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This is the change log entry of dvd::rip 0.50 including all patch-releases:

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   0.50.18 - [stable branch] - Sun Apr 18 2004, joern
    - ac3 passthrough was broken. Thanks for reporting
      to James Broberg <jbrobergAT> and
      TOSOVSKY Ales <tosovsky AT>

0.50.17 - [stable branch] - Sat Apr 10 2004, joern
    - support for another transcode deinterlacer (I=5),
      suggested by Jean-Yves Simon <lethalwp AT>

    - mp3 samplerate setting didn't work, only 48khz
      for CVD. Thanks for the report to Neverstopdreaming
      <neverstopdreaming AT>.
    - dvd::rip couldn't open empty project files
    - prevent timeouts when encoding Ogg/Vorbis in cluster mode
    - vobsub creation now splits with millisecond precision,
      thanks for the patch to Jean-Yves Simon

0.50.16 - [stable branch] - Sun Oct 26 2003, joern
    - If you have Perl 5.8.1 you *need* this release. Older
      versions of dvd::rip do not work with Perl 5.8.1.

    - New checkbox "Reuse log" for 2-pass encoding on the
      Transcode tab. Once activated an existent 2-pass
      logfile will be reused resp. pass 1 is skipped. This
      way you can continue a 2-pass transcoding if the 2nd
      pass went wrong for some reason. Long awaited feature
      requested by many users, including myself ;)
    - Workaround for transcode filters which declare options
      multiple times (as the unsharp filter in transcode
      0.6.10). Reported by Fabio Russo.

    - Perl 5.8.1 compatability issue fixed. Opening project files
      saved with a Perl 5.8.1 dvd::rip didn't work.
    - Transcode diskspace calculation was wrong in chapter mode.
    - cdrecord-clone (Debian unstable) is detected correctly now.
      Thanks for the report to Ben Handley <ben AT>
      and Christian Marillat <marillat AT>.
    - XVCD multiplexing didn't work for higher video bitrates.
      Reported by <dvdrip AT>.
    - Deinterlacing settings 'smart' and 'inverse telecine' didn't
      restore correctly after saving/reopening. Reported by
      xavier <list.dvdrip-users AT> and
      Jean-Yves Simon <lethalwp AT>.
    - If the transcode installation lacks filters, which are still
      referred in the project file, these referrals are removed to
      prevent dvd::rip from later crashing. Reported by <jawashin
    - Video bitrate 'manual' setting wasn't deactivated when
      switching from X(S)VCD to (S)VCD.
    - Cluster control window: when removing a project the first
      project was selected internally but not on the GUI. Reported
      by Mark Rose <shifted AT>.
    - Ripping and snapshot grabbing failed if the title had no
      audio at all. Reported by Sean Dwyer <ewe2 AT>.
    - dvd::rip hung if a autoadjust preset was applied on a
      completely black frame.

0.50.15 - [stable branch] - Sun Aug 24 2003, joern
    - Expanded the subtitle selection popup to the maximum of
      32 entries, not only the probed entries. With some DVD's the
      subtitle probing fails. This way you can select even
      "impossible" subtitles, if they weren't detected correctly.
      Thanks for the suggestion to Stefan Raspl <stefan.raspl AT>.
    - Blank CD-RW (uses the configured cdrecord command and device),
      supporting 'fast' and 'all' methods (choose in the preferences).
      Not really tested yet due to lack of CD-RW media. Suggested
      by <dvdrip AT>.
    - New preference "Preferred language". Default audio track
      and subtitle are selected accordingly after reading TOC,
      resp. the first audio track / subtitle matching the
      preferred language will be selected. Note that you still
      should review this setting, because the first matching item
      found must not be the one you really want. Suggested by
      John Washington <washingtonj AT>. Credits for the
      list of available language codes go to Chris Phillips 
      <acid_kewpie AT>, the author of lsdvd,
      from which I extracted the list.
    - Video codec list takes the new XviD variants of transcode 0.6.9
      into account (xvid, xvid2, xvid3 and xvid4). For earlier
      transcode versions still xvid and xvidcvs are listed here.
    - Support for xvid4conf, a tool to tweak all options of the
      new dev-api-4 XviD codec. You need at least transcode 0.6.9
      and xvid4conf 1.6 for this to work.
      Note: the xvid4 settings will be used for all titles of your
      project. Also they don't take effect in cluster mode. This will
      change for future dvd::rip/transcode releases.

