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This is the change log entry of dvd::rip 0.97.7:

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   0.97.7 - [unstable branch] - Sun Apr 2 2006, joern
    - dvd::rip now depends on a new Perl module: Event::ExecFlow
      version 0.61. You can get it from CPAN or better from the homepage:
    - Event::ExecFlow itself needs the AnyEvent module, which is
      available from CPAN:
    - Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory needs to be at least version 0.61
    - Event::RPC needs to be at least version 0.89
    - Refactored out the internal command execution engine to
      Event::ExecFlow introducing some interesting new features.
    - New graphical progress window showing all
      jobs of the current task in a nice hierarchical
      treeview. Just hit on the magnifying glass symbol
      besides the progress bar
    - Pausing/resuming the running job by one click
    - Extensive rewrite of the cluster mode using the new
      execution engine and progress widget which visualizes
      the tree structure of cluster jobs much butter than the
      old cluster job display.
    - More cluster features are:
      - Allow cluster encoding without audio
      - You can specify a speed index for each cluster node.
      - Faster machines will be preferred.
      - vobsub file generation added
      - dvdrip-master now does a clean shutdown on signals.
      - Cluster window now has it's own menu bar with menu items
      - Connect/Disconnect the cluster master daemon from here.
    - Dropped "DVD mount dir" preference, because dvd::rip now
      determines the mount point of your DVD device automatically.
      Thanks for the suggestion to Dario Castellarin <dacstp AT>.
    - Generating preview images doesn't block the GUI anymore.
    - Improved Clip & Zoom clipping windows: added text entries
      for clipping values and meaningful warnings when values
      aren't even or not divisible by 16, which is required
      for transcodes internal processing and/or most video codecs.
    - Make "ffmpeg/af6 codec" field a combo box with presets
      for ffmpeg "mpeg4" and "h264" codecs.
    - A new nicer splash image including a Gnome compliant
      About dialog, with credits for the translators.
    - Updated Italian translation, thanks to Fabio Russo.
    - Updated German translation.
    - Added icons to the project's notebook tabs
    - Preview frame grabbing failed for multi-PSU titles when
      the frame number goes beyond the first PSU. This fix
      should make the "use slow grabbing" checkbox mostly
      useless. It's still there but will likely be dropped in
      future versions.
    - TOC reading with lsdvd and DVD-image mode still accessed
      the physical DVD device instead of the DVD-image directory.
      Thanks for their reports to Triffid hunter and
      <mykhal AT>.
    - Disable multipass transcoding for ffmpeg/h264, since
      transcode currently doesn't support this.
    - lsdvd was used even if it was too old. Thanks for the report
      to Garnet Ulrich <garnet.ulrich AT> and
      Sören Brunk <soerenbrunk AT>.
    - Preferences: base project dir need to be absolute, which is
      checked now in the dialog.
    - Preferences: changed default video codec from 'divx4'
      to 'xvid4' (this was overdue... ;)
    - Consistent button behaviour: all buttons triggering
      actions now grey out if a task is active.
    - Some smaller bugfixes in the cluster mode GUI, inconsistencies
      between GUI and the master's state.
    - Clip & Zoom image windows: recalculate images only if the
      user changed something.
    - Subtitles: "Create VOBSUB now" just works on the currently
      selected subtitle. No need to mark it for vobsub creation
    - Fixed wrong frame counting during ripping, which resulted in
      too big frame numbers and thus incorrect bitrate calculation.
      Thanks to Christian Marillat for reporting this one.
    - Audio channel numbers on the GUI now start at 1, not at 0,
      which is more convenient.
    - Fixed regression: don't ask for project file save on exit
      if just the selected notebook page changed.
    - And a lot of more smaller bugs not counted here...