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  • I released a bugfix release on the unstable branch today: dvd::rip 0.97.13 [unstable]. It fixes a bunch of smaller and two critical bugs: chapter transcoding didn't work, and no backup.rip file was created anymore. The initial setup process was improved a bit. Refer to the change log for details about all changes.

  • I'm still preparing the next stable release 0.98. As a result we have another release candidate today: dvd::rip 0.97.12 [unstable]. It adds the (probably ;) last new feature on this branch: DVD input selection was reworked, there is no difference between DVD on the fly and DVD image transcoding anymore. As well a list of DVD devices is scanned automatically using HAL, if available. Refer to the change log for details about all changes.

  • It took some time, but here is a new release on the unstable branch: dvd::rip 0.97.11 [unstable]. It fixes some bugs and makes the 0.97 series now feature-complete: the Filteres & Preview dialog was finally ported to Gtk2. Now please test, report bugs, so I can make it (at least nearly ;) bug-free. It's time for a stable release! Refer to the change log for details about all changes.



  • Today we have a tiny bugfix release on the unstable branch: dvd::rip 0.97.8 [unstable]. Besides smaller bugfixes it adds AC3 passthrough for on-the-fly and DVD image transcoding. Please refer to the change log for details.

  • Yeah, finally here it is: the long awaited new release on the unstable branch (at least long awaited by me ;): dvd::rip 0.97.7 [unstable]. It adds a bunch of new features and fixes also a lot of smaller bugs. The cluster mode saw a huge redesign, improving the GUI and the job processing in general. Please refer to the change log for details, in particular the notes about the required Perl modules.
  • Next step is to bring the Filters & Preview dialog back. After that I plan a feature-freeze on the unstable branch, fixing only bugs, so we hopefully have a stable release soon, finally dropping the old ugly Gtk 1.x based GUI.
  • Please test this release and report bugs to the dvdrip-users mailing list. Although it's called "unstable" it's quite usable, has more features than the stable version and looks nicer ;)



  • This is the happy-new-year bugfix release on the unstable branch: dvd::rip 0.97.6 [unstable]. It fixes a few critical bugs and is recommended over all 0.97.x releases. Please refer to the change log for details.
  • In the meantime heavy refactoring of the dvd::rip codebase is in progress. I factored out the whole internal job execution engine into a new module. This introduces some interesting new features, e.g. a pause mode which stops a running transcode job in case you need your CPU back for some time ;) Finally the cluster mode will use the same execution layer, which make cluster mode more stable. Stay tuned for the next release... ;)



  • Today we have a new release on the unstable branch, introducing some new features and a bunch of bugfixes: dvd::rip 0.97.3 [unstable]. Please refer to the change log for details.

  • Work on the Gtk2 version is in progress, here we have the next release: dvd::rip 0.97.2 [unstable]. Milestone for this release was porting the cluster mode GUI. Please refer to the change log for details.

  • Today we have two new dvd::rip releases: dvd::rip 0.52.6 [stable] and dvd::rip 0.97.1 [unstable]. 0.52.6 fixes some smaller issues, read the change log entry for details, and is most probably the last release in the 0.52 branch.
  • More to say about 0.97.1: it's the first Gtk2 based dvd::rip release, finally! ;) But not only the underlying Gtk version changed, next to nothing of the old GUI code remained, although the GUI itself didn't change much, apart from a bunch of details making the whole thing more comfortable. dvd::rip now uses Gtk2::Ex::FormFactory, a framework which makes building such complex GUI's much easier.

  • Although it's an alpha release marked unstable it's in a very usable state yet and I encourage every user to try it. Installation is simple if you have a running dvd::rip already, since having the dependencies met is the most elaborate part of a dvd::rip installation. In particular there is no need to deinstall the old version, you find more details about this in the documentation.

    Project files are compatible between both versions, so you can fall back to the current stable at any time, and vice versa.

    Please also read the release notes if you want to give it a try.

  • Tip of the day: if you encounter problems with dvd::rip 0.52.5 on your system (e.g. Gentoo, or AMD64 architecture) while 0.52.3 works try disabling the Workaround transcode NPTL bugs switch in dvd::rip's Preferences and restart dvd::rip.

  • Update: 0.52.4 had a (somewhat stupid ;) bug in cluster mode (when merging PSU chunks of a OGG/Vorbis title). Also Fabio Russo sent me an updated italian translation just one minute too late for the 0.52.4 release, so here is dvd::rip 0.52.5 [stable], fixing all these issues ;)
  • Today I finished a new dvd::rip release: dvd::rip 0.52.4 [stable]. It introduces a bunch of interesting new features, e.g. full featured support for BPP (bits per pixel) resp. quality based video bitrate calculation, realtime subtitle rendering preview, some minor cluster mode improvements and much more, including some bugfixes. Refer to the change log entry for details.


  • Ouch! Please forget 0.52.1, at least if you like to use the Italian or Serbian translation. For both languages the correspondent files were missing in the tarball, mea culpa. So please use dvd::rip 0.52.2 [stable] instead.

  • Slightly too late for 0.52.0 the italian translation is finished, but I decided to make a release for it, so we have dvd::rip 0.52.1 [stable] out.

  • Happy new year! I thought a good start could be a stable release, and voila, here it is: dvd::rip 0.52.0 [stable]. No significant changes were applied since the latest development release 0.51.4. For a complete list of changes since 0.50.18 please refer to the change log entries of the 0.51 branch.
  • Please note that transcode >= 0.6.13 is incompatible with dvd::rip 0.50.18, so upgrade dvd::rip to 0.52.0 if you want to use newer transcode releases.

  • Huh, we needed a quick bugfix release: dvd::rip 0.51.4 [unstable]. Unfortunately 0.51.3 was fairly broken, because the parts written in C were not compiled properly. Refer to the changes file for details.

  • A new release on the unstable branch: dvd::rip 0.51.3 [unstable]. It mainly fixes a few smaller bugs, refer to changes for details. If I don't get much bug reports on this release, it will become stable soon. Next milestone is the overdue switch to Gtk2.

  • We have a new release on the unstable branch: dvd::rip 0.51.2 [unstable]. Most changes regard transcode 0.6.13 compatability. You need this dvd::rip release, if you want to use transcode 0.6.13 with dvd::rip, older dvd::rip versions doesn't work.
  • Thanks to Erik Slagter, Jacob Meuser and many other transcode developers, we have a new transcode release 0.6.13. It took some time, but finally we have it ;)
  • Unfortunately this transcode release has a tiny bug, which affects most dvd::rip operations. You need to apply this patch or wait on a new transcode release, which fixes this issue.
  • Please also note, that the transcode team works on a new homepage, because the two older pages are rather outdated and it's hard to find recent information about transcode on the web. This is the actual status:

    New transcode homepage. It's an open wiki, everyone is invited to add content to it. It will be available under http://www.transcoding.org as soon as the necessary DNS updates has been finished.

    This page covers transcode up to 0.6.12, but it's not actively maintained and will be replaced by the wiki mentioned above.

    This page covers transcode up to 0.6.11, but also isn't maintained anymore for a long time.


  • Thanks to Bojan Božović dvd::rip now has a serbian translation. You can get it from CVS.

  • Today I opened a new unstable branch to prepare some futher development and fix some minor bugs: dvd::rip 0.51.1 [unstable]. The most important new feature is the l10n support. For a detailed list of changes, refer to the Change Log.
  • This release includes translations for the following languages: Czech, French, German and Spanish. The new TRANSLATIONS chapter shows the current translations status and the steps how to become a translator and to maintain a translation.

