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This is the change log entry of dvd::rip 0.49 including all patch-releases:

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   0.49.13 - [unstable branch] - Sat 08 Feb 2003, joern
    - A more sophisticated dependency check. A new window (menu item
      "Debug/Check dependencies") lists all needed tools with
      minimum, suggested and installed version numbers. On startup
      dvd::rip opens this window with a corresponding error message,
      if a mandatory tool is missing. Optional modules are disabled,
      if the correspondent tool isn't installed (affects subtitles,
      (S)VCD, OGG/Vorbis and CD burning).
    - Filter & preview: an activated subtitle rendering (from the
      Subtitle page) is passed through, so this is a better option to
      test your subtitle settings - compared to the slow test
      transcoding facility on the Subtitle page.
    - PSU core is enabled by default only for NTSC movies which
      have more than one PSU. Thanks for this suggestion to Florin.
    - Full volume scanning support in chapter mode. A patch from
      Kianusch Sayah Karadji.

    - Filter preview: transcode has to be started with -u 1,
      otherwise pause/undo jumps between different frames. Thanks
      to Tilmann for the hint.
    - Enabled nice for all cluster jobs (was enabled only for video
      transcoding). Reported by Michael Dratz <midra AT web.de>.
    - A uncaught exception was thrown, if dvd::rip couldn't connect
      to a remote cluster master daemon. Reported by Fabio Russo.

0.49.12 - [unstable branch] - Thu 06 Feb 2003, joern
    - Reading TOC threw an exception, reported by Tilmann.
    - Opening a filter preview frame with a freshly ripped
      title segfaulted transcode, because the preview buffer
      size was empty. Now it's 20 by default.
    - Stopping a paused preview window didn't close the window.

0.49.11 - [unstable branch] - Thu 06 Feb 2003, joern
    - Filter & Preview enabled only for transcode >= 0.6.3 stable.

    - Added a warning message about non-standard (S)VCD frame sizes.
    - SVCD video framerate is now limited to a maximum of 2600
      (overall bitrate as supplied before is limited to 2748).
    - Added Open/Close DVD/Burner tray buttons on Title and Burn pages.
      Based on a patch from Kianusch Sayah Karadji <kianusch AT
      sk-tech.net>. You need to configure your "burner device" in the
      Preferences and must have the 'eject' command installed on your
    - Special support for logo, logoaway and mask filters: you
      can select a rectangular area on the preview window and
      the corresponding position / size values are automatically
      filled into the entries on the GUI. For PRE filters (currently
      mask only), the coordinates are transformed correctly - needed
      because the preview window shows the POST result, while the
      filter expects PRE coordinates (prior clipping and resizing).
      Also in YUV mode dvd::rip takes care, that the values are even.
    - File selection dialog for filename filter options.
    - YUV is automatically disabled, if you have a filter which
      supports RGB only (indeed, currently all transcode filters
      support YUV) or if you crop or resize with odd values.
      So now there is no need for the "YUV internal" checkbox to
      come back.
    - Filter preview loops, if end of the movie or frame range
      is reached.
    - Applying filters in pause mode enabled again - also the "Undo"
      button is back. You need transcode 0.6.3 with this patch
      from Tilmann: (to be applied on vanilla 0.6.3)
    % cd transcode-0.6.3
    % patch -p1 < tc-0.6.3-preview-pause.patch
    - Multiple instances of the same filter are now fully supported.

    - VCD Clip&Zoom presets didn't produce correct aspect ratio.
      Thanks for the hint to Simone Lehmann <simone AT lisanet.de>.
    - Quotes in the project name resp. project paths confuse
      dvd::rip. The path fields on the storage page now reject
      a bunch of special characters, as a first bugfix. Thanks for
      the report to Spencer Ogden <spencero AT mail.utexas.edu>.
    - Added mpeg2enc options "-I 0 -p" for NTSC 23.976 fps movies,
      because otherwise A/V sync is messy. Thanks for the hint
      to Andrew Ukrainec <ukrainec AT sympatico.ca>.
    - Closing the "Configure filter" window when a preview
      window was playing, didn't close the preview window
    - PSU core disabled for filter preview, because the generated
      transcode command doesn't work with it. Thanks for the
      report to Douglas Bollinger.
    - GUI for filters with no options (e.g. dilyuvmmx) was messed up.
    - Changing some filter frame range options didn't work.
    - Some legal fractional values were rejected by dvd::rip's
      value check module.
    - Fixed a typo on the burning page. Thanks to Yves Duret
      <yves AT zarb.org>.

