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This is the change log entry of dvd::rip 0.51 including all patch-releases:

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   0.51.4 - [unstable branch] - Sat Dec 13 2004, joern
    - The central dvd::rip tools dr_splitpipe and dr_progress
      where broken due to changes to the Makefile. Thanks for
      the reports to Lukas Postupa <postupa AT> and
      Christian Marillat.

0.51.3 - [unstable branch] - Sat Dec 11 2004, joern
    - Set transcode -M 2 as default for NTSC movies to improve
      A/V sync unless the user provides -M on its own using
      the transcode options entry. Suggested by Peter Hutnick
      <hutnick AT>. Note: default is -M 1, so enter
      this to transcode's option entry if the new -M 2 doesn't
      work for you.
    - More generic Makefile for the dvd::rip parts written in C.
      Thanks for the patch to Mike Frysinger <vapier AT>.

    - Cluster mode / OGM: PSU chunks were not deleted afterwards
      even if the user requsted that. Thanks for the patch to
      Jonathan Hall <flimzy AT>.
    - Increased portion of data to be analyzed for detailed
      audio characteristics after ripping. Should fix problems
      with wrong detection of AC3 bitrates and switching off
      AC3 passthrough. Thanks to Nicholas E Andrade <neandrad
      AT> who helped figuring that out.

0.51.2 - [unstable branch] - Fri Oct 29 2004, joern
    - If you want to use transcode 0.6.13, you need this
      dvd::rip release. Older releases doesn't work.
    - Unfortunately transcode 0.6.13 has a bug which
      affects most operations of dvd::rip. You need
      to recompile transcode with a tiny patch, which
      is contained in dvd::rip's tarball:


    - Deinterlace preset 'smartdeinter' now uses transcode's
      smartyuv filter instead of smartdeinter. It's much faster,
      assembly optimized and works in YUV colorspace.
    - Bojan Bozeovic added a Serbian translation.

    transcode 0.6.13 compatability:
    - Previews were flipped and wrongly colored. Thanks for
      the patch to Robin Hill <robin AT>.
    - transcode's colorspace default setting changed from
      RGB to YUV, this required according changes in dvd::rip.

0.51.1 - [unstable branch] - Sun Oct 10 2004, joern
    - A new dependency: the Perl module Locale::TextDomain,
      often packaged as libintl-perl resp. libintl-xs-perl
      in many distribtions.

    - Merging multiple PSU's with OGG/Vorbis in cluster mode
      didn't work. Thanks for the reports to Daniel Baughman
      <danrb AT>, Sybren <sybren AT>
      and Henning <einpfundhirn AT>.
    - creation failed if project's tmp/ directory
      was missing. Thanks for the report to Felix Knecht.
    - Gray out RIP button in DVD Image and DVD on-the-fly modes,
      because makes no sense here. Thanks for the report to
      Geoffrey Trexler <skynet AT>
    - dvdrip --help didn't work with recent Perl versions

    - Full localization support (l10n). A lot of work for
      this was done by Oliver Kramer, who translated dvd::rip
      to German and send me a patch, which turned dvd::rip
      into a German version. I used this patch to extract
      all messages from dvd::rip source code and converted
      it to a patch, which added gettext() like calls, instead
      of a hardcoded German translation. Read l10n/README
      if you're interested in maintaining translations
      and contact me.
    - Translations and their maintainers in this release:
Czech:    Ales Tosovsky <tosovsky AT>
French:   Sebastien Corot <scorot AT>
German:   Jörn Reder <joern AT>
Spanish:  Sergio Cambra <runico AT>
      The file l10/MAINTAINERS will always list all
      actual translation maintainers.
    - Support for Vorbis quality of -1, suggested by
      Bennett Perkins <bennett.perkins AT>.