  • dvd::rip has an official OpenBSD port. So it works now with Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD (and probably other not yet reported Unices).

  • Translation in progress: in the meantime we have French and Czech translations thanks to Sébastien Corot and Aleš Tošovský. I'll compile a new release which include these soon.

  • You can checkout the next development branch from CVS. It has no new features but full localisation (l10n) support and will be released as 0.51.1 in the near future.
  • The dvd::rip project is seeking for translators!

  • Currently only a German translation is available. So if you like to maintain another translation, you're welcome. Please refer to this posting for details:

    => Localisation of dvd::rip / Notes for translators


  • No, this project isn't dead ;) Although the last update was in October 2003, the dvd::rip project is still alive, and I'm glad that dvd::rip seems to be used by a wide range of users (proved by a constant rate of about 10.000 downloads per month and a lot of feedback on the mailing list and by personal mail). I took a timeout of a few months on active development but just started working on dvd::rip again.
  • So we have a new stable release: dvd::rip 0.50.17 [stable]. It adds a few minor features, mainly based on contributions and patches, and fixes some minor bugs. Refer to the Change Log for details. This is mainly a maintenance release in preparation for a new unstable branch. If you're glad with 0.50.16 there is no need for upgrading.
  • Oliver Kramer sent me a patch for dvd::rip 0.50.16, which translates the whole GUI to german. You can apply this patch on 0.50.17 also. Based on Oliver's work I will add full localization (l10n) support to dvd::rip, with external lexicon files which can be maintained by correspondent native speakers. More details will follow as soon as I'm ready with the l10n framework.

  • A note for RedHat/Fedora users with an exec-shield patched kernel: dvd::rip resp. transcode doesn't work with it. As a workaround you need to disable exec shield for them by executing this as root:
    echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/exec-shield
    Thanks for the hint to Michel Alexandre Salim.

  • Today I installed and configured MHonarc for archiving the dvdrip-users mailing list. This gives us much better layout and in particular perfect MIME handling plus email obfuscation to prevent spammers from grabbing our addresses. No big deal, but nevertheless worth a note ;)

  • Today we have a new stable release: dvd::rip 0.50.16 [stable]. It fixes a bunch of smaller bugs, in particular it contains the Perl 5.8.1 fix, published a few days ago. Refer to the Change Log for details.

  • I got several reports, that dvd::rip doesn't work with Perl 5.8.1. Saved project files can't be opened again, because the Data::Dumper module shipped with Perl 5.8.1 obviously is not able to dump dvd::rip's project data structure correctly. I'm working on this issue, stay tuned. For now: just don't use dvd::rip with Perl 5.8.1 ;)
  • Update: A patch for fixing this issue is available now: download dvdrip-0.50.15-perl581bug-patch.txt and read this posting for details.

  • New stable release today: dvd::rip 0.50.15 [stable]. It fixes some bugs and has a bunch of new features. In particular many MPEG/(S)VCD/CVD related enhancements and support for the latest transcode 0.6.9 XviD features. Refer to the Change Log for details.
  • Tilmann wrote xvid4conf, a GUI for editing the xvid4 configuration file. dvd::rip 0.50.15 offers a button to execute it for you. You need at least version 1.6, get it from here: http://zebra.fh-weingarten.de/~transcode/xvid4conf/
  • If you want to use xvid4 you need to built the latest version of the XviD dev-api-4 branch. These two postings in the dvdrip-users mailing list may help: first, second posting.
  • I'm working on the new version of dvd::rip, which uses Gtk2 and is modular and extensible (also it supports arbitrary file input, not justs DVD's). Here are two work in progress screenthos showing how nice dvd::rip looks with Gtk2 ;): Input source, Clip & Zoom.

  • Still working behind the scenes on a new more modular and Gtk2 based dvd::rip version which unfortunately slows down developing on the current branch dramatically. Nevertheless the upcoming 0.50.15 will fix a few bugs and introduces some minor and some major new features. In particular more MPEG related stuff: full support for XSVCD, XVCD and CVD formats (thanks to James L. Paul who urged me implementing this... ;)
  • All this is available via CVS but not tested very well (take a look at the current change log entry if you like). So I invite you to test it and report any bugs. (I know I could open a new unstable branch, but in fact I planned not adding more major features to the Gtk1 version of dvd::rip, so I want to keep the administrative overhead low).

    Using CVS is easy, just:

          % cvs -z3 -d :pserver:cvs@cvs.exit1.org:/cvs login
          % cvs -z3 -d :pserver:cvs@cvs.exit1.org:/cvs checkout \
                -r rel-0-50-patches dvdrip
          % cd dvdrip
          % perl Makefile.PL   # ignore "missing README" message
          % make
          % ./dvdrip

  • Wanna see three smiling coders? Thomas, Tilmann (the transcode dream team ;) and I met on the LinuxTag 2003 in Karlsruhe, Germany, enjoyed the great weather, spent much time with interesting Linux talks and discussed lots of transcode & dvd::rip related plans for the future.

  • A new release today: dvd::rip 0.50.14 [stable]. It fixes a bunch of smaller bugs, most of them are NTSC related. Refer to the Change Log for details.
  • From now on all dvd::rip releases are signed with the authors GnuPG key. The signatures are detached .asc files. You find the necessary information about the key at the bottom of the support page.

  • A new release today: dvd::rip 0.50.13 [stable]. Refer to the Change Log and the paragraphs below for details.
  • In Germany a law very similar to the USA's DMCA will come into force within the next few weeks. dvd::rip and transcode in general don't infringe upon this new law, because it's still legal to copy non-copy-protected material for personal fair use. It will be illegal to provide software which cracks copy protection or to publish information on how this could be accomplished. Neither dvd::rip nor transcode ever contained code to circumvent copy protection, so no problem here. The dvd::rip documentation and webpage never provided much information about copy protection, but I removed even these few bits. Also I removed all correspondent postings from the mailing list archive. So from now on no information regarding copy protection is available here at all.
  • I removed the dvd::rip versions 0.49.6 up to 0.50.12 from my download directory, because these versions provided a setting regarding copy protection, which was removed in 0.50.13.
  • Also the new law forces me to introduce a new policy regarding email support and posting to the mailing list: don't send any questions regarding encrypted DVD's or DVD cracking to me or to the dvd::rip mailing list. Corresponding mails will be silently ignored, correspondent posts will be removed from the mailing list archive without notification.
  • And please consider this: although DMCA and correspondent laws constrain our freedom in an inapropriate way: the goal of preventing pirate copying is legitimate. So please don't copy DVD's and put them on file sharing networks or do similar stuff with them: it is illegal and you steal money from the correspondent authors.

  • On gentoo (and probably other Linux distributions) 0.50.11 is broken, due to the RedHat 9 NPTL workaround (setting LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 inside dvdrip). The new release dvd::rip 0.50.12 [stable] doesn't contain this code anymore, so RedHat 9 users, who suffer from the transcode/NPTL bug need to set LD_ASSUME_KERNEL on their own before starting dvd::rip.
  • Fabio Russo suggested dvdrip-master could dump a HTML file of the cluster status, which could be delivered by a webserver. Funny idea ;) Now, with 0.50.12, you can start dvdrip-master with the -w switch, which enables an internal webserver, delivering the cluster status to all connected browsers (more details in the documentation). Refer to the Change Log to see all changes of 0.50.12.