0.49.10 - [unstable branch] - Tue 28 Jan 2003, joern
    - transcode filter description cache is automatically
      refreshed not only when transcode was updated, but
      also when the corresponding dvd::rip module changed.

    - A broken .dvdriprc file could crash dvd::rip with a
      confusing error message. Now a better error message
      is printed, which suggests to remove the broken file.
    - Filter & Preview:
      - Options of 'logo' filter were not recognized correctly.
Reported by Tilmann.
      - Adding 'logoaway' filter threw an exception. In general
some filters with checkbox options didn't work correctly.
Also reported by Tilmann.
      - Parameter passing for filter options with multiple values
didn't work.
      - Broken filter default setting parser removed. Now
String::Scanf is used, which is copied into dvd::rip's
library tree, to keep the dependencies low.
      - transcode currently doesn't support reliably to apply filter
changes in paused mode, so this isn't possible on the GUI
anymore. The "Undo" button became useless due to that, so it
was also removed. Now everything that's possible, should
work as expected ;)
      - Closing the preview window now works and stops the
corresponding transcode process cleanly.
Note: you need to patch your transcode for that. Download
(from Tilmann) and and apply it with
    % cd transcode-0.6.3-20030123
    % patch -p1 < tc-20030123-preview-close.patch
Any newer snapshot as 0.6.3-20030123 should have that
patch included, soon. Older unpatched versions show the
same erroneous behaviour - so don't close the preview
window with them and use the 'O' button instead.

0.49.9 - [unstable branch] - Mon 27 Jan 2003, joern
    - A new experimental dialog "Configure filters". All filters
      supported by transcode's new socket interface are available
      here for configuration. You need at least transcode
      for it. But it's not only a comprehensive configuration
      dialog - you have a live preview window and can check your
      changes in realtime WYSIWYG - it's really cool, guys. Thanks
      to Tilmann, who implemented the transcode part and send me
      patches immediately after my bug reports ;) Currently there
      is no documentation, hopefully the GUI is somewhat self-
      explanatory. Nevertheless: a short quick start guide:
      - click "Configure filters & preview" on the transcode page
      - double click on the "invert" filter in the left filter list
      - click on the ">" (Play) Button
      - a preview window opens, showing the movie inverted
      - disable the "Enable filter" checkbox
      - click on "A" (Apply) - the movie immediately gets
normal again
      - any filter setting changes can be applied in realtime
by clicking on the "A" button at any time.
      - click on the "||" (Pause) button
      - now you can navigate through transcode's internal preview
buffer (you can modify the size of this buffer with the
first entry in the "Preview settings" frame). "<<" and ">>"
navigate by frame, "<<<" and ">>>" usually by 5 frames
(resp. higher values for higher buffer sizes). You get green
frames, if you access parts of the buffer, which aren't
filled yet.
      - in pause mode:
- change a filter setting
- click on "A" (Apply)
- the current picture is rendered with the new setting
- now click on "U" (Undo)
- the picture before you applied the last time is restored.
  This way you easily can compare two filter settings.
- (see note about this in the "Known bugs" section beyond).
      - the preview window runs with maximum speed. You can slow
done resp. speed up again using the "-" and "+" buttons.
      - click on "O" (Stop) to close the preview window
    - Dropped "Antialias" setting on transcode page. It's seldom
      used and you still can enable it using the new filters
      dialog (videocore filter, -C option).
    - Progress information for chapter ripping. dvd::rip uses
      dvdxchap, which is part of ogmtools, to get the chapter
      lengths. If you don't have ogmtools installed, dvd::rip
      falls back to the old bevhaviour showing no ripping progress
      for chapters.