    New/Changed X?S?VCD|CVD stuff:
    - Renamed '(S)VCD' container format to 'MPEG', which is in fact
      what it is.
    - Added new MPEG "Codecs": XSVCD, XVCD and CVD
      - SVCD and VCD create standard conform streams. You
can't change parameters to non-standard values.
      - XSVCD and XVCD allow you to choose arbitrary video and
audio bitrates / samplerates.
      - CVD allows you everything (like X(S)VCD), but additionally
dvd::rip checks for correct frame sizes.
    - Added new Clip & Zoom presets: CVD anamorph and XSVCD
      anamorph for PAL and NTSC.
    - Added new Preference: "Default Container Format", fixing also
      a mismatch, if you choosed 'SVCD' or 'VCD' as a default codec,
      but dvd::rip still set to 'avi' container format by default.
    - Audio bitrate 224 was missing in the popup list.
    - Renamed 'Target format' to 'Select container' and the 'Video
      codec' label got renamed to 'MPEG variant' for the MPEG

    Thanks to James L. Paul who urged me to implement the CVD
    stuff, which hopefully introduced not too many bugs ;)

    - mplayer DVD player command didn't work for LPCM tracks.
      Thanks to Fabio Russo for the patch. You must re-select
      the mplayer command from the Preferences page for this to
      take effect.
    - Free diskspace warning wasn't exact. Thanks for the patch
      to Moritz Muehlenhoff <jmm AT>.
    - Fixed a typo in the --avilimit option (for AVI files >2GB).
      Thanks for the report to Jarkko Seppa <Jarkko.Seppa AT>.
    - Default target size was set to 1406, instead of 1400 (2x700).

0.50.14 - [stable branch] - Sun 29 Jun 2003, joern
    - transcode >= 0.6.6 sets mpeg2enc -I 0 by default, but
      older versions doesn't. This speeds up things signifcantly,
      because now mpeg2enc skips deinterlace processing (it was
      done even for non-interlaced material and wasted time).
      dvd::rip now sets -I0, too. Thanks for the hint to
      Simone Lehmann
    - Warn about AVI files >2GB and set transcode option
      --avi_limit 9999, otherwise transcode splits automatically
      at 2GB.

    - NTSC A/V sync enhancement: dvd::rip's -x vob,null transcode
      option in the 1st pass of a multipass transcoding was 
      good for performance, but could be bad for A/V sync with
      some NTSC material, because the audio information is always
      needed for proper synchronisation. Thanks to Florin and
      Tilmann for figuring this out.
    - NTSC: -M2 isn't set anymore by dvd::rip, because transcode
      does autodetect this. Thanks to Tilmann for the hint.
    - Fixed a small mismatch (about 1%) in the audio size
      calculation, which affected video bitrate calculation.
      Thanks for the report to Charles Franšois Rey
      <charlesfr.rey AT>.
    - Automatic setting of PERLIO=stdio failed, if PERLIO
      was already set to some value. Thanks for the report to
      Richard Kilgore <rkilgore AT>.
    - Progress bar was messed up with PSU core. Thanks for the
      report to Tyler <dvdrip AT> and Florin.
    - NTSC: resolution was set to 720x480, even if the movie
      had 704x480. dvd::rip now sets no resolution at all, because
      transcode autodetects the resolution. Thanks for the report to
      Francisco J. Leˇn <fleona AT>.

