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This is the change log entry of dvd::rip 0.49.9:

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   0.49.9 - [unstable branch] - Mon 27 Jan 2003, joern
    - A new experimental dialog "Configure filters". All filters
      supported by transcode's new socket interface are available
      here for configuration. You need at least transcode
      for it. But it's not only a comprehensive configuration
      dialog - you have a live preview window and can check your
      changes in realtime WYSIWYG - it's really cool, guys. Thanks
      to Tilmann, who implemented the transcode part and send me
      patches immediately after my bug reports ;) Currently there
      is no documentation, hopefully the GUI is somewhat self-
      explanatory. Nevertheless: a short quick start guide:
      - click "Configure filters & preview" on the transcode page
      - double click on the "invert" filter in the left filter list
      - click on the ">" (Play) Button
      - a preview window opens, showing the movie inverted
      - disable the "Enable filter" checkbox
      - click on "A" (Apply) - the movie immediately gets
normal again
      - any filter setting changes can be applied in realtime
by clicking on the "A" button at any time.
      - click on the "||" (Pause) button
      - now you can navigate through transcode's internal preview
buffer (you can modify the size of this buffer with the
first entry in the "Preview settings" frame). "<<" and ">>"
navigate by frame, "<<<" and ">>>" usually by 5 frames
(resp. higher values for higher buffer sizes). You get green
frames, if you access parts of the buffer, which aren't
filled yet.
      - in pause mode:
- change a filter setting
- click on "A" (Apply)
- the current picture is rendered with the new setting
- now click on "U" (Undo)
- the picture before you applied the last time is restored.
  This way you easily can compare two filter settings.
- (see note about this in the "Known bugs" section beyond).
      - the preview window runs with maximum speed. You can slow
done resp. speed up again using the "-" and "+" buttons.
      - click on "O" (Stop) to close the preview window
    - Dropped "Antialias" setting on transcode page. It's seldom
      used and you still can enable it using the new filters
      dialog (videocore filter, -C option).
    - Progress information for chapter ripping. dvd::rip uses
      dvdxchap, which is part of ogmtools, to get the chapter
      lengths. If you don't have ogmtools installed, dvd::rip
      falls back to the old bevhaviour showing no ripping progress
      for chapters.

    Known bugs:
    - For some reasons the pp filter doesn't work with the
      filter configuration dialog. Have to debug this.
    - Just closing the preview window doesn't really stop the
      process, you anyway must hit the stop button. Sometimes
      you even must kill transcode processes by hand, if you
      closed the preview window. Have to discuss this with Tilmann.
    - Multiple applying and undoing settings on a paused frame is
      cumulative. Also a subject of discussion with Tilmann ;)
    - transcode supports adding some filters multiple times. Due
      to a bug in transcode (or in dvd::rip - not figured out finally)
      this doesn't work with transcode, so it's
      disabled on dvd::rip's GUI until it works.

    - Reduce disc size passed to avisplit/ogmsplit to decrease
      the risk of a oversized file. Thanks to Felix Knecht
      <felixknecht AT> and Julio Sánchez for report and
    - Adding (S)VCD projects to cluster using the menu entry
      isn't possible anymore - (S)VCD is not supported by 
      cluster mode. The corresponding button was disabled, but
      the menu entry not.
    - Remove trailing whitespace from path's on the storage page.
      This makes pasting from an xterm easier, if the buffer
      contains a trailing newline. Requested by Tilmann Bitterberg.
    - Subtitle preview grabbing threw an exception.