  • This is a bugfix release, fixing several minor bugs, and adding OGG cluster mode support for multiple PSU movies: dvd::rip 0.50.9 [stable]. Refer to the Change Log for details.
  • ht://dig mailing list archive search and cvs access were broken since exit1.org recovery, but are now available again.

  • exit1.org is back online again! Due to a harddisk damage it was down since Saturday evening (CET). All services were down (including my mail account and the lists at exit1.org - but all mails were queued by a MX backup server). Now, with a new harddisk, all backups are restored, so let's hope we'll soon have business as usual again.



  • This is a quick bugfix release: dvd::rip 0.50.6 [stable]. 0.50.5 introduced a bug, which overwrote your preferences on each startup. Sorry for any inconveniences, I personally lost my preferences due to it... :(

  • Here is a new release on the stable branch: dvd::rip 0.50.5 [stable] It mainly fixes a bug with creating splitted vobsub files and adds some minor features. See Change Log for details.
  • The server move has been finished successfully, everything should work again as expected, e.g. the CVS repository is back again.

  • Florin Andrei revised the documentation and corrected many of my syntactic and grammatical sins ;) Thanks a lot - the correction report was rather long and I'm sure he spent a significant amount of time for it.

  • A bugfix release on the stable branch: dvd::rip 0.50.4 [stable]. This release mainly fixes some minor bugs regarding Vorbis and SVCD encoding and the smartdeinter filter. See Change Log for details.
  • Today my server moved to another ISP. Until the new IP has entered all DNS caches, http://www.exit1.org/ will redirect to http://www2.exit1.org/. CVS access is temporarily not available.

  • A bugfix release on the stable branch: dvd::rip 0.50.3 [stable]. The hard pstree dependency of 0.50.2 made some problems, so it's not used anymore. See Change Log for details.


  • Minor bugfix release: dvd::rip 0.50.1 [stable]. VCD encoding didn't work, subtitle selection was disabled and the main window didn't fit on a typical 1024x768 desktop anymore. See Change Log for details.

  • The next stable version of dvd::rip is available: dvd::rip 0.50.0 [stable]. Besides a lot of bugfixes and minor feature enhancements, the following major features were added since 0.48:
  • Filter & Preview window - filter configuration with realtime movie preview.
  • Quality based OGG/Vorbis encoding. Video bitrate is adjusted after audio transcoding to get best audio and video quality on the desired number of discs.
  • A new window, which lists all details of the video bitrate calculation, introducing many minor enhancements regarding the video bitrate calculation (in particular for SVCD and chapter mode).
  • Mulitple audio tracks not only for AVI and OGG, but also for SVCD.
  • WAV file creation from a selected audio track, passing through PCM tracks and downmixing AC3. Also PCM tracks now can be passed through for video transcoding.
  • A more sophistitaced Tool dependencies check introducing a new window, which lists all mandatory and optional tools with their minimal and suggested version numbers. On startup dvd::rip modules which misses the correspondent tools are disabled automatically.
  • Comprehensive update of the documentation, which now covers 0.50.0.
  • For a complete list of new features, bugfixes and important release notes, refer to the Change Log entries of 0.50.0 and 0.49.x.

  • Probably the last 0.49 release (I know - said that for 0.49.11 already... ;): dvd::rip 0.49.13 [unstable]. It mainly adds a more sophisticated dependency check - I hope this helps solving problems with some optional modules (subtitles, OGG/Vorbis, (S)VCD, CD burning) before they arise. See the ChangeLog for details.

  • A quick bugfix release: dvd::rip 0.49.12 [unstable]. Reading TOC threw an exception, which was really a bad showstopper ;) Also two minor filter preview related bugs are fixed, see the ChangeLog for details.

  • A new release on the unstable branch: dvd::rip 0.49.11 [unstable]. A lot of minor bugs are fixed, the filter & preview window is now finished (I think ;), and some minor (S)VCD improvements and other features were added. See the ChangeLog for details.
  • I prepare now for releasing 0.50.0, based on 0.49.11. At least no new features are planned for the next stable release. So please find and report bugs in 0.49.11.
  • Last week transcode 0.6.3 was released. I strongly suggest using this version, although dvd::rip should work with older releases - but some interesting dvd::rip features are disabled for them.


  •    Click for zoom
        The new filter dialog.
    It took about two weeks, but now it's ready: dvd::rip 0.49.9 [unstable]. This release adds primarily one major feature: full support for transcode's new preview window and socket interface, which let you configure all important transcode filters with realtime WYSIWYG preview. Check the lengthy ChangeLog entry and the screenshot besides to see, how this works. Testers are welcome.

  • A quick bugfix release on the unstable branch: dvd::rip 0.49.8 [unstable]. Storing frame range values was messed up. See the ChangeLog for details.
  • A new release on the unstable branch: dvd::rip 0.49.7 [unstable] (update: use 0.49.8 instead). See the ChangeLog for details.


  • On both branches new releases today: dvd::rip 0.48.8 [stable] and dvd::rip 0.49.5 [unstable]. Two bugs are fixed for both: (S)VCD disc size parameters weren't passed through to transcode, so always the default of 700 was used; on the Clip & Zoom tab the values for the zoom/clip2 stages didn't update correctly, if no zooming was defined. See the ChangeLog for details (also a small feature was added to 0.49.5).
  • Some of you surely noticed already: actually 0.48.7 was the next version number on the stable branch, but accidentally I tagged 0.48.7 too early, so I had to switch to 0.48.8. Just to mention it for the logs... ;)

  • First at all: HAPPY NEW YEAR! ;)
  • And the year just begins with another dvd::rip release on the unstable branch: dvd::rip 0.49.4. It fixes a lot of minor bugs and adds mainly one new feature: extracting a selected audio track to WAV. Ideal for music DVD's which usually are unplayable by normal CD players ;) See Changes for details.

  • Unstable branch: forget 0.49.2, here is: dvd::rip 0.49.3. It fixes a bug in the file conversion module. Some old files weren't recognized correctly.

  • Here is the next unstable release: dvd::rip 0.49.2. It fixes minor bugs regarding SVCD bitrate calculation and OGG handling (for both cluster and standard mode). New features are OGG/Vorbis vbr audio / video bitrate optimization, PCM passthrough and support for the smartdeinter filter. See Changes for details.
  • Sorry, file format changed incompatibly again, so consider making backup copies of your files.

  • We missed a Xmas release by one day, but here is the first version on the 0.49 unstable trunk: dvd::rip 0.49.1. It introduces many new features. A new window which shows you exactly how dvd::rip calculates video bitrate and disc storage. You now explicitely set the target container format (AVI/OGG/(S)VCD) and AC3/MP3 audio is possible for OGG also. There are more options for the CD burning stuff (with patches from Petros Stavrakakis and Stefan Gmeiner). Changing the audio bitrate is possible, (S)VCD processing got some enhancements (with help from Tom Vijlbrief and Julio Sánchez) and lots more. See the ChangeLog entry for details.
  • Just to say it explicetely: this is a pre-release which isn't tested in depth and it may have bugs. But as always: testers are welcome ;)
  • Note: 0.49.1 changes the file format. Files saved with this versions can't be used with older versions! So make backup copies, before you start using 0.49.1.