0.50.13 - [stable branch] - Thu 23 May 2003, joern
    - New deinterlace preset: inverse telecine (for NTSC).
      Suggested by Andrew Ukrainec <ukrainec AT>
      and Thanasis Tsiodras <ttsiod AT>.
    - Added dvdxchap dependency (which is part of ogmtools),
      because you get proper chapter progress bars only
      if dvdxchap is installed.

    - Removed a small copy protection related function. You
      can read details about why this happened on news entry 2003/05/23.
    - Default disc size for a new project was still 703 MB
      (instead of 700). Also the Zoom Calculator showed
      703 MB in the disc size popup. Thanks for the report
      to Fridtjof Busse.
    - Audio bitrate combo box popdown button was sensitive
      for VCD, although VCD has a fixed rate of 224. Reported
      by Andreas Volz <andreas AT>.
    - Sometimes the chapter progress bar was messed up, if no
      dvdxchap is installed on the system (which is part of

0.50.12 - [stable branch] - Thu 1 May 2003, joern
    - Yet another useless feature ;) You can start the
      dvdrip-master cluster control daemon with the -w
      option to fire up a webserver (listening on port 8888
      by default, can be changed with -W) which delivers
      the cluster status as HTML. Based on an inspiriation
      by Fabio Russo. Maybe somewhat senseless but much fun
      to implement ;)

    - Removed the LD_ASSUME_KERNEL workaround for RedHat 9.
      At least on gentoo dvd::rip didn't start anymore. So
      all RH9 users, which suffer from the transcode/NPTL
      problem, need to set LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 on their own
      before starting dvd::rip. Thanks a lot to Fridtjof Busse
      who helped me debugging this issue.
    - When no title is selected all notebook pages with title
      specific settings are disabled now. Some entries threw
      exceptions if you enter them with no titles selected.
      Thanks for the report to Fabio Russo.
    - Prefefined mplayer command played all chapters from the
      selected chapter on. Now it plays only the one selected
      chapter. Thanks for the report to Fabio Russo.

0.50.11 - [stable branch] - Sat 26 Apr 2003, joern
    - To all RedHat 9 Users: RedHat's default kernel uses
      the new Native Posix Thread Library, which makes problems
      with transcode. Setting the environment variable
      LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 may workaround this problem (also
      installing all RedHat errata). dvd::rip now sets
      LD_ASSUME_KERNEL, just to prevent "yet another FAQ" ;)
      There are reports, that it doesn't work even with this
      variable set. Please keep an eye on the transcode-users
      list, if you suffer from this problem. I can't help you - 
      don't use RedHat ;)

    - dvdrip -v reported nothing, in particular not the version
      number ;)
    - Movies with no audio track within the first few MB of the
      stream made strange problems. Added -H 10 to the
      correspondent transcode commands, which extends the
      area of audio probing, so this shouldn't happen anymore.
      Thanks for the hint to Tillmann Bitterberg.
    - Changed 703 MB cd preset to 700 MB. 703 was too tight.
      Also added the "-overburn" option to the cdrecord command.
    - Workaround for a transcode bug: for NTSC movies the frame
      rate sometimes isn't detected propery from DVD. Only
      probing the VOB's after ripping reports always the correct
      frame rate. Thanks for the report to Douglas Bollinger.
    - Progress bar was messed up when transcoding with PSU Core.
      Thanks for the report to Douglas Bollinger.
    - Cluster mode: the dr_exec program (part of dvd::rip) was
      needed on remote nodes, although no dvd::rip software is
      installed on them. This is fixed now, no dr_exec necessary
      anymore on remote nodes. Thanks for the report to Lethal
    - Reduced OGG overhead value for video bitrate calculation.
      from 1.15% to 0.25% of total stream size, which is an
      estimation based on several test rips I made (using xvid,
      which has obviously the best vbr control from all existent
      mpeg4 codecs). With this value most of my test rip's hit
      the target size with a maximum error of 1 MB.

