio tracks didn't work for DVD image
      and on-the-fly transcoding. Reported by Matthias Hennemann
      <Matthias.Hennemann AT Organik.Uni-Erlangen.DE>
    - Free diskspace wasn't printed before ripping. Reported
      by Florin Andrei.
    - Fixed a possible bug regarding proper ac3 audio codec
      detection which probably depends on the used libdvdread
      version. Thanks to Ronny Buchmann <ronny-transcode AT
      vlugnet.org> who reported a bug in dvd::rip's automatic file
      conversion, which is most likely a consequence of an
      failed ac3 detection.

0.48.2 - [stable branch] - Sun 24 Nov 2002, joern
    - transcode 0.6.2 changed its progress output for transcoding
      frames ranges. dvd::rip didn't show a valid progress bar
      due to that. Thanks for the report to Florin Andrei.

0.48.1 - [stable branch] - Sat 23 Nov 2002, joern
    - transcode 0.6.2 was released on 22. November. dvd::rip
      works with all 0.6 releases, but 0.6.2 is recommended.
      dvd::rip disables some features for smaller versions.

    - Added 64 kbit/s audio bitrate preset entry. Suggested by
      Miguel J. Jimenez <cactus_espinado AT yahoo.es>
    - ffmpeg video codec setting adjusted to the new ffmpeg
      interface of transcode 0.6.2. Thanks for the hint to
      Stefano <stefano AT symbola.it>
    - subtitleripper version is now checked, a correspondent
      note is printed, if a version smaller than 0.3 is detected.
      Arne Driescher build a transcode independent tarball
      of this release, which you can get from Sourceforge:

    - Burning tab: label information followed file selection only
      on the GUI, but old values were used internally.
    - IFO file copying didn't work for DVD image projects. Thanks
      for the report to Arne Driescher.
    - thranduil <thranduil AT free.fr> reported that dvd::rip's
      vcdimager command works only with long options. I can't
      reproduce this, but I switched over to the long options,
      just to be sure.

0.48.0 - [stable branch] - Sun 17 Nov 2002, joern
    - transcode is the recommended version for
      this release. 0.6.0 and 0.6.1 still work, but dvd::rip
      lacks features with them, e.g. subtitle support.
    - From 0.47.6 on dvd::rip needs to know the mount point of your
      DVD device. So open the preferences dialog and enter your
      mount point there. Also the DVD must be mountable by the
      user who executes dvd::rip.
    - File format changed slightly with 0.47.2, but is backward
      compatible. dvd::rip prints a short message when converting
      an older file to the new format.
    - Version numbering changes with this release. It follows
      the common MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH scheme. Two branches are
      distuingished using the MINOR number: the stable branch
      uses even numbers, the unstable odd. So the next stable
      release is 0.50.0, bugfixes on 0.48.0 will be numbered 
      0.48.1, 0.48.2 etc and the next unstable branch is 0.49.1,
      0.49.2 etc.
    - Read all change log entries of 0.47 to see what changed
      in detail since 0.46.

    - Fixed a "division by zero" bug on Clip & Zoom tab.
    - Subtitles: test transcoding threw an exception, if no
      preview images were grabbed. Reported by Andreas Lemke.


$Id: changes.cipp 981 2002-11-17 17:15:44Z joern $

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