  • Hopefully the latest 0.48 bugfix release: dvd::rip 0.48.6. It fixes two minor bugs. See the ChangeLog entry for details.
  • Today the 01/2003 issue of the german LinuxUser magazine came out whose main focus is on DVD and video in general. It also contains an article about dvd::rip and transcode I wrote.
  • The CVS mirror is back online again.

  • I took my public CVS mirror offline. Due to some incompatabilies between the CVS versions of my development system and the webserver, accessing the stable branch didn't work. I'm working on it and will announce it here, if it's back again.

  • Here is a new small bugfix release on the stable branch: dvd::rip 0.48.5. It fixes a bug which prevents creating OGG/Vorbis mulitple audio streams.

  • Again a bugfix release on the stable branch: dvd::rip 0.48.4. It fixes a dumb bug where dvd::rip complained about a missing avi directory when transcoding a title the first time. (I'm wondering why nobody found this bug earlier - it should exist since version 0.47.5 - anyway, now it's fixed ;)

  • This is a minor bugfix release on the stable branch: dvd::rip 0.48.3. See the ChangeLog for details.
  • Hey, we missed dvd::rip's birthday. A look at the Changes file tells us, that the first release (version 0.20) was published on 27. Nov 2001. On 1. Nov 2001 I searched for a DVD ripping tool for Linux and found transcode. I contacted Thomas Östreich because I had some questions regarding PCM extraction and used it a while with much fun. On 10. Nov 2001 I asked Thomas, if anybody is working on a GUI. Nobody was, so I started the project (first working title was LightRIP... *shake* ;).

    I want to say "Thanks" to all the people who supported me with good suggestions, patches and bug reports, and to Thomas and all the other transcode developers for their great work. I hope that no legal restrictions will stop dvd::rip developing somedays. It's still much fun for me to code it. Some users reported me, that they finally deleted Window$ from their harddisk, because copying DVD's was the last thing for which it was needed. That's my greatest pleasure! ;)


  • Bad news: the actual Perl 5.8.0-14 build of Debian sid incorporates the annoying non-blocking I/O bug, which we saw until now in RedHat 8.0 and Slackware current only. So from now on also Debian sid users need to set PERLIO=stdio before starting dvd::rip. I submitted this to Debian's bugtracking system already.

  • This is a minor bugfix release: dvd::rip 0.48.2. transcode 0.6.2 changed its progress output when transcoding frames ranges. dvd::rip didn't show a valid progress bar due to that.

  • This is a minor update release: dvd::rip 0.48.1. Some small bugs are fixed, and a few minor features added. See the ChangeLog for details.
  • transcode 0.6.2 was released yesterday. dvd::rip works with all 0.6 releases, but 0.6.2 is recommended. dvd::rip disables some features for older versions.

  • Yeah, finally it's done: I released dvd::rip 0.48.0 today. So we have a stable release again. Look at the Change Log entries of the 0.47 pre-release series and the final 0.48.0 release.
  • Major new features since 0.46 are: OGG/Vorbis support, extensive subtitle support, a CD burning module and many many minor feature enhancements and bugfixes.
  • Because this stable release took so long, I decided to maintain two branches from now on. I introduced a new version numbering to distuingish them (it's like the Linux Kernel, Perl itself and many other Open Source packages are numbered): the stable branch has even minor numbers (that's why this release became 0.48.0, and not 0.47) and the unstable branch has odd minor numbers. This way I can release bugfix versions also on the stable branch, what was not possible until now. The underscore to mark pre-releases disappeared.
  • I revised the online documentation completely, so it's now better structured and it's easier for me to maintain it, and hopefully easier for you to find the information you need. Static HTML and an PDF versions may follow, also dvd::rip may use it as an context sensitive help in future. Probably it has many typos, which I'll fix as soon I'll see them ;)
  • transcode 0.6.2-20021114 released a few days ago is the currently recommended version. It fixes the A/V sync cluster bug introduced somewhere during the 0.6.2 snapshot release series. 0.6.1 works also, but dvd::rip's subtitle module isn't available with it.


  • Sorry, still no stable release, but a new pre-release fixing some bugs: dvd::rip 0.47_11. See Change Log for details.
  • Actual transcode pre-0.6.2 snapshots have a bug in cluster mode, which destroys A/V sync, while transcode 0.6.1 works fine. The next transcode snapshot should fix that issue. Until that happens I suggest using 0.6.1 for cluster operation.




  • This is a bugfix release: dvd::rip 0.47_07. 0.47_06 introduced two bugs due to the need of mounting the DVD, but they should be fixed now. See the Change Log for details.
  • No further major features are planned for 0.47, maybe only some minor things which were postponed too long. Because 0.47 introduces so many new major features I want to take the opportunity to restructure the documentation. The actual monolithic structure isn't flexible enough and it's hard to put in new features without making it too complex.
  • Now let no grass grow under your feet and test the actual pre-release and report bugs, so the final is hopefully bug-free ;)

  • Here is a new pre-release, now with vobsub support: dvd::rip 0.47_06. Please read the Change Log entry before upgrading. Also added some minor features and fixed a few bugs.


  • The final 0.47 milestone is in sight: this pre-release adds support for rendering subtitles with transcode: dvd::rip 0.47_05. (see this screenshot of the subtitle tab). It also has many other new minor features and some bugfixes, see Change Log for details, in particular the requirements for the subtitle support, if you plan to use it (e.g. you need the latest snapshots of transcode and subtitleripper).
  • Thanks to Arne Driescher for his work on subtitleripper. It makes these nice preview images possible (and next dvd::rip pre-release will use it to generate vobsub files).

  • Good news: Ryurick M. Hristev found a workaround for the RedHat 8.0 problem. Just set the environment variable PERLIO=stdio before starting dvd::rip, and everything works again.
  • The Change Log is now generated dynamically and doesn't show all entries at once by default, instead only the entries of the latest version. This should safe bandwidth... ;)

  • Version 0.47_03 released today had a bug when burning a CD on the fly (fortunately without destroying the CD...). Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • Next 0.47 milestone reached. With this pre-release dvd::rip now has a simple CD burning facility: dvd::rip 0.47_04. dvd::rip never will become a generic CD burning program. This is simply for burning a collection of .avi or .ogg files to an ISO 9660 (resp. Joliet) CD or mastering a few MPEG files to an (S)VCD. There are no more sophisticated options. Use one of the excellent CD burning programs out there, if you need more features. This is just to make the easy task of burning single files to single CD's really easy. Please carefully read the Change Log entry, e.g. to learn which tools are needed for this to work. Currently there is no special documentation available, I hope the user interface is self-explanatory enough.
  • dvd::rip 0.47_03 adds also a bunch of other smaller features, e.g. a clearer preferences dialog with some basic checking of the provided values. Also a few bugs are fixed. Refer to the Change Log for details.
  • Bad news: dvd::rip doesn't work with RedHat 8.0. dvd::rip's internal command execution subsystem uses non-blocking I/O, which is broken in the Perl distribution shipped with RedHat 8.0. When you try reading the TOC, you get an error message like this for each DVD title: "Job 'Probing - title #n' failed [...] Last output was: libdvdread: ...". I wrote a simple test script which reproduces the problem. You can use it to report this bug to RedHat and hope, they'll fix it soon.
    This bug has already entered RH's bugzilla, so no further reporting is necessary.