0.50.10 - [stable branch] - Tue 1 Apr 2003, joern
    - If you re-read the TOC you get a warning, that this will
      override all settings of the current project.
    - A warning message appears, if you add a project with frame
      range setting to the cluster, because always the full movie
      is transcoded in cluster mode.

    - GUI doesn't block anymore on first DVD access when reading
      TOC. Also the complete tcprobe output is printed, if
      something went wrong, which helps solving transcode related
    - Extended preferences check of the cdrecord device, which
      also may be a device file on Linux 2.5 systems, since
      IDE burning support is native here. Thanks for the hint
      to Moritz Muehlenhoff <jmm AT>.
    - Transcoding a frame range in chapter mode didn't
      show correct progress information. Reported by Ole Tange.
    - Viewing a subtitle test transcode movie in chapter
      mode didn't work.
    - A video avi file was generated during the first pass with
      ogg quality proccessing. Thanks for the report to Jonathan

0.50.9 - [stable branch] - Fri 28 Mar 2003, joern
    - Dropped cluster mode restriction for OGG projects
      with more than one PSU. Thanks for the patch to
      Jonathan Rogers <jonner AT>.
      Now dvd::rip needs ogmtools >= 0.972.

    - Fixed another division by zero condition in the
      Clip & Zoom module. Thanks for the report to
      Mike Oosten <shaggy AT>.
    - Burning page was disabled if only one of the four burning
      related tools (mkisofs, cdrecord, vcdimager, cdrdao)
      was missing, although you e.g. don't need mkisofs for VCD
      burning and no cdrdao for CDROM burning. Now dvd::rip
      is more specific here und disables only the corresponding
      burning types.
    - Adjusted xine DVD player preference for actual versions
      of xine. Thanks for the hint to Fridtjof Busse.
    - Additional transcode options entry didn't work (most
      probably since 0.50.4). Thanks to James L. Paul <james AT>
    - Vorbis quality mode didn't work in cluster mode. Thanks
      for the fix to Jonathan Rogers.
    - Lock audio selection popup, during a volume rescale
      scan. Otherwise the scanned value would be assigned to the
      latest selected channel, which may be wrong. Reported
      by Felix Knecht.

0.50.8 - [stable branch] - Thu 6 Mar 2003, joern
    - Cluster mode: dvdrip-master daemon bailed out with an
      error message on startup. Thanks for the report to
      David Chan <davidchan AT>.
    - Cluster mode: if file cleanup was requested and file
      splitting not necessary (because the file is smaller
      than one disc) the transcoded file was removed.

0.50.7 - [stable branch] - Tue 4 Mar 2003, joern
    - Encoding multiple audio tracks with OGG and PSU core
      enabled didn't work. Thanks for the report to Daniel Egger
      <degger AT>.
    - Revoked the mplex change from version 0.50.4, because
      several users reported problems with it.

0.50.6 - [stable branch] - Mon 3 Mar 2003, joern
    - Fixed an evil bug, which overwrote the preferences file
      on each startup. Sorry for the inconvenience. I also lost
      my preferences due to it... Thanks for the report to
      Matthias Saou <matthias AT>.

0.50.5 - [stable branch] - Mon 3 Mar 2003, joern
    - You can pass the preferences filename with the new command
      line option -p to have multiple configurations (default
      is still ~/.dvdriprc). Suggested by Harald Dunkel.
    - Log last output of aborted job's. Suggested by Felix Enning
      <felix AT>.
    - Don't split the movie, if it fits already on one disc.
      Suggested by Nicos Panayides <anarxia AT>.
    - subtitle language ID is now patched into the vobsub .idx
      file, requested by Douglas Bollinger.

    - Video bitrate entry was not greyed out for VCD. Other
      bitrates than the standard value of 1152 are not supported.
    - Creating splitted vobsub's was broken. Thanks for their
      reports to Lutz Birkhahn <lutz.birkhahn AT> and
      Douglas Bollinger.
    - transcode's version number was missing in .dvdrip-info file.