    Known bugs:
    - For some reasons the pp filter doesn't work with the
      filter configuration dialog. Have to debug this.
    - Just closing the preview window doesn't really stop the
      process, you anyway must hit the stop button. Sometimes
      you even must kill transcode processes by hand, if you
      closed the preview window. Have to discuss this with Tilmann.
    - Multiple applying and undoing settings on a paused frame is
      cumulative. Also a subject of discussion with Tilmann ;)
    - transcode supports adding some filters multiple times. Due
      to a bug in transcode (or in dvd::rip - not figured out finally)
      this doesn't work with transcode, so it's
      disabled on dvd::rip's GUI until it works.

    - Reduce disc size passed to avisplit/ogmsplit to decrease
      the risk of a oversized file. Thanks to Felix Knecht
      <felixknecht AT web.de> and Julio Sánchez for report and
    - Adding (S)VCD projects to cluster using the menu entry
      isn't possible anymore - (S)VCD is not supported by 
      cluster mode. The corresponding button was disabled, but
      the menu entry not.
    - Remove trailing whitespace from path's on the storage page.
      This makes pasting from an xterm easier, if the buffer
      contains a trailing newline. Requested by Tilmann Bitterberg.
    - Subtitle preview grabbing threw an exception.

0.49.8 - [unstable branch] - Mon 13 Jan 2003, joern
    - Frame range "end" entry didn't work anymore. Christoph's
      frame range patch of 0.49.7 was correct, but I applied an
      erroneous "optimization" ;)
    - Fixed a typo: preset "SVCD 16:9 anamorph, PAL" actually is
      "SVCD anamorph, PAL".

0.49.7 - [unstable branch] - Mon 13 Jan 2003, joern
    - From now on dvd::rip insists on Perl >= 5.6.0. Older
      versions don't provide the syntactic sugar I like.
    - Added a COPYRIGHT file, with references to all developers
      who contributed patches and share the copyright.

    - Multiple audio track support for SVCD (you get a warning
      if you select more than two tracks, because this isn't
      standard conform).
    - A new checkbox "Use range" on the Transcode page enables
      considerung a given frame range for video bitrate
      calculation. This was implemented by Christoph Bartoschek
      <bartoschek AT gmx.de>.
    - Single instance windows now pop up into foreground if
      opened again. A patch from Matthias Riese.
    - DVD TOC occupies now all space available. Again a patch
      from Matthias Riese.
    - Burn page filename list occupies now all space available.
      Yet another a patch from Matthias Riese ;)

    - Removed any conditional code for transcode versions < 0.6.2.
      This fixed also a missing "--print_status 20" transcode
      parameter, which increased video transcoding load
      unnecessarily. Thanks for the report to Vlad Spichek
      <spy AT mbox.ath.cx>.
    - According to a hint from Julio Sánchez mpeg2enc's -S
      parameter is set to 10000 for non-splitting operation,
      because mpeg2enc splits by default at 700 MB.
    - smartdeinter setting wasn't restored after opening a
      project file. Reported by Christian Lambert.
    - Adjusted smartdeinter settings according to a suggestion
      of Christian Lambert:
      -J smartdeinter=threshold=10:Blend=1:diffmode=2:highq=1
    - Frame range: entering illegal ranges (start > end) is
      prevented now. Thanks for the report to Christoph Bartoschek.
    - Most 'focus-out' handlers are 'changed' handlers again.
      Transfering changes to the internal object data structure on
      focus-out is confusing resp. sometimes user has to click
      somewhere to trigger it explicitly. Reported by Florin Andrei.
    - Burning tab: some unusal named (S)VCD image files weren't
      recognized correctly.
    - Preferences: ffmpeg4 preset became ffmpeg. Setting 'ffmpeg'
      from preferences didn't set af6/ffmpeg codec to 'mpeg4'
      automatically. Reported by Christian Lambert.
    - Added fail safe code for a possible "illegal by division by
      zero" condition in bitrate calculator. Reported by Christoph
    - "View AVI" was too fuzzy regarding filename globbing (.mpg
      files were included). Reported by Markus Dewerny.

