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This is the change log entry of dvd::rip 0.49.1:

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   0.49.1 - [unstable branch] - Fri 27 Dec 2002, joern
    - File format changed and isn't backward compatible. Old project
      files are autoconverted, but older dvd::rip versions can't open
      files saved with this version.

    - All changes from 0.48.0 - 0.48.6 are included in this release
      (refer to the corresponding Changes entries for details)
    - Cluster mode: fixed missing progress information for merge
      jobs. Thanks for the fix to Fabio Russo.

    - Applied a patch from Stefan Gmeiner <riddlebox AT freesurf.ch>,
      which adds the ability of estimating the image size before
      burning on the fly, which is needed for some drives (e.g.
    - Partially applied a patch from Petros Stavrakakis
      <petros AT stavrakakis.de> which brings more detailed options
      for cdrdao, in particular you can select the cdrdao-driver
      and buffersize.
    - On the transcode tab a new setting "Container format" was added,
      currently with three options: AVI, OGG, (S)VCD. This way you
      explicitely decide a container format first, the GUI follows
      this decision and enables/disables all other options accordingly.
      If actual settings can't be done with a selected container
      these will be set to reasonably defaults, with correspondent
      messages in the log.
    - mp3/ac3 audio codecs now supported also for OGG container. You
      need at least ogmtools v0.960 (I tested with v0.970).
    - Preliminary support for vorbis quality based encoding. Future
      versions will determine real audio size after encoding the
      1st pass (when using 2pass transcoding) and will adjust
      video bitrate accordingly for the 2nd pass.
    - Option to change the audio samplerate (be careful with odd
      values here, transcode resp. lame bails out for ununsal
      samplerates - 48000, 44100 and 24000 always worked for me).
      Requested long time ago by Certron DiSoni.
    - A new window "Bitrate calculation details" shows all steps of
      the video bitrate calculation, so you can see exactly what
      happens here. The window can stay open all the time. Its
      calculation sheet follows your settings immediately.
    - Bitrate calculation now considers selected chapters correctly.
    - A new checkbox "manual video bitrate" let you decide explicetly,
      if you want dvd::rip to calculate the video bitrate for you,
      or not. By default, it's disabled and the video bitrate entry
      not sensible. If you enable the "manual" checkbox, dvd::rip
      doesn't touch your setting, even if you change the target size,
      disc count popup etc.
    - Adjusted CD size presets to standard values: 650,703,800,870
      (which are 74, 80, 90, 99 minute CD-R with 2048 bytes sector
      size. 2324 byte sector size for VCD is now considered, see
      below). Thanks to Julio Sánchez <j.sanchezf AT terra.es>.
    - (S)VCD sector sizes are considered for SVCD video bitrate
      calculation, so you can select a CD size from the popup and
      need not to fiddle with SVCD space on your own. This maybe
      somewhat confusing on the one hand (because the resulting size is
      magically bigger than your setting), but on the other hand
      the CD-ROM disc sizes are well-known. And you still can enter
      arbitrary MB values by hand, so I decided to leave the MB based
      size definition (beside a CD-R duration / minute based one).
      Thanks to Julio Sánchez who enlighted several details of the
      (S)VCD specification, which were new to me.
    - Some further SVCD improvements, e.g. min-gop-size and max-gop-size
      values depending on PAL/NTSC are set. Thanks a lot for the
      (S)VCD help to Tom Vijlbrief <tom.vijlbrief AT ision.nl>
    - AVI/OGG/MPEG container overhead is now considered for video
      bitrate calculation. Thanks to Markus Liebl for some tests
      and hints regarding measuring the overhead values, and Moritz
      Bunkus for information about OGG overhead.
    - Dropped the "YUV internally" setting from the GUI, it's always


$Id: changes.cipp 981 2002-11-17 17:15:44Z joern $

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