0.50.4 - [stable branch] - Sun 24 Feb 2003, joern
    - Minor layout improvements. GUI should now look better with
      different sized fonts.
    - I removed the ps command dependency - found a completely
      different and more flexible solution, which doesn't depend
      on external tools. A new helper program called dr_exec
      is used to print the main PID of the current job, which is
      needed for cancellation.

    - Wrong options were passed to transcode for Vorbis quality
      encoding. Thanks for the report to Brian Healy <brianhealy
    - mplex SVCD command used wrong profile for SVCD. Thanks for
      the report to Davros <tashuu AT>.
    - Using the smart deinterlacer switched off YUV processing,
      which isn't necessary for transcode >= 0.6.3 anymore. Thanks
      for the report to Mark Dirix.

0.50.3 - [stable branch] - Mon 17 Feb 2003, joern
    - Dropped the pstree dependend stuff completely. Now ps
      is used, using Posix conform options only, so this should
      work on most systems without problems.
    - Thanks to Ron Smits, who reported a problem with a few
      zombie processes per dvd::rip session on a Slackware system.
      After about an hour of IRC chatting we found a solution
      for it ;)

0.50.2 - [stable branch] - Sat 15 Feb 2003, joern
    - Some layout optimizations: squeezed the GUI again a bit
      and the preview images are now slightly bigger.

    - Fixed a typo in SVCD transcode command. Reported by
      several users.
    - Cancellation of some tasks left processes over. Changed
      back to old cancellation method, which depends on
      pstree, so this is now listed "mandatory" in the dependency
      window. Reported by Fridtjof Busse <fridtjof AT>.
    - Depend check didn't check for absolute path of
      /usr/sbin/fping. Also reported by Fridtjof Busse.
    - Cancellation of a vobsub PS1 extraction left files over,
      so further vobsub PS1 extraction didn't work. Thanks for
      the report to Gregorio Guidi <g.guidi AT>.
    - Changed two internal Perl namespaces, which confused the
      CPAN/PAUSE Perl module indexer.

0.50.1 - [stable branch] - Tue 11 Feb 2003, joern
    - NTSC VCD film encoding (at 23.976) didn't work. Thanks for
      the report to Chris Elston <celston AT>.
    - dvd::rip's main window was too tall for standard desktops
      with 1024x768 resolution. I could save some space within
      the "Calculated storage" frame to fix this. On my system the
      window has now 657x696 pixels, which should be Ok for
      1024x768 desktops. Thanks for the report to Florin.
    - Subtitle selection wasn't activated, even if subtitle2pgm
      was detected correctly.

0.50.0 - [stable branch] - Mon 10 Feb 2003, joern
    - This is a new stable release, closing the 0.49.x unstable
    - Project file format changed since 0.48.x. Older files are
      converted automatically, but you can't use files saved with
      this release with older dvd::rip versions.
    - You should use at least transcode 0.6.3 to get all new features,
      but transcode 0.6.2 is still supported.
    - To get full and bugfree support for the new Filter & Preview
      feature, read the entry of 0.49.11 and apply the patch mentioned
      there, unless you have transcode > 0.6.3 (which doesn't exist
      as of this writing).
    - From now on dvd::rip insists on Perl >= 5.6.0.
    - For a full list of changes and bugfixes, refer to the 0.49.x
      change log entries below. Features and bugfixes listed next
      are changes to 0.49.13.

    - New button "Check all settings" in Preference dialog.
      Suggested by Ole Tange.

    - Dependencies listed ogmtools with minimum 0.954, but correct
      is 0.960 (mp3/ac3 only works since this version).
    - Dependency check didn't consider maximum rar version (must be
      a 2.x version, no 3.x).
    - Filter removal didn't affect an opened preview window.
    - Negative values in the cropping entries were rejected. Thanks
      for the report to Mauro Spluga <ferluga AT>