0.49.6 - [unstable branch] - Tue 7 Jan 2003, joern
    - WAV creation command now printed in the debugging window.

    - WAV creation resulted in white noise for lpcm tracks.
      Thanks for the report to Damien Covey <djcovey AT
    - WAV creation didn't worked for Chapter mode. Also reported
      by Damien Covey.

0.49.5 - [unstable branch] - Mon 6 Jan 2003, joern
    - rar command (for vobsub compression) is now configurable.
      Suggested by Mikkel Mondrup Kristensen <mikkel AT tdx.dk>.

    - CD size wasn't set in (S)VCD transcode command. Reported
      by Markus Dewerny <dewerny AT web.de> and Dirk Aust
      <dirk_aust AT gmx.de>.
    - Clip & Zoom: width and height of zoom/clip2 stages didn't
      update correctly if no zoom was set. Thanks for the report
      to Joakim Verona <joakim AT verona.se>.

0.49.4 - [unstable branch] - Wed 1 Jan 2003, joern
    - WAV generation of the selected audio track. You find a
      correspondent entry in the "Operate" menu. The file is
      created in the project's avi/ directory. Requested by
      Thibaut Cousin <cousin AT in2p3.fr> and Marc Dirix
      <dirixmjm AT home.nl>. Thanks to Tillmann Bitterberg
      <transcode AT tibit.org>, who posted the shortest transcode
      command for this ;)
    - Percentage log messages of previous dvd::rip versions are
      back again (disappeared accidentally some versions ago).
      Requested by Fred Beondo <bl8206 AT mindspring.com>.

    - Fixed a typo on the transcode tab. Thanks to Jochen Puchalla
      <mail AT puchalla-online.de>.
    - Spaces in directories / filenames (project base directory,
      vob/avi/tmp etc.) are not allowed, because they make problems
      with transcode and other tools. Thanks to David Legg
      <david_legg AT tiscali.co.uk>.
    - Changing the project name resp. project path after reading TOC
      isn't possible anymore, because this confuses dvd::rp, which
      can't find the files anymore. Thanks to Fabio Russo.
    - Closing a new project after reading TOC didn't open a save
      file dialog (because after TOC reading the project is saved
      to tmp/backup.rip already).
    - Cluster mode: dvdrip-master ignored configured nodes as long
      as no project ever was added to the cluster. Thanks for some
      hard investigation work to Wolfgang Schricker <wols AT wols.org>.
    - Added a fail safe check in file conversion.

0.49.3 - [unstable branch] - Sun 29 Dec 2002, joern
    - File conversion didn't work for all older files, due to a bug
      in the version comparison routine.

0.49.2 - [unstable branch] - Sun 29 Dec 2002, joern
    - File format changed and isn't backward compatible. Old project
      files are autoconverted, but older dvd::rip versions can't open
      files saved with this version.
    - dvd::rip insists on transcode 0.6.2 from now on.

    - Major internal code cleanup, hopefully without introducing too
      many bugs.
    - Added OGG/Vorbis video bitrate optimization. First all audio
      tracks are transcoded, after that the real audio size is known
      so the video bitrate can be adjusted accordingly. Correspondent
      messages appear in the log. This works in standard and cluster
      mode. Thanks to Moritz Bunkus, Markus Liebl and xercist for
      suggestions and discussion.
    - PCM passthrough (for AVI only). Requested long time ago by
      Jamie Manley <jamie AT homebrewcomputing.com> and xercist.
    - Support for transcode's smartdeinter deinterlacing filter. This
      switches off YUV mode, because this filter supports only RGB
      (it's rather slow but has good quality). Requested by Christian
      Lambert, Florin Andrei and others.
    - Slightly cluster mode optimization: master node's state is never
      'offline' or 'unknown', and the node isn't fping'ed anymore.