  • One 0.47 goal reached: this is the first dvd::rip pre-release, with experimental OGG/Vorbis support: dvd::rip 0.47_02. It also fixes a cluster mode bug and adds some minor features (e.g. command line options for simple batch operation). Please read the notes in the Change Log regarding the OGG/Vorbis stuff. Currently there are some restrictions you should know.
  • For OGG/Vorbis you need transcode 0.6.1 and Moritz Bunkus' ogmtools 0.950, which can be downloaded from his ogmtools homepage.

  • Series of 0.47 pre-releases just started with a minor bugfix-release: dvd::rip 0.47_01. Progress bar was messed up for chapter mode in some situations, also cluster node testing didn't work in 0.46. See Changes for details.
  • Major goals for 0.47 are: ogg/vorbis support (expected in 0.47_02), subtitle ripping resp. vobsub generation and simple CD burning capabilities for (S)VCD and mulitple AVI's. Stay tuned.

  • 0.45 was released today but has a serious bug in project file version detection and auto conversion, so don't use it. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • This is the actual stable release: dvd::rip 0.46.
  • Major new features are:
    • Multiple AVI audio track support
    • On-the-fly transcoding, and usage of existent DVD images (with some restrictions, refer to the documentation for details)
    • transcode's port of mplayer's audio normalizing filter is available
    • Saving a backup copy of the project file after TOC reading and ripping (for all the guys, who forget saving... ;)
    • Works with Perl 5.8.0 (also with 5.6.1 and probably 5.005), transcode 0.6.0 and 0.6.1
    • Many other smaller features and bugfixes. Read all 0.45_0x change log entries for details.
  • Read this important note before you upgrade: The project file format changed with release 0.45_04. Files created with older versions will be converted automatically, but can't be used with older versions anymore after saving! Consider making backup copies of your project files.
  • I updated the online documentation. It covers now version 0.46.

  • Here is a new pre-release: dvd::rip 0.45_05. It adds support for additional audio tracks to the cluster mode and fixes some minor bugs. See Changes for a complete list of changes.

  • Here is a new pre-release: dvd::rip 0.45_04. The major new feature is multiple audio track support: add as much audio tracks as you want to the resulting AVI. This release has also some minor new features and bug fixes, see Changes for a complete list of changes.

  • A bugfix release today: dvd::rip 0.45_03. The audio track selection was ignored for transcoding, always track 0 was processed.
  • I'm working on adding support for multiple audio tracks, but it seems to take a few days longer than I firstly expected ;) That's why I published this interim release today, because providing an official fix for the annoying audio track selection bug couldn't wait any longer...

  • Often requested, now implemented: dvd::rip 0.45_02 is able to use existent DVD images on harddisk or can do on-the-fly transcoding without copying any VOB files to the file system. This is an experimental release, because I needed to make many changes to the internals. Please test it and report bugs. There are also some minor feature enhancements, see Changes for details.

  • No, development doesn't stand still, but I was on vacation and additionally my main development system was down a few days due to a serious mainboard damage. Now everything works again. So here is a new pre-release, fixing some bugs and adding some minor features: dvd::rip 0.45_01. See Changes for details. I'm currently preparing for direct DVD / existent VOB transcoding, which should be available in 0.45.

  • Finally here it is, we have a stable release again: dvd::rip 0.44. It fixes many bugs, and has some new features, e.g. better (S)VCD support and a new window called Zoom Calculator, which is for the fussy guys, who want to control any detail of resizing the video frame. ;) Refer to the change log for important release notes and a complete list of bugfixes / new features in this release.
  • Updated the online documentation, so it covers 0.44 now.
  • Development will be freezed for the next two weeks, but I'm looking forward to implement more new features after this time... ;)

  • Hopefully really the latest 0.44 pre-release (0.44 is scheduled for Friday): dvd::rip 0.44_06. This should finally fix the preview-grabbing problems, reported for some DVD's. See Changes for details.
  • Cluster Mode Hint of the Day ;) If you have problems starting dvdrip-master, after upgrading from 0.43 to a 0.44 pre-release you must delete your old project files from ~/.dvdrip-master/projects first. Otherwise dvdrip-master will fail with a strange error message...

  • Probably the latest 0.44 pre-release (I'm planning the next stable release for this week): dvd::rip 0.44_05. This release has some small bugfixes and new presets for 16:9 SVCD's converted to 4:3, because some players have problems playing 16:9 anamorph encoded SVCD's. See Changes for details.

  • Here is a new pre-release: dvd::rip 0.44_04. The Zoom Calculator window is now complete. You can adjust *any* parameter, which affects aspect ratio, clipping and zoom calculation (but you still can trust dvd::rip's presets if you're not interested in the details ;) Also a few minor bugs were fixed. See Changes for a complete list of changes.

  • This is a small bugfix release regarding the cluster mode, which was broken in 0.44_02: dvd::rip 0.44_03.

  • dvd::rip 0.44_02 is a new pre-release, with a lot of minor features, bugfixes and some enhancements regarding (S)VCD mode. I revised the internal aspect ratio/clip&zoom calculation code, increasing the quality of the autodetection presets. Also there is a new window which lists all possible target sizes, including the corresponding ar errors. See Changes for details.

  • Here is a new pre-release: dvd::rip 0.44_01. The cluster mode changed, but is work in progress - it may even fail, because I hadn't much time to test the changes. I tried solving the NTSC A/V sync problems with cluster mode, but with no luck :( Currently it seems, that cluster mode and NTSC won't be friends, but I'm still working on this. Other changes are more or less finetuning and bugfixes regarding legal clip and zoom values in combination with YUV mode and more transparency with aspect ratios. Also I added a vob preview function based on a patch by Wolfgang Kinkeldei. See Changes for details.

  • Olaf Beck wrote a HOWTO for burning DVD-Video under Linux: http://dvd.chevelless230.com/. The video isn't transcoded to DivX or something similar, but burned 1:1 on a DVD medium. I also added this one to my links section.

  • This release fixes some bugs: dvd::rip 0.43. Mainly there was some confusion with newer transcode versions, which changed the preview grabbing filename. This let dvd::rip's preview grabbing fail. Should now work with older and recent transcode releases as well (tested with transcode 0.6.0rc1). See Changes for details.

  • This is a NTSC related bugfix release: dvd::rip 0.42. The new "Calc Width/Height" feature didn't work with NTSC, also the auto-adjusting HQ presets. Additionally I found out that some of the static Clip&Zoom presets didn't work with NTSC. I decided to remove all static presets, because they're useless since we have the auto-adjusting presets. Now dvd::rip should be "NTSC safe" ;) Sorry that this took a long time. As a German I naturally test most stuff with PAL, but thanks to Doug Shea's and Douglas Bollinger's DVD donations, which enabled me to test NTSC operation by myself, everything should work now with NTSC, too.

  • Here we have a stable release again: dvd::rip 0.41. Main changes since the latest stable release are: support audio dynamic range compression, support for transcode's PSU core, which should fix most NTSC A/V sync issues, AC3 passthrough for cluster mode, customizable video player and some bug fixes. See Changes for details.
  • Note: you need at least transcode 0.6.0pre6-20020524 for this release!
  • I updated the documentation, so it covers now version 0.41.
  • Davide Ferrari is working on an italian translation of the dvd::rip documentation. Florin Andrei will maintain a romanian translation, and I'll also add german docs. Currently I'm working on a framework to automate the itegration of translated documents. As soon as this works, I appreciate maintainers for other languages. A localisation of the dvd::rip GUI is also planned for the future.

