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This is the change log entry of dvd::rip 0.49.11:

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   0.49.11 - [unstable branch] - Thu 06 Feb 2003, joern
    - Filter & Preview enabled only for transcode >= 0.6.3 stable.

    - Added a warning message about non-standard (S)VCD frame sizes.
    - SVCD video framerate is now limited to a maximum of 2600
      (overall bitrate as supplied before is limited to 2748).
    - Added Open/Close DVD/Burner tray buttons on Title and Burn pages.
      Based on a patch from Kianusch Sayah Karadji <kianusch AT
      sk-tech.net>. You need to configure your "burner device" in the
      Preferences and must have the 'eject' command installed on your
    - Special support for logo, logoaway and mask filters: you
      can select a rectangular area on the preview window and
      the corresponding position / size values are automatically
      filled into the entries on the GUI. For PRE filters (currently
      mask only), the coordinates are transformed correctly - needed
      because the preview window shows the POST result, while the
      filter expects PRE coordinates (prior clipping and resizing).
      Also in YUV mode dvd::rip takes care, that the values are even.
    - File selection dialog for filename filter options.
    - YUV is automatically disabled, if you have a filter which
      supports RGB only (indeed, currently all transcode filters
      support YUV) or if you crop or resize with odd values.
      So now there is no need for the "YUV internal" checkbox to
      come back.
    - Filter preview loops, if end of the movie or frame range
      is reached.
    - Applying filters in pause mode enabled again - also the "Undo"
      button is back. You need transcode 0.6.3 with this patch
      from Tilmann: (to be applied on vanilla 0.6.3)
    % cd transcode-0.6.3
    % patch -p1 < tc-0.6.3-preview-pause.patch
    - Multiple instances of the same filter are now fully supported.

    - VCD Clip&Zoom presets didn't produce correct aspect ratio.
      Thanks for the hint to Simone Lehmann <simone AT lisanet.de>.
    - Quotes in the project name resp. project paths confuse
      dvd::rip. The path fields on the storage page now reject
      a bunch of special characters, as a first bugfix. Thanks for
      the report to Spencer Ogden <spencero AT mail.utexas.edu>.
    - Added mpeg2enc options "-I 0 -p" for NTSC 23.976 fps movies,
      because otherwise A/V sync is messy. Thanks for the hint
      to Andrew Ukrainec <ukrainec AT sympatico.ca>.
    - Closing the "Configure filter" window when a preview
      window was playing, didn't close the preview window
    - PSU core disabled for filter preview, because the generated
      transcode command doesn't work with it. Thanks for the
      report to Douglas Bollinger.
    - GUI for filters with no options (e.g. dilyuvmmx) was messed up.
    - Changing some filter frame range options didn't work.
    - Some legal fractional values were rejected by dvd::rip's
      value check module.
    - Fixed a typo on the burning page. Thanks to Yves Duret
      <yves AT zarb.org>.


$Id: changes.cipp 981 2002-11-17 17:15:44Z joern $

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