    - Adjusted (S)VCD bitrate overhead calculation (mpeg2enc's -B
      parameter) to audio + 2% of overall stream (was 1%), because
      1% seems to be underestimated in general.
    - (S)VCD disc size calculation didn't consider the per disc
      overhead of 600 sectors. Again thanks to Julio Sánchez.
    - Vorbis sample rate conversion didn't work.
    - transcoding to OGG without audio didn't work. Thanks for the
      report to Clint Silvester <clint AT focuscompanies.com>
    - Volume scanning of PCM audio tracks didn't work.
    - Cluster mode: additional audio tracks with OGG didn't work.

0.49.1 - [unstable branch] - Fri 27 Dec 2002, joern
    - File format changed and isn't backward compatible. Old project
      files are autoconverted, but older dvd::rip versions can't open
      files saved with this version.

    - All changes from 0.48.0 - 0.48.6 are included in this release
      (refer to the corresponding Changes entries for details)
    - Cluster mode: fixed missing progress information for merge
      jobs. Thanks for the fix to Fabio Russo.

    - Applied a patch from Stefan Gmeiner <riddlebox AT freesurf.ch>,
      which adds the ability of estimating the image size before
      burning on the fly, which is needed for some drives (e.g.
    - Partially applied a patch from Petros Stavrakakis
      <petros AT stavrakakis.de> which brings more detailed options
      for cdrdao, in particular you can select the cdrdao-driver
      and buffersize.
    - On the transcode tab a new setting "Container format" was added,
      currently with three options: AVI, OGG, (S)VCD. This way you
      explicitely decide a container format first, the GUI follows
      this decision and enables/disables all other options accordingly.
      If actual settings can't be done with a selected container
      these will be set to reasonably defaults, with correspondent
      messages in the log.
    - mp3/ac3 audio codecs now supported also for OGG container. You
      need at least ogmtools v0.960 (I tested with v0.970).
    - Preliminary support for vorbis quality based encoding. Future
      versions will determine real audio size after encoding the
      1st pass (when using 2pass transcoding) and will adjust
      video bitrate accordingly for the 2nd pass.
    - Option to change the audio samplerate (be careful with odd
      values here, transcode resp. lame bails out for ununsal
      samplerates - 48000, 44100 and 24000 always worked for me).
      Requested long time ago by Certron DiSoni.
    - A new window "Bitrate calculation details" shows all steps of
      the video bitrate calculation, so you can see exactly what
      happens here. The window can stay open all the time. Its
      calculation sheet follows your settings immediately.
    - Bitrate calculation now considers selected chapters correctly.
    - A new checkbox "manual video bitrate" let you decide explicetly,
      if you want dvd::rip to calculate the video bitrate for you,
      or not. By default, it's disabled and the video bitrate entry
      not sensible. If you enable the "manual" checkbox, dvd::rip
      doesn't touch your setting, even if you change the target size,
      disc count popup etc.
    - Adjusted CD size presets to standard values: 650,703,800,870
      (which are 74, 80, 90, 99 minute CD-R with 2048 bytes sector
      size. 2324 byte sector size for VCD is now considered, see
      below). Thanks to Julio Sánchez <j.sanchezf AT terra.es>.
    - (S)VCD sector sizes are considered for SVCD video bitrate
      calculation, so you can select a CD size from the popup and
      need not to fiddle with SVCD space on your own. This maybe
      somewhat confusing on the one hand (because the resulting size is
      magically bigger than your setting), but on the other hand
      the CD-ROM disc sizes are well-known. And you still can enter
      arbitrary MB values by hand, so I decided to leave the MB based
      size definition (beside a CD-R duration / minute based one).
      Thanks to Julio Sánchez who enlighted several details of the
      (S)VCD specification, which were new to me.
    - Some further SVCD improvements, e.g. min-gop-size and max-gop-size
      values depending on PAL/NTSC are set. Thanks a lot for the
      (S)VCD help to Tom Vijlbrief <tom.vijlbrief AT ision.nl>
    - AVI/OGG/MPEG container overhead is now considered for video
      bitrate calculation. Thanks to Markus Liebl for some tests
      and hints regarding measuring the overhead values, and Moritz
      Bunkus for information about OGG overhead.
    - Dropped the "YUV internally" setting from the GUI, it's always


$Id: changes.cipp 981 2002-11-17 17:15:44Z joern $

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