  • Here is a new pre-release fixing a bug in cluster mode and a smaller problem with preview-window placing: dvd::rip 0.41_03. See Changes for details.

  • I want to say thanks for a another NTSC DVD donation. Douglas Bollinger sent me "The Spy Who Shagged Me". Thanks Douglas.

  • Now after a successful move of my server I had some time to reduce my dvd::rip TODO list... ;) Here is a new pre-release with many bugfixes and some new features: dvd::rip 0.41_02. This release firstly supports transcode's new PSU core, which increases A/V sync quality for NTSC material. Also you now can use your favourite video player with dvd::rip. AC3 passthrough is possible in cluster mode. See Changes for details, in particular for the video player customizing stuff.

  • Today the dvd::rip homepage moved to my new server. For a few days, until all DNS updates are propagated, the www.exit1.org URL will be redirected to www2.exit1.org, which is already the new machine.

  • Here is a new pre-release with some smaller features added and two minor bugfixes: dvd::rip 0.41_01 See Changes for details.

  • Here is a new stable release which mainly fixes some bugs and adds a few features regarding (S)VCD mode: dvd::rip 0.40 See Changes for details.
  • Thomas published a new transcode snapshot which fixes the chapter selection bug which made dvd::rip fail ripping the DVD to hard disk. Also note, that this release doesn't support transcode 0.5.3 anymore, so it's time to upgrade.

  • Earlier today I published a patch for dvd::rip to work with transcode-0.6.0pre5-20020510. But the patch isn't correct. Please downgrade to transcode-0.6.0pre5-20020506 until I published a new release. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • At long last here is a new dvd::rip pre-release: dvd::rip 0.40_01. Mainly it adds chapter mode support to the (S)VCD mode, and progress information for chapter mode transcoding. It fixes a bunch of smaller bugs, see Changes for details.
  • Note: dvd::rip 0.40_01 and all subsequent releases require transcode 0.6.0pre4 or better. Older versions are no longer supported.
  • Minor optimizations of the website: I removed the pre-releases from the /dvdrip/dist/ directory, and put them into /dvdrip/dist/pre/. This makes things clearer.
  • Added a note about Debian packages on the download page. Christian Marillat builds excellent Debian packages of video related stuff, including transcode and dvd::rip.
  • Added a Credits file to the distribution and a corresponding section to the homepage. In the meantime so many people help me with dvd::rip, that it's high time not just mentioning them in the Changes file.

  • Today two NTSC DVD's arrived, donated by Doug Shea. Thanks a lot, Doug. This enables me to test dvd::rip with real NTSC material which will hopefully improve NTSC operation in general.

  • Today Moritz Bunkus announced his page DVD ripping and transcoding with Linux which gives a good overview about the tools and procedures for ripping and transcoding DVDs using our favorite operating system. Currently it covers mplayer/mencoder, transcode and dvd::rip.

  • Ok, it took some time, but here is the next stable release: dvd::rip 0.39.
  • The major changes are an extensive redesign of the transcode tab: it's much cleaner now and adds a few minor features, please see the Changes file for details and to see what changed since the last stable release.
  • Also this is the first stable release supporting (S)VCD using the mjpeg interface of transcode. Thanks to Uwe Fischer who helped me with feedback and suggestions, which made this release possible.
  • I updated the documentation, so this covers 0.39 already.
  • The current transcode snapshots are making big progress solving the NTSC sync issues. I asked for NTSC DVD donations in the mailing list, which should help me integrating the new features into dvd::rip. In no time at all I've got a few offers: it's great to make software and be supported that way by the users! Thanks.
  • Please note that I generally suggest to use the current transcode snapshots, at least the last official 0.6.0pre-* releases. I don't test all features with 0.5.3 and many features are disabled with transcode 0.5.3. Maybe I'll stop 0.5.3 support completely, so 0.5.3 users should think about upgrading transcode.

  • Again a pre-release. It fixes some (S)VCD problems and minor bugs in Cluster Mode: dvd::rip 0.39_05. See Changes for details.
  • The May issue of the german LinuxUser magazine contains my second transcode & dvd::rip article. It covers the cluster mode. Unfortunetaly the LinuxUser guys doesn't publish this one on their website, so you must buy this issue if ou want to read the article ;)

  • Yet another pre-release which fixes a minor bug in cluster mode and adds one nice new feature: batch mode for multiple ripping of DVD-titles at once: dvd::rip 0.39_04. See Changes for details.
  • I've got some bug reports and many good suggestions the last days, which are mainly just added to the TODO list and hopefully implemented soon ;)

  • Another pre-release today fixing a minor bug with NTSC framerate parameters passed to transcode: dvd::rip 0.39_03. There were a few other bug reports, which I added to the TODO list, because time lacks ;)

  • Here is a new pre-release: dvd::rip 0.39_02. This is the first release with basic (S)VCD support. It's experimental, yet. Please test and report bugs. See Changes for details and a Mini HOWTO of the (S)VCD mode. Also there are some minor bugfixes and other features.

  • It's time for a new pre-release: dvd::rip 0.39_01. The Transcode tab is completely redesigned, the layout now makes much more sense. Also there are several new features and some bugfixes, see Changes for details. Please test it and report bugs. Thanks.

  • Happy Eastern! Here is a new stable release: dvd::rip 0.38. No changes since the last pre-release, except for a graphical dvd::rip startup message, which is totally useless but nice ;)
  • Major change since last stable release is the new auto-adjust feature with full autodetection of black bars, aspect ratio etc. Select your target frame size of choice and let dvd::rip do the rest. Also dvd::rip takes care about special frame restrictions which produce artefacts if they're violated. Please check the Change Log of all pre-38 releases for details.
  • Note: the project file format changed since the last stable release, which affects the Volume Rescale value. For existent projects: please note it down before upgrading and set it by hand afterwards.
  • The documentation on the homepage now covers 0.38, I updated all screenshots and revised the text to be compliant with this release. Enhanced the print feature a little bit: screenshots can be printed in full resolution or not at all.

  • Probably the last pre-38 release: dvd::rip 0.38_03. There was a bug in the auto-adjust module creating odd height clipping values which produce artefacts if "Use YUV Internal" is switched on (the default in dvd::rip). Also there is a new feature: lpcm encoded titles are now supported for mp3 encoding. See Changes for a full description of bugfixes and features.

  • Here is another pre-release with some enhancements regarding auto-adjusting and presets: dvd::rip 0.38_02. Mainly all sizes produced by the auto-adjust function or the fixed presets are now 16 pixel aligned, because at least the divx4 codec produces strange artefacts if not. See Changes for details.
  • Yesterdy Thomas released transcode 0.6.0pre4. I strongly suggest using this version with dvd::rip. It contains my latest avimerge patch so progress information is now available out of the box for all jobs in cluster mode. Also this is the best transcode version we ever had ;)

  • Here is a new pre-release with many new features for standard and cluster mode: dvd::rip 0.38_01. What I really like are the new autoadjusting presets. You specify your target frame size (big/medium/small) and whether you want to use fast resizing or high quality resizing. Everything will be autodeteced: letterbox/black bars, aspect ratio etc. You should at least use transcode 0.6.0pre4-* to get all fast resizing features. 0.5.3 should work, but I don't recommend it.
  • For cluster mode you currently need to patch transcode's avimerge program, but I think Thomas will apply my patch soon to the official release. See Changes for details.
  • I revised the documentation, it should cover all features up to 0.37 correctly. Cluster mode documentation already covers 0.38_01. Also the README file in the distribution is now generated from the web sources, so it should always be uptodate.
  • I added a chapter about common SSH issues to the cluster mode documentation. Thanks do Douglas Bollinger who gave some good hints.

  • Here is a new release fixing the last Cluster Mode issue: dvd::rip 0.37. There are also a few other minor features and fixes, see Changes for details.
  • Creating target AVI files >2GB does not work in Cluster Mode due to problems with transcode's avimerge program. Maybe this doesn't work on my system only, so if anyone has success building larger files, please drop a note in the dvdrip-users or transcode-users mailing list. Thanks.

  • I'm sorry to say that the Cluster Mode of the last two releases is broken, at least for DVD titles with more than one PSU. I presumed the new audio transcoding procedure (introduced with version 0.35) must be done per PSU, but obviously I did it the wrong way. I'm working on this issue and I think tomorrow (after some more testing) a new version will be released, which fixes that. If you want to use the Cluster Mode with multiple PSU DVD titles now, you must downgrade to dvd::rip 0.34

  • Update: dvd::rip 0.36. This release fixes a Cluster Mode bug. Audio merging did not work if the movie had more than one PSU. Thanks to Sebastian Beneke for his bug report.
  • The April issue of the german LinuxUser magazine (already available for subscribers and in trade on next monday) contains an article about transcode and dvd::rip I've written. It covers the complete software installation procedure and the usage of the standard dvd::rip mode. I'm currently working on the cluster mode article, which will be published in the May issue.
  • The LinuxUser guys were so kind allowing me to publish the link of the online version of the article yet, so here it is:
    It's in german. Sorry for all the non-german speakers around here ;)

  • Here is a new release: dvd::rip 0.35. It has two nice features for the cluster mode: a "Test" button in the "Edit Node" dialog, so you can check your node configuration in advance. The second is based on a idea from Rainer Lay and will speed up cluster processing in general: the "audio processing" job is splitted into two jobs: audio transcoding and final a/v multiplexing. Because the audio transcoding can run in parallel with other jobs, this will reduce the overall processing time.
  • There are also a few bugfixes and minor features, see Changes for details.
  • Updated cluster mode documentation and added a diagram of the cluster job workflow.
  • A new site feature: added a print button on each page, to get rid of the global navigation which is useless when printing the page.

  • Added a FAQ section.

  • Today I released dvd::rip 0.34 which now supports AC3 passthrough. Also this release fixes some small cluster mode bugs and adds some other minor features. See Changes for details.
  • Please note that this release requires the command pstree on the cluster control computer.
  • I added a Links section, which will collect links to dvd::rip/Video related projects. It starts with just two entries, but I hope we'll see it growing ;)

  • A small bugfix release today, regarding cluster mode only: dvd::rip 0.33. The hostname/node-name feature didn't work, see Changes for details.
  • As announced today in the dvd::rip mailing list: Ron Smits is working on a bootable CDROM with a dvd::rip/transcode cluster node Linux system on it and he just published a first alpha release today. With this CD you can turn any computer on the fly into a dvd::rip cluster node, even if this computer has no Linux installed (what's strange anyway, but indeed I heard of such systems...) This is the project homepage: http://www.ronsmits.org/cluster-node.html Please get and test it and help Ron making this project a success (and show that all users are wrong who think such cool things can't be done with Linux ;)
  • I had reports that the dvd::rip frame grabber feature doesn't work well with the transcode 0.6.0pre2 release. I suggest using 0.6.0pre3-20020214 which worked at least for me very well.
  • Thomas stated, that cluster encoding is broken in transcode 0.6.0pre3-20020218, so using 0.6.0pre3-20020214 is a good choice anyway, until a new transcode pre release is out.

  • This is mainly a bugfix release which fixes problems with the newly added timeout code in cluster mode: dvd::rip 0.32. It fixes also some minor issues. See Changes for details.
  • One new fancy feature is the transcode preview window which shows the encoding progress live and in color ;) You must have the transcode filter_preview plugin installed which is build by default, if you have libdv installed on your system. Also your X Server currently must have XV support (this may change in future, because transcode supports other output devices, too). Refer to the transcode homepage for details.

  • It needed some time, but here it is: the next stable release: dvd::rip 0.31. Some minor fixes and a handful new features since the last pre-release. See Changes for details.
  • This is a consolidated list of major features and fixes since the last stable release version 0.30:
    • The new cluster mode, which was responsable for this long series of pre-releases. Transcode your movies using all the reasonably fast computers you can grab, in parallel.
    • Files are generated with names to preserve alphabetical order. WARNING: finish your projects first, because this release can't work with projects of the old format.
    • Sometimes dvd::rip stopped transcoding too short. This is fixed since 0.31_02
    • You can provide additional transcode options, which are currently not supported resp. generated by dvd::rip.
    • Adjusting the transcode nice level per project.
  • The documentation was updated to be compliant with dvd::rip 0.31.

  • A new pre-release with two fixed cluster mode bugs. Thanks to Rainer Lay for his extensive reports and suggestions: dvd::rip 0.31_05. See Changes for details.

  • Here is a new pre-release with a major rewrite of cluster mode internals. This was necessary to get rid of the PSU problem without messing up the internal cluster workflow: dvd::rip 0.31_04. See Changes for details.
  • Updated the cluster mode documentation to reflect the actual state.
  • Thanks to Rainer Lay we have RPMs of the pre-releases. You find them in a corresponding directory of the contrib area.
  • The dvd::rip homepage should now look better with Konqueror. The screenshot windows didn't work and the font styles are now adjusted for Konqueror, because Konqueror rendered fonts regularly too big. Thanks to Thomas Schürmann for his hint.

  • Again a pre-release with many fixes in cluster mode and some general enhancements, also affecting normal transcoding mode: dvd::rip 0.31_03. See Changes for details.
  • Unfortunately the cluster mode is currently useless for DVDs with more than one program stream unit (that means: many DVDs are affected), because only the first unit will be processed. I'm working on this issue, resp. am in contact with Thomas Östreich to check, whether transcode or dvd::rip should fix this. That's why this still a pre-release, I hope we can fix this within the next days, so we'll have a stable release again, soon.

  • Here is another pre-release, fixing a bug: dvd::rip 0.31_02. Sometimes dvd::rip stopped transcoding too short. This release should fix this issue. See Changes for details.
  • I also added a few more known bugs and TODOs to my TODO List, all regarding the cluster mode.

  • Good news today... ;)
    This is the first: my work on the cluster mode reached a state, where a pre-release makes sense, so here it is: dvd::rip 0.31_01. There are some minor fixes besides this, but the cluster mode is the major enhancement ;) Please refer to the Cluster Mode Documentation to see how to setup up and use a dvd::rip cluster.
  • The second one is very obvious: I did a major redesign of the dvd::rip homepage, because the old single page style didn't reflect the structure of the content anymore. In the meantime the homepage is hosted on my own server, so I can use CIPP for the content creation, which is much more comfortable, than editing redundant static html pages by hand... ;)
  • Attention: dvd::rip had changed it's internal naming convention for most generated files. So you have to finish actual projects before upgrading, because 0.31_01 won't find files produced with 0.30 or earlier versions.
  • Zoltan Csala <zcsala AT iname.com> sent me a RPM of dvd::rip 0.30 for Mandrake Linux. You'll find it in the local contrib directory.

  • This is the dvd::rip 0.30 release, which fixes some bugs (see Changes for details). Sorry, no new features. It's tested with transcode 0.5.3 and transcode 0.6.0pre2-20020112. In general I recommend to use transcode 0.6.0 pre-releases.
  • Christian Lambert sent me an enhanced version of my fast resize calculator kspread file. It's also part of the actual dvd::rip distribution. These are Christians comments:
    Based on my thoughts, I modified the kspread file to add some new
    important data.
    - Calculate the target aspect ratio error (helps to make sure
    we keep as close as possible to the target aspect ratio).
    Target shouldn't be more than 2% off the real aspect ratio
    - Make sure the final video size after 2nd clipping and resizing is
    a) width dividable by 32  b) height dividable by 16
    This is important for most video cards or divx players
    to get fullscreen scaling acceleration working right.
    Change the original resolution height to 576 if PAL dvd
    or 480 for NTSC.

  • Here is a patch for a dumb bug appeared in 0.29 (also apply it to 0.30_01).

  • Yet another pre-release: dvd::rip 0.30_01, because I like the new feature so much ;) I added fast frame grabbing using the vob navigation information created by 'tcdemux -W' for transcode >= 0.6.0pre. Frame grabbing now needs a constant amount of time (2-3 seconds on my A1000 workstation), regardless of the frame number, you entered. transcode 0.5.x is still supported, using the -c option, which is slow because it decodes all precedent frames. Thanks to Thomas Östreich, who helped me demystifying the navigation logfile ;)
  • Next I'll work on the cluster encoding stuff. This will be fun ;)

  • Just released dvd::rip 0.29. The missing progress bar is back, if you're using recent transcode 0.6.0pre releases. See Changes for details.
  • This version uses a better algorithm for scanning the DVD TOC. Prior versions had problems with some specific DVDs, which should be eliminated now. Definitely. Ok, we'll see... ;)
  • If you don't want to use transcode 0.6.0 pre-releases and the old dvd::rip TOC reading algorithm works for your DVDs, you should stay with version 0.28, because there are no new features in 0.29 and 0.28 has a ripping progress bar, even for transcode 0.5.3.
  • Removed some old news. I'm planning a redesign of the dvd::rip homepage, which will provide a news archive and a better overview in general.

  • Thanks to a dvd::rip user, who wants to remain anonymous (due to the restrictive law in his country), I opened a contrib directory with prebuild RPMs, a RPM spec file and a gnumeric version of my fast resize calculator. The RPMs are build on a Linux Red Hat 7.2 (fully updated), running on a PIII/600. Please understand that I can't offer any support for these files.

  • This is a quick and well untested pre-release of 0.29: dvd::rip 0.29_01. It fixes a transcode progress bar problem with transcode version 0.6.0pre*. Also there was a major rewrite in the TOC reading module, which should fix problems with wrong probed titles by dvd::rip. Unfortunetaly there is currently no ripping progress bar due to that, but I hope it will come back ;)
  • Please use this release only if you really need transcode 0.6.0pre* or if you have problems with the old style TOC reading, because this version is not tested very well.

  • Due to some misconfiguration of my rsync update script, the local download section was broken since yesterday. Now everything is online again.

  • Here is the final 0.28 release. No major changes to the latest pre release, only two minor bugfixes. See Changes for details.
  • This is a KSpread sheet that helps calculating proper transcode fast resize values. It's also included in the distributions contrib/ directory.

  • Another update today: dvd::rip 0.28_03. Still a pre-release, because I published 28_02 no more than a few hours ago ;) This release has full viewing angle support. Also a small bug in the progress bar is fixed, see Changes for details. Please test this release and report bugs. Thanks.
  • I updated the documentation and added the chapter mode and logging tab stuff. New screenshots (of my Star Wars Episode I rip ;)
  • The TODO section got an update.

  • Again here is a new pre release: dvd::rip 0.28_02. This is no stable release due to major changes in the progress module and chapter mode code (multi selection is now possible), but it should work Ok. A few minor bugs are fixed, too. See Changes for details. Please test it and report bugs. Thanks.

  • Here is a pre release: dvd::rip 0.28_01 for testing the new Chapter Mode. Please use this version only, if you're interested in this feature or if you want to test it in general. Also non-Chapter-Mode ripping may be affected or buggy. Please tell me, if this version works for you and report bugs, if you find any.
  • Today I moved my homepage to http://www.exit1.org/. This is my own server and now it's much easier for me maintaining this site.
  • Another advantage of the move: I just opened a dvd::rip user mailing list. I think this will be low traffic, but I hope dvd::rip (and transcode) users can help each other using this list. I'll post announces of new versions and patches to it, too. You can subscribe by clicking the link above.

  • dvd::rip doesn't work with transcode 0.5.3 yet (you'll get a "Division by Zero" error when reading the DVD TOC). Please use 0.5.2 as long as this is not fixed or apply this patch to lib/Video/DVDRip/Probe.pm as a workaround.
  • Thomas Östreich just published a patch for transcode 0.5.3 solving this problem. Refer to the transcode homepage. Now it's up to you, whether you want to patch transcode or dvd::rip ;)

  • Thomas Östreich released a tcprobe patch to fix the problem of randomly probed titles. Refer to his transcode homepage for details.
  • Released dvd::rip version 0.27. It contains only a minor bugfix in the debugging window and log file output. Sorry, no new features.
  • Updated the TODO section. Hey, the TODO list shouldn't get longer, guys! ;)
  • This project page will move soon to another server (I hope before X-mas). Among other things I'll setup a dvd::rip mailing list. Stay tuned.
    Thanks to Julia A. Case <julie AT MageNet.com> who offered me to host a dvd::rip mailing list.

  • Released dvd::rip version 0.26.
  • No changes. The tar.gz distribution of version 0.25 was incomplete.

  • Released dvd::rip version 0.25.
  • This version fixes minor bugs and has a new feature: a Logging Tab, which shows and logs most activities to a log file. See Changes section for details.

  • Released dvd::rip version 0.24. No changes since pre-release 0.24_02.
  • Added 0.24 feature description to the documentation below.

  • Released dvd::rip pre 0.24 version 0.24_02 which fixes a number of bugs and adds a smaller number of features ;) See Changes section for details. You can download this pre-release directly from here.
  • I decided to release this as a pre-release, because I didn't have much time to test the new stuff.
  • I added a first workaround for the wrong-title-nr problem, described in the TODO and Changes section. Thanks to Bjoern Buerger for his suggestion.
  • Please test this pre-release and tell me, if it works for you (particularly the title-nr workaround stuff). Thanks.

  • Released dvd::rip version 0.23 which now supports the fast resizing option of transcode and DivX multipass encoding and fixes some bugs (see Changes section below for details).
  • dvd::rip now works with Perl 5.005. Thanks to Norbert Preining for his patch.
  • Added a latest release download link (see Download section below).
  • Added description of the new features to the "How it works" section.
  • Don't use the 0.22 release, because it has a bug in the fast resizing boundary check.

  • Updated the TODO/Changes section.

  • I've got reports, that dvd::rip Version 0.21 does not work with Perl 5.005. I use Perl 5.6.1, but it really should work with lower versions of Perl, too. I'll check this soon. Stay tuned, be patient or upgrade Perl - it's a good opportunity ;)
  • Upcoming versions of dvd::rip will support multipass DivX encoding.


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