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This is the change log entry of dvd::rip 0.97.3:

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   0.97.3 - [unstable branch] - Sun Oct 9 2005, joern
    - This version requires Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory 0.58.
    - New optional dependency: with lsdvd dvd::rip reads
      DVD TOC much faster.
    - Source directory layout changed slightly. All scripts
      and binaries moved into the bin/ subdirectory. All
      additional program files now have a "dvdrip-" prefix,
      the old "dr_" prefix for some binaries was dropped.

    - Subtitle preview images may be grabbed while ripping
      which makes finding the correct subtitles much easier
      since no long-winded preview grabbing has to be done
      later. You can chosse to rip no subs, all of them or
      by language. Aware: your CPU will glow a bit more while
      ripping if you use this feature ;)
    - dvd::rip now has a command line frontend for pure
      transcoding without any GUI: dvdrip-tet (task execution
      terminal). Just execute "dvdrip-tet" to get some help
      about the the command line options.
    - With dvdrip-replex an experimental command line
      application is shipped which does DVD shrinking based
      on a ripped DVD and the corresponding dvd::rip project
      file. Just a prove-of-concept. The functionality will
      be added to the GUI sometimes...
    - Added a simple 'configure' script to fulfill GNU Source
      Installer requirements. Thanks for the suggestion to
      Claudio Fontana <sick_soul AT yahoo.it>.
    - Ported "force slow frame grabbing" feature from 0.52 to
      0.97 branch.
    - Preferences dialog now has a "Cancel" button.
    - Added an "dvd::rip" entry to the dependency table which
      checks whether all dvd::rip command files are found
      in the PATH.

    - Cluster control web service was broken.
    - Applied a patch from Ulrich Spoerlein <q AT galgenberg.net>
      removing the -ping option from the ImageMagick "identify"
      calls, since recent ImageMagick versions don't have this
      option anymore.
    - Applied minor patches from Ulrich Spoerlein to improve
      FreeBSD compatability.
    - Parsing output of the ImageMagick identify command was
      broken with specific filenames. Thanks for the report
      to Colin Wheat <cwheat AT ami.com.au>.
    - Dropped "identify -ping" option, since not any longer
      supported with newer versions. Thanks for the report
      to Avinash Chopde <avinash AT acm.org>.
    - X(S)VCD processing with manual bitrate setting didn't
      work. Thanks for the report to Ed Doolittle <ed.doolittle
      AT utoronto.ca>
    - dvd::rip dependency check was broken if tools didn't run
      due to NPTL issues. Switching NPTL workaround on/off
      didn't help anymore because the results were cached even
      on that case. Thanks for figuring that out to
      Joe Zbiciak <intvnut AT gmail.com>.
    - Sightly cluster mode node editor GUI improvements


$Id: changes.cipp 981 2002-11-17 17:15:44